Dzieje Grzechy (1975 - The Story of Sin) - english subtitles

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...and that's my confession
St Ciprian calls virgins fragrant flowers of the church
Embellishments of human nature
The perfect work of that nature
lmmune to corruption, images of holiness
Thou art indeed pretty, but that is not thy doing
Yet, to achieve a beautiful soul is within thy power
Try to make thy soul... beautiful as thy flesh
Close your eyes to the sight of sin
But what is sin, Father?
Sin is an evil deed
But how will l know it?
lt must be a deliberate act
He who does wrong raises his hand against God
Sin is an offence against God
lts inner cause is imagination and lust
lts outer cause is another man...
...or Satan
Satan clouds man's mind
Quickens his imagination and incites lust
Never read books which spread sin
Look not at obscene paintings
Avoid things which may be charming outside...
...but filthy inside
Now, finally; when thou walkest in the street... watch as you pass them
Am l right?
The looks of these strangers arouse in you a strong feeling
A feeling it is hard to describe
You must not respond to those looks with joy
Do this...
...and you attain what St Paul calls ''Love and the spirit of meekness''
But father, isn't that selfish?
Can love be selfish?
Enjoying wealth and happiness in the face of misery is a selfish thing
Pray, and thou willst not be deprived of mercy...
...if you make now a solemn promise to reform
Based on the novel by Stefan Zeromski
Directed by.. Walerian Borowczyk
Are you angry with me?
Angry? Of course not
- Did you see father Youtkievich? - Yes
And Holy Communion?
l'll go tomorrow
Can you last a whole night...
...without sin?
Come quickly!
What's up
l can't tell you
Are you trying to annoy me?
All right, l'll tell you
Horst has a whore in there with him
You know! That red haired creature!
Lead us not into temptation
Dear Lord, l am unworthy
St Ciprian said of women..
You ruin your neighbours...
to whom you are worse than poison
l can't be that bad
O Lord, aid my humility
How are you, dad?
Get your absolution...
Did you?
Why not share some of that holiness
...with your old dad!
Why not go to confession?
Er..l will go, sweetheart
l almost went the other day
Trust me
Trust me you went to the coffee house
You grudge me one cup of coffee?
It's not just coffee
Don't start telling me... to live my own life
Good morning
l was told you take lodgers
Yes. Come in
The room faces south west and is always warm
- How much? - Fifteen roubles a month
Hot water?
Of course
Included in the price
Fifteen roubles...
You said how much?
Fifteen a month
I'll take it
I'll pay in advance
l'll have my bags brought up
l'll fetch your bedding
Mind the paint. It's still wet
Don't worry, l'll be careful. May l introduce myself?
Lukash Niepolomski
Pleased to meet you
Get off!
The new lodger
I'm sorry, l believe your father does the registration?
l want to show my papers
Please do
Come in
Our other tenant...Mr Adolf Horst
You lived in Wilcza Street?
It's quieter here
Perhaps you prefer it more lively?
Some people do
To be honest, l don't really care
Good. Then you're a healthy man... these neurotic times
Did the servants fix everything?
I've done it myself. l have everything l need
l see you are married
Yes, l am
Where is your wife?
- Will she stay here? - No
If you need a bigger room or another bed...
No thanks. My wife is not coming
l am in Warsaw to arrange a divorce
Divorce! No easy thing
Particularly with our Catholic church
That's a hard nut to crack
Don't l know. l found that out...
-...when l was looking for a job - You want a job?
Yes. I've looked everywhere
All l seem to get are promises
Even from former friends
What line are you in?
l can turn my hand to anything
Believe me
l used to own a farm
Then l worked in industry and various offices
Now everyone says l'm too old...
...but l can work harder than the Devil himself!
l don't know anyone here. l study overseas...
You're a student?
Yes. l'm an anthropologist...
Where do you study?
Paris. The best place for science
Also Geneva or Berlin
About your job...l have a friend who's a factory owner. Name of Kraft
- Kraft? - Yes
Kraft! l know him. An idealist and a complete fool!
