Dance Showdown Presented by D-trix - Episode 5

Uploaded by DanceOn on 26.04.2012

D-TRIX: What's up y'all.
This is your boy D-trix.
Last week, the 12 YouTube stars took the stage by storm
and did absolutely amazing.

D-TRIX: OK, maybe not.
But you did vote.
So let's see who you put the top four for Dance Showdown.
D-TRIX: Now it all comes down to this.
All week, you guys sent in thousands and
thousands of votes.
And you guys decided which four YouTube stars are going
to move on and get closer to that $25,000.
Now let's take a look at the first of the final four.

WhatsUpElle, I'm so happy she made it.
She was one of my favorites for sure.

Now here's the next YouTube star of the final four,
I knew his breasts would make it.
Now here it is, the third making it on Dance Showdown.
One more chance.
He didn't have the best performance, but he's coming
back for redemption.
And last but not least, the fourth of our final four,
Congratulations dude.
Whoo, the robot got you to the top son.
Gamers going to the top.
Gamers going to the top.
Now that you guys have picked your final four, it's time to
call them to give the good news.
CALEB NELSON: Hey it's Caleb from Dance Showdown.
How you doing?
Well, I just wanted to call to let you know you made it to
the final four.
You're kidding!
CALEB NELSON: Congratulations.
WHATSUPELLE: I think I just woke up Presley.
Thank you.
CALEB NELSON: You made it into the final four.
Thank you.
CALEB NELSON: Final four.
I knew we could do it.
I had a good feeling.
I've been watching the views.
This is good news.
SEANANNERS: Well, well, well, looks like I'm into round dos.
I guess you guys liked my performance video.
I thought that I didn't do that well.
Why is everybody voting for me?
You guys are super cool, and super nice and supportive.
I will see you guys very soon.
WHATSUPELLE: Wow I'm so, so excited right now.
And this is a little chart I made up of everybody's
subscription numbers.
Here we are right here.
Thank you.
It's because you guys voted.
I'm just really, really excited.
So thank you.
Someone heard me screaming.
WHATSUPELLE: Mommy made it to the next
round of Dance Showdown.
And I wish I had boobs right now so I can shake them
because I'd be like--
but I don't.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
WOODYSGAMERTAG: Thank you for your support.
And next it's on me to go out, dance well, and
then earn it again.
Wish me luck.
Go team Gamertag,
ITSKINGSLEYBITCH: (SINGING) We are the champions--
I don't remember the rest of the words.
D-TRIX: Congrats to our four finalists.
And farewell to all the people that participated in this
dance competition.
You might not have been the most amazing.
You might not have been the most voted for.
But you danced your hearts on that stage.
D-TRIX: Next week, you guys will see a special episode
featuring some of my favorite moments from the Dance
Showdown along with never before seen footage of
bloopers and outtakes.
ITSKINGSLEYBITCH: OK this is awkward.
D-TRIX: Then after that, you're going to witness the
final four battle it out for $25,000.
Thank you guys so much for watching the Dance Showdown
here on DanceOn.
And make sure you guys subscribe.
If not, I'm going to come to your house, go on your
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