Reverse Aging - Healthy Living Lesson

Uploaded by BiblicalHealthTV on 03.06.2012

Alkaline: so what is alkaline? Well, like Jeff said, fruits and vegetables. Why are
fruits and vegetables so alkaline? A lot of times you hear testimonies of cancer patients
or people who got on a health regime where they added carrot juice and a lot of live
foods and they are getting all these incredible health benefits, because of the alkaline nature.
They are literally reversing the aging process. They have turned it around and chose to. They
did an about face, they changed their diet, they changed what they brought into their
home, what they spent their dollars on as far as food and they are restoring their health.
My aunt in particular was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and as maybe many of you know, that
is something that is very debilitating and they give you no hope. Your fingers get all
mangled up and it is very painful. She was just given a clean bill of health, no arthritis;
which is unbelievable. But over the course of the past six to seven years she did a complete
about face. Her juicer never leaves her counter, she never even bothers to clean the pulp because
she is coming in an hour to make another juice. She must do like three carrot juices a day.
She eats mostly live food; she really doesn’t eat much cooked food, maybe one meal a day
is cooked, maybe. She has completely restored her health. Every time I see her she looks
younger and younger. I think she is almost 60 but she looks so healthy. Every time you
see her she looks more vibrant and more alive because of the live food she is eating. She
is completely choosing it. I am so proud of her that she is able to do that. Because a
lot of times [people] at that age and of certain generations tend to believe whatever the doctors
say. But, oh, my doctor says to take this and rather than take charge of your own health,
be your own doctor, and know what you can do if you had the willpower and the discipline,
no, let me take the pill. This prescription will just cause more side effects, damage
to organs and more acid. We can choose it either way.
Dr. Jeff: I also think that one of the more difficult things is that when you are thinking
these things is to realize that you are causing the problem. My wife’s aunt had to first
come to that realization before she could cause the solution. That is something most
people don’t want to do. That is what you have to do. You have to realize that you have
actually whatever your problem is. It didn’t just happen and it’s not just going to go
away. You have to take responsibility.