Really, Mr Horst!
How could you?
- Where are you going? - To church
- A penny for your thoughts? - l thought of you
Why's that?
Some things a wise man tells no-one
Yes, really
Who's a wise man?
A happy one, of course
You know.. Sapientem Solum Felice Esse...
l know that's Latin
Please wait. l don't even know your name
Why do you want that?
To tell tales about me?...
- About your name? - Yes!
So, what is your name?
Little Sun, Blessed Lips? Is it in the calendar?
l don't read calendars
Your name!
First close your eyes
The first sinner
Eva in Hebrew means ''to exist''...
A charming word in the infinitive
Eva means life which was is now and ever will be
Eva is the immortal woman
The heavenly Isis, who dwells... the realms of infinity
- Two full sets? - Almost three...
Twenty seven pages, six hundred lines, sir
l shall check it
l shall check it
Father isn't back?
He will be soon
Shall l serve?
He's not here yet
Stay there!
ls Eva back?
Have them come to the table
See how sweet she can be?
How are you?
Good afternoon
So, you took that job at Kraft's?
Yes, l did. Sixty roubles a month...
...thanks to a little personal...
Bon appetite!
No more talking, now, you two
The soup is ready!
No, l insist, after you, sir
reason is everywhere
In all human souls
In all human eyes
reason is as common as breathing
But in your eyes I see no treason
I walk across the park...
...under a strangely transparent... ...and I wait for you... sky... ...I see stars shining...
...the little lanterns of longing
i raise my eyes to look at them
And my thoughts are happy and radiant
the san1e shy/s above n1e...
- What means the world without you? -...and above him...
Should this love be lost forever. What would happen then?...
No!Th/s would be the end...
Without love there would be infinite waiting
Without hope, there would be listening... the noises and sounds
the beating of a heart moving without knowledge and understanding
l've got something for you, Miss
Thank you!
Good morning
Good morning, Eva
Good morning, madam
Good morning...
When you wrote there was no treason in my heart...
i't was the happiest moment of my life
You are right. There is no treason
I will never cause you pain
We are walking towards each other. Space and longing...
One day a miracle will happen and we will be together
the only living creatures
Lost in space and time
My breasts are covered in roses
I rest on fragrant fabrics In a Iong high room
I pass the time with the cult of my memories
Please send your letters with a margin like before
J can bind them into a book
A marvellous book...
...such as the world has never seen
I have no future. I have no past...
I've burned all your beloved letters
Yesterday I lost my law suit
I have to pay my wife higher alimony
Divorce is out of the question now
I had expected it
I must leave Warsaw
I'll get a job somewhere else
I won't tell you where
this is my last day
My last farewell
I am not a coward. I am not
I saw despair in your mother's eyes
Here's the truth.. she begged me not to ruin your life
This is the monastery in Kalvaria Zebrzydowska
The Holy Virgin...
...painted on canvas, after the painting of Myslenice
- Lunch, quickly... - Why the hurry?
l'm busy
Has Lukash Niepolomski gone?
Yes, he did
Has he left Warsaw for good?
Did he say good-bye?
He did
When did he go?
Where to?
- l don't know - Didn't he say?
- No - Why should he? Who cares?
Don't you? Don't you care that your breasts sag?
That you're a broody hen who goes where her husband orders
That you're an old bag and l'm young?
Take care! One word from Niepolomski and Kraft will sack me!
Are you scolding me now?
You at least...
...should think of my hard found job
Niepolomski and Kraft!
Shut up!
Mother, have you advertised the room?
l have
That room!
Lukash's room!
Are you crazy?
l won't allow you to let that room
lf you let it to some stranger...
l'll become a streetwalker
l'll go with anyone who comes along
l promise you, l'll do it!
You must forget him do you hear? You must
lf you don't you'll be ruined
l can't forget him! l won't!
l'd rather be dead
Do you think l'm as stupid as you?
l've checked everything. l spoke to his lawyer
He'll never get that divorce, do you hear me?
l don't care about the divorce
Don't be silly. Think of what you're saying
Keep your advice!
