Tara Platt Extended Interview from Castle Panic - TableTop ep 6

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Jun 15, 2012


My name is Tara Platt.
And I'm an actress.
I'm really busy, which is great.
I'm actually shooting a western film this weekend.
And I'm really excited.
I've never been in a western.
And then Yuri and I have a web series called Shelf Life,
which is four action figures on a young boy's shelf.
And it's sort of mid-season season one.
And so season two will be coming out in the new year.
And so I'm really excited about that.
And then tons of video games, some of which I
probably can't tell you.
But I've been working on lots of video games as well.
I've been the voice in DC vs. MK as Wonder Woman.
I've also been in games that are more anime-based like the
Naruto games because in Naruto I play the
character of Temari.
So I'm Temari in all the fighting Naruto games.
And I've been a dragon in World of Warcraft.
And I've been numerous characters in a lot of online
gaming, sort of RPG things, stuff like that.
My husband and I play a lot of board games.
In fact, we have groups of friends that play
board games with us.
And we have a whole board game cabinet at home.
One of my favorites is Pictionary, just because I
love to draw.
And I love that sort of interactivity in the game
itself that your skill actually helps you win.
But, yeah, we play a lot of board games.
We have groups that do that.
I think it's a lot of fun to get together with a group of
people and interact in that way, because you're actually
interacting, whereas if you go see a movie with your friends,
yes, you're all observing the same experience.
And you're sharing that sort of as a group.
But I think the game play is a lot more fun because you play
off of each other.
And you're forced to interact.
And that sort of dynamic energy of working together to
do something is always exciting.
There's something really cool about getting to play a
character that you wouldn't necessarily get to play in
real life, because I'm limited by how I look.
So I may not play the big, demonic whatever.
But because I can command my voice and I can play a very
demonic sounding character, I can play all these characters
in games and in voice-over that I would never get to play
in real life on camera.
And so it's really fun because it balances out.
I play a lot of--
I'm like the hero warrior, demon, bad lady chick because
I can do a lot of those things with my voice.
I don't have that high-pitched, sort of girly
sound necessarily.
And so it's really fun because I get all of that in my
wheelhouse, as well as what I can do on camera, which is
playing stuff that looks like this.
So it's fun.
Gaming is magically delicious.