Casablanca (4/6) Movie CLIP - I Still Love You (1942) HD

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If you only knew the truth.
I wouldn't believe you, no matter what you said.
You'd say anything now to get what you want.
You want to feel sorry for yourself, don't you?
There's so much at stake.
All you think of is your own feeling.
One woman has hurt you,
And you take your revenge on the whole world.
You're a coward and a weakling.
No. No, richard. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, but you are our last hope.
If you don't help us,
Victor laszlo will die in casablanca.
What of it? I'm going to die in casablanca.
It's a good spot for it.
Now, if you--
All right, I tried to reason with you.
I tried everything.
Now I want those letters.
Get them for me.
I don't have to. I got them right here.
Put them on the table.
For the last time, put them on the table.
If laszlo and the cause mean so much to you,
You won't stop at anything.
All right. I'll make it easier for you.
Go ahead and shoot.
You'll be doing me a favor.
I tried to stay away.
I thought I would never see you again,
That you were out of my life.
The day you left paris...