He'll never come back for you
lsn't that what you wanted?
Please, please, Eva...
You must forget him!
Even if her beat and kicked me...
...dragged me across the floor...
l would kiss his hands...
...worship him with my last breath
Oh, God, how l want him
By Lukash Niepolomski
Can l see the editor?
The editor is busy
Go in, please
Can l help you?
l am terribly sorry to bother you. l know you're busy...
...but it is very important. l'm a student from Paris
Pleased to meet you
And am returning soon with my friends
One of them is studying anthropology
She needs to contact Mr Niepolomski
She used to work with him
He was planning to join us
l was told that you, sir, know all the scientists in town
You're in luck, you really are
Mr Niepolomski just wrote to me. l have it somewhere
He's at the country estate Zglische
Lublin district, near Pulavy
He's due in Warsaw on Wednesday
On the 7pm train
You can meet him here
Our office is always ready to accomodate...
...young, pretty pioneers of science
And so am l!
Mr Niepolomski has his own estate?
A Polish scientist and writer own an estate?
No, Mr Niepolomski is staying with Count Szczerbic... his sons
Well then, he has no plans to go abroad
- Sorry to have bothered you - It's nothing
- What are you studying? - Medicine
l'll be sure to tell my friends how kind you were
Hotel Lipski!
Why did you do it? Why?
Why did you run away?
Why that horrible letter?
l had to
Where's this?
lt's where l'm staying tonight
Single room. l'll be right back
lt's eight o clock. l'll take you home
l'm in your room now
l'm so unhappy. l can't bear it
What about you?
l shall borrow money from the Count and go to Rome
l might get my divorce there
Rome? When?
- In a couple of months - When will you be back?
l'll be back, Eva
Go now!
Don't leave me!
l'll write you
Back to the hotel!
Dear Madam...My patient, Mr Lukash Niepolomski...
...who has been hospitalised here asked me to write
He wants you to come at once. He has been shot in the lung
I fear there is little hope for him
Yours truly, DoctorJ. Wilgosinski 25th November
l need some leave. My aunt is dying
Are you serious?
- Unpaid leave? - Are you serious? l ask again
l've a right!
l've not had a day off in 27 years
Just two days?
Out of the question
..400 plus 1 02...
2..., 428
Five hundred and twenty eight
Well, hello there
Coffee, please
We only have tea
Take a seat
You from Warsaw?
l knew it
So are we
Good for you
Are you working?
Mind your own business!
Just trying to be friendly
You're a smart girl
We're not so bad
As for money...
l've got plenty!
Look at it
So, come on then!
Leave me alone
Ha! Think you're a countess?
You'll beg for it!'s against our rules
We'll just look at each other, Doctor
l must prepare him first
l'll leave as soon as you say
My God, these romantic lovers!
l got a letter for you
What about?
- She says she'll come - Show me!
Take it easy. She's here now
Gently, gently. Calm down...
Where is she?
Please don't get agitated
Eva! Eva, my darling!
Don't talk too much. Take it easy
l had a duel with the Count. Someone stole your letters...
...he laughed and made fun of you
Don't talk...
Just a few words...he mocked me...
l slapped his face... there was a duel...
He hit me...pierced my lung...
Don't worry my sweet, everything will be all right
lt won't
lt will
l'm going to die, Eva
Then we'll die together, my love
Would that be wrong?
My defender!
Where did he hit you?
Shh! Don't talk...
l'll stay here. l won't leave you alone
How are you, Mr Niepolomski?
Who's she?
Comes from Warsaw...
Water's boiling
A Warsaw Lady!
Once bitten twice shy...
Shy of the kettle, see?
Good evening, Mrs Niepolomska
Good evening
Cold today, isn't it?
Someone broke the window
Get in bed now!
Jesus, what cold hands!
Playing at being a glazier!
Never fear...l'm here... look after you
That should keep us warmer
Are you divorced? Your husband in one room... in another
My husband mustn't be disturbed
Does a wife disturb her husband?
He can't sleep with someone else in the room
Well, l wouldn't sleep much either...
...if l was in his place
Diderot says...
...happiness only exists... countries where law recognises the basic instincts
He's right
ln Japan, for instance, young girls bathe in front of men
That's in Japan!
- Japan is a great culture - Japan! Japan!
Always the same!
Can you imagine a Polish girl bathing in front of us?
Yet shame's only an invention, like clothes
ls a blush on a girl's cheek an invention too?
l'll prove it
Missionaries on the Iles des Pins ordered the girls to wear skirts
But they kept taking them off!
Consider the animals
We're not animals and your argument.'.. very weak
lm trying to teach you anthropology
Woman's shame is man's invention. l can prove it
Tonight I arrive in Vienna by train
The sooner the better
You didn't kiss me when I got on the train. You wept
I miss you so terribly
Your letter...I know it by heart, like a wonderful poem
It's not a letter, but a kiss
Remember in the park last year?
I loved you so then. And I love you now
Tomorrow I leave Vienna
I'm no nearer to Rome, just further away from you
I stayed one night in my beloved Florence
In the Hotel Porto Rosso
I can see the Duomo
If I were this card
I would be in your room soon
With my head resting between your breasts
Ah! Your breasts so soft and white
There I dreamed life's golden dream
Now I have lost all hope...
...that I'll ever put my lips to that divine line...
...which both separates and unites them
Rome. A date palm under my window
Unripe fruits lie among the leaves
far away I see camellia shrubs, likee lilac or hazel groves
today is May 25th
I had an audience
They're dealing with my case
O, priests, now I'm in your hands
She'll be all right
Silly girls! Have you no sense?
This is no sickness, you'll see
There's another little Lady on the way
Wait here
Mrs Rosa!
Mrs Niepolomska, why so sad?
Why are you crying? Such beauty shouldn't cry
Open the door. Come on
l can't. l'm ill
Sick with longing, eh?
Why are you always alone?
You never go out
Where is Mr Niepolomski?
He'll be back soon
Good morning, sir
Can l help?
l'm looking for Mrs Eva Pob... ...Niepolomski
l believe she's staying here
lf you mean Mrs Rosa Niepolomska...
Yes, Rosa. Can l see her?
Knock on her door. She may be in
l wouldn't know
Thank you
Excuse me is Mrs Eva Pobratyns! ka here?
She is
ls that you?
l came on behalf of Mr Lukash Niepolomski
Where is he?
Niepolomski is in Rome
ln Rome? Please sit down
Mr Niepolomski is in jail
ln jail?
Allow me to introduce myself
My name is Szczerbic
Count Szczerbic? The man who shot Lukash?
Yes. It was a matter of honour
l wounded him in a duel
So, it was you
He asked me to visit you
He wrote to you?
No, to one of my friends in Rome
He passed it on
What did he do?
l'm not sure. My friend's rather vague
Niepolomski worked for the Austrian Embassy
Making copies of important documents
He took the most valuable ones...
...and sold them to an American antiquary
He was sent to prison in May
ln May?
Please take this
l'm only doing what he asked me
He'll pay me back when he's released
Whenever that might be
Anyway, here's fifty roubles
lf you need anything more...
...please write to me
Zygmunt Szczerbic...Zglishche Estate
That'll find me
Jesus Mary! Mother of God!
Stop screaming
Miss Eva! Where've you been so long?
ls mother in?
No...l mean, yes...Of course
- And Dad? - The master's out
-Where is he? - l don't know
Tell me
ln the pub, of course
Get out, you slut! Out!
l'm not a slut yet. l may become one
Don't you speak to me so! You whore!
Then stop calling me names
Shut up you whore! Shut up!
l came to see father
Please wait, miss!
Don't go to the pub
Can't she see her own father?
What a mother!
Get out both of you
Don't you dare take her back
Don't you dare!
l won't have it, do you hear?
Shut up!
Shut up!
Shut up or l'll kill you!
l mean it
l'll beat the life out of you!
Good morning...Good morning
Poland's always bred prigs. We call them cloth heads
Plica Polonica
Woe to he who cuts off Poland's plica
The peasants'll get them. So much for theory...
Now, let's examine some examples
l don't know if you remember me?
Can we talk? It's important
May l ask when you're free?
- Evenings - Tonight?
Yes, tonight
l would hate you to get the wrong idea...
...but l do need to talk with you
l'm only free on Sundays
Sunday, then
Allow me to leave a little tip, miss
His case has been heard
He's serving his sentence
Tell me the truth, please
l give you my word it's true!
The prison story's not just made up?
- By whom? - By me!
l see...poor girl
l'm not poor, l'm just suspicious
They are asking after you at your former lodgings
You've been there?
Don't worry. l paid the landlord off
He knows l'd kill him if he utters a word
What about?
...the money you stole from him, l suppose
Why do you meddle in all this?
My dear Eva...
l know this is very painful for you
But l had to at least...
...let you know
l realise that, from a stranger...
Stop! For God's sake
No-one'll ever mention it again
l promise
Why are you working in that place?
We'll go together... far as Rome
l'll go on to the Riviera...
...and you'll wait in Italy for his release
l'll cover all expenses
l owe it to Lukash, and...
...and l give you my word of honour, there's no trick
lt's nothing
Pay me back when you can
We'll travel in separate coaches
l'll get your father a job... the store l own
l'd better go
Somebody might see us
- We'll meet at the station - Good bye
l'm worth more than a dozen Counts
You're here?
Though l'm only a course bourgeois
A liaison here? Rather shocking!
None of your business
So... What are you up to with this Szczerbic?
How dare you? Let go!
Listen, l want to save you from ruin
l know about life and l know what's right
l too know life and l know what l'm doing
Signorina Eva Po...
To see Lukash Niepolomski
He was released a week ago
Where is he now?
He was deported to the French border
Don't be upset. l'm sure he's gone to Monte Carlo... win some money
You'd better go via Nice
l'll look for him elsewhere in France
What luck to find you here!
Have you any news?
Nothing. Although l wrote to Paris
- Are you here alone? - Yes. l am
- Playing? - l've bad luck
Let's go. It's stuffy here
- Don't you want to try? - l've bad luck
You never can tell
Do you play?
l had good luck and won a lot!
But l gamble carefully
So now l'll stop
Going home?
You're staying here?
Well... what do you think is the best plan?
He might be looking for you in Poland
But do you think he is?
l'm not suggesting anything nasty...
...but you don't seem sure of him any more
To tell the truth, l no longer know
You poor girl!
Stop that!
l meant nothing
Then why say it?
l'll try to find him
He may have returned to my place
Yes, yes...
- Or your parents - Please don't go there
All right, l won't
So what should l do now?
l'll risk all l have!
Wait, Peter Ivanovitch!
Count? There's a lady to see you
What lady?
She gave no name
l'll be right down
You did win!
- Here's 1 O,OOO francs... - But...!
lf l don't owe that much...
...give the rest to Niepolomski
l've a suite in this hotel. Stay here with me!
So this is why you helped me?
Yes! What did you think?
Count Sczerbic!
She's from Berlin
Vienna, l'd say
Be quiet. Her knight will come and give you a kick!
- l bet she's a virgin - The Maid of Orleans...
... Joan of Arc
A raving beauty
Guess the colour of her hair
On her head?
Be serious, my friends...
...faced by such beauty
Look at this boat
The boat of a nouveau riche
Poles only marry for money
There he is with his Rylska... to the Ile des Pins!
Like a careerist marquis!
l tell you, Niepolomski is no loser
He didn't give up after that Rome scandal
Friends, look! Observe our beauty
Quick, lads! The first there gets her
What an unfortunate accident, madam
l'll call the doctor
No thanks
You speak Polish?
So you understood everything? l'm embarrassed
l wasn't listening
Good. Are you hurt?
No. l'm fine
Pleased to hear it
Can you row?
Of course
Let's take this boat
So nice to hear such lips speak Polish
Concentrate on the rowing
Those two, are they newly-weds?
Yes. Lukash Niepolomski and Miss Rylska
- You know them? - Yes. But...
Studying here in Berlin?
Anthropology. Stanislaw Liwicki
l never saw eyes like yours before
You lied, Mr Liwicki
l did?
You did. Niepolomski is already married
You know him?
Money can buy many divorces
...l was at their wedding
Yes, but l need written proof to show somebody
All right. l can get a copy of the marriage certificate
l'll bring it to you
All right. Hotel Astoria
My name is Eva Pobratynska
Not Niepolomska?
Certainly not!
l'll see you later
Come in
You see. Just as l promised
Good morning...
You're alone?
Yes. Are you still living in Paris?
- l may go home soon - l'll go to Vienna
- l'm sorry to bring this up... - What's that?
Have you seen Niepolomski?
No? Very strange
lt is strange
l met a man in Paris named Horst
One of those bankrupt factory owners
l didn't like him
What'd he say?
Talked a lot about you
About me?
Said you were...old friends
He said that Niepolomski'd been in Warsaw
When was he there?
Just after we left
Horst saw him at your parents...
...and told him that you were my...
You understand?
l do
Apparently Niepolomski went mad and attacked him
Next day Niepolomski left. Nobody knows where
l see
l'm sorry to tell you all this
You did me a great favour
Now l understand
Niepolomski is just a victim of circumstance. Like all of us
Have you a ladies compartment?
Of course. There are three ladies there already
Where am l?
What's this town called?
You want a room? This way, please
Not a word!
Where's your money?
That's it?
Make a sound and l'll kill you
Stop screaming!
Lie there...
...and wait!
Must l rape you?
You can't escape me now
l wanted you for years!
ln Europe, America, at sea... l always thought of you
We'll make love, baby. You can't escape!
lf you scream, l'll tell where the little creature lies buried
Lukash's souvenir
Who are you?
Your master from now on
Just tell everyone l'm your husband
- Understand? - Yes
- You're mine now? - Yes
Look at that. Not bad, eh?
Don't worry. We'll have fun and see the world
People like us don't need children
l'm born to wander, and so are you
Good evening
Count Plaza-Splawski, my wife
We fought together in Transvaal
Thanks, l don't drink
Thanks, l don't smoke
Doesn't drink, doesn't smoke...
...but he's a genius for making money from nothing
Jn youreyes Jsee no treason
Reading his letters again?
Leave that to the forger!
We are going to Plaza-Splawski's
Do l have to go?
No moods!
l won't go to that den!
lt's business. You can understand that
Can't he come here?
He has moods, too. He's a count
A nobleman without a shirt to his back
Damn his bloody eyes!
He won't come here
But if you visit, you know...
...he'd be tickled pink
You'll be there all the time?
l might have to go out for a few minutes
l can't really tell
Then, no!
To fetch paper or ink
Whatever he needs
And he hates women
So you've no worries
l know his Asiatic tastes. Prefers sour apples
So...Come on!
Look - l'm broke while Sczerbic is loa'ded
l said it wouldn't be easy
You must do your bit
l read those letters
He's crazy about you
He'd sell up and follow you, even to America if you asked him
What do you want from him?
l suppose you have a plan
Write, asking him to come here to Vienna
Tell him to sell his property...
...or borrow against it
Write passionately, tenderly
And what if he turns me down?
l'll tell how you killed your baby
- You've no proof! - That's what you think!
Don't be so rough with a lady
Look, why not have some fun with the Count?
You're not in love with Mr Pochron here
But if you hate Szczerbic
l do!
But he loves you
To be loved by people we hate...
lsn't that fun?
All right, he does love me. So what?
Well, then... can be loved by a Polish count...
...and help out your friends
He'll pay a million for you
We Polish nobles are very lavish
He'd give his fortune for a taste of you
But if he tries to force you...
...plunge the syringe into him and press the piston
ln the arm, in the face wherever. It'll contain a powerful drug
What kind of drug?
There are many kinds
We can decide later
Then what?
At your signal, we will rush in...
...and save you from the brute
l won't do it!
Keep your voice down!
We shall read it and post it
You're going to read my letter?
lt's business, not love. Will you write it?
Write! You slut!
My beloved...
Exclamation mark
l'm in Vienna. Full stop
How incredibly beautiful the world could be...
...comma...if we could see each other now. Full stop
Walk together in the streets... this city where the moon is shining
Yesterday I went to the country, with a crowd, alas
But I left them, to walk with you alone... perfect stillness
I felt that we were together
Your estate may be lonely...
...but I don't belong there. Do I?
Shall I ever see you again?
Why not come to Vienna while I'm here?
I kiss your sweet lips... flowers which I press to my mouth, my eyes
I love your dear eyes and your sad soul
My dearest, come quickly!
I love you so terribly. I miss you so
Write to me poste restante
Tell me if you're coming
My dearest, dearest beloved! Your, Eva
PS. J think if you sold everything..
...and tooh a big loan
We could go away forever...
...and begin a new life
What joy to devote myself to you in America
Do come quickly, I'm waiting!
Tell me...
He's a businessman, owns some mines
l'm going with him to America
Then tell me what l should do now
Shall l go back to Warsaw?
Tell me
What do you want?
l'll do anything you ask me
You're a weakling
This man you're engaged to...
Do you love him?
l wish l could understand you
You are killing me, Eva!
l'll always love you, darling
Only you understand me
Tell me, darling... you still love Niepolomski?
l don't
Go now. Soon we'll be together...
For the whole night...naked
Eva. Oh, Eva...
Look, if you do everything right...
We'll bring your man here for you
Who do you mean?
Niepolomski, of course!
This guy's worth a packet
- The door's locked? - Yes
That man won't be back?
l don't want you to see him again
l love you so much
l love you too...
l hate thinking of him here...
lt hurts me...
lt burns a deep scar in my brain...
You're crying?
lt's nothing
...l'm so happy
We'll go to Italy first
And then to America
You shot Lukash, didn't you?
Count Sigismund Szczerbic of Zglishche
Show me where you hit him
l'll kiss the spot
Here at the side
Curare's the best
Paralyses the speech organs...
...the larynx and the power to move
lt leaves absolutely no trace
Not a drop of blood. Nothing
He'll be gone in a minute
Wait till he's dead!
What's your name?
Anna Winter
ls that your real name?
Why do you need my real name?
l want to talk... a real human being and not a flower of the street
A do-gooder
Don't be angry
lf you only want to talk...
...then l'm busy
l'm going out
- What is your price? - 25 roubles
Very well, then
- You're expensive, nymph Calypso! - That's the price
Take it, my sweet, take it
We can talk without having sex
lt's not the same
But l only want to talk
Then take your money and go!
Either have fun, or get out
All right! Strip, if you want to
You want it too
Lover boy!
Go on. Just get your clothes off
What's your name?
No surname
Right, why soil your father's name
What's your name?
Ciprian Bodzanta
l like the way you do your hair
Like the wife of Septimus Severus
l got it from Cleo de Merode
Such a vulgar model
A terrible dancer too
- Are your parents alive? -No
- Been long in this profession? - Yes
Can you read?
You idiot!
l can speak French, Mr Missionary...
l've lived in Nice and Paris
l've led more than one Count a merry dance
l could see you had style
Why not come and work for me?
Full board and a salary
- Where? - The country
- Your place? - Yes, where l live
A job...l know all about those kind of jobs
l never touch a woman l don't love
And l don't love you. All right?
Welcome to Utopia!
Cut out the irony
ln Poland, any progress is Utopia
Co-operative farms make more sense
l ask nobody to give away their fortunes
Aren't you afraid they might damage those beautiful paintings?
Such work shouldn't be shut away in a museum
lt should travel the world speak to the people
That's the point of art
We show our paintings in the market
Was it difficult to give up your wealth?
Of course. But only he who gives up property...
..may conquer the universe
And l'm eager to conquer it!
lt's easier to attain virtue through sin...
...than through ignorance
Bodzanta dragged me here by the hand...
Now l'm the happiest woman on earth
Are you really happy here?
We could return to our old lives
But who wants the tyranny of men?
We're happy here without them
You all do what you want?
Yes. We can work, or rest... stay or leave
Do many leave?
Some of the girls have married
Then you do see men here?
You can see whoever you want
But marriage isn't all it's cracked up to be in any case
Families are just a burden when you get down to it
Have you had children?
Through the pain of possession, you attain the grace of loss
Through the grace of loss you attain the pain of possession
l'm bored with virtue
And that's the truth
My only property is one secret
How l long to attain the grace of its loss
Tell, it to me. It's what l've waited for!
l killed my baby...
You knew Count Szczerbic?
l killed him in Vienna
You...killed him
Let us lift our hearts to the sun
Let its light resurrect our spirit
Out of the way!
Old baldie!
Lukash Niepolomski sent me
Lukash Niepolomski?
A letter for you
From Lukash?
You're a/ways atn1ys/'de. Jneedyou
J cannot//'ve w/'th these thoughts
Since you were in love, we'll forget your arson
Will you come with me? To Niepolomski?
- You know where he is? - Of course!
- He wants to see me? - He sent me
- You're sure it was him? - Certain
Lukash Niepolomski?
My God!...Plaza-Splawski!
How do you do?
Have you come to pay pennance?
Not yet
You fight boredom with debauchery
You're more bored than me
How are your mines in America?
Come and see them. We'll have fun
l know your kind of fun only too well
Ah ha! And your idea of fun is picking through human refuse
You're like an Arab colt that lets its forefeet be bound... that it can only hobble like a common carthorse
Your humour is hollow
l thought your enemies had killed you
To kill a tiger you must be well armed
You're like those old men who believe that Mandrake will help them... conceive children with young, passionate girls
Come, Eva
She's going with you?
She's sick of your moral tales
My name is...
Stanislaw Kozielski
l'm a sick man
Please take care of me like a wife
l must leave you now
Where's Lukash?
On the Isle of Celebes. He'll be back soon
l'm just off... meet him
Go if you want...
Go back to the country
But if you do... might miss Lukash again
lntroduce yourselves, gentlemen
Come on, the lady's waiting
Evie... Evie. Is it you?
Let go, you scum
Come and drink a brandy
Don't you remember me?
You stink like a corpse!
Not for money, but for old times' sake
l'm temporarily broke
But l always loved you
You dirty clown
Do you remember me?
l remember you were a randy bastard
Do you have to be so vulgar?
You could have had me back then
But you were too stupid to know it
You're lying!
l made mother ill and father a drunk
No! You were pure
Ah! Go to hell
Don't you want me, then?
No, l can't bear to look at you. And l'm broke
l'll go with you
Just tell me what bar father drinks in now
l'll show you. l promise
Come with me, Evie
We are going...
We are going, my dear, to Marshalkowski Street
Number 305
Make yourself beautiful
We'll go separately
You first
Eva...Look at this
The famous case of the late...
...Ciprian Bodzanta...
...the mad Count...
...ended in court yesterday
The court ruled void the reforms done by the mentally ill man...
...and gave back all farms and lands to his widow
Who cares?
He's dead meat now
Don't cry. It'll leave marks on your face
Faytus! Leave the tobacco! My coat!
You go first
Walk up the marble steps...
...and you come to an entrance door with a brass plate
You'll see the name Lukash Niepolomski
Precisely. Precisely...
...the same
What's he doing?
lt's his home and office
l see
Niepolomski will be there
You distract him
We empty the safe
Just the four of you?
Yes, my sweet. Just us
Will you kill Lukash?
Not neccessarily...
But no tricks, or it's curtains
Run quickly!
They mean to kill you!
That woman is innocent
She only came to warn me. You must release her!
l'll give my fortune for her freedom