Luchadores Que Se Fueron De La WWE [LOQUENDO] HD Por A.C

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hello back how they have fared in the if they go to school tomorrow well if not
as I said before I decided to do this section because I will start
to criticize the WWE 'because it gives me like it because I have not asked much
and if I like the wwe
as you may like other Also let's not silly things
and started
adrian cañulef presents
wrestlers who left WWE
2010 and 2011 and 2012
start and what to start now is the hardy boys
to help me a friend named lucas mariu
hello friends youtube
speak of my first and most haha hahaha with sugar
jeff hardy speak
this fighter if it was show and I really do not like poop
centímetros punk y encima y lo sacó de la wwe
that shit was good and above one of my favorite fighters The class was a fighter
that was to be WWE champion second time but it was
but coming back in 2013 that said the 'facebook'
jeff to give it a nine out of ten that's my opinion
but the departure of his brother made ​​jeff matt   also out in December
2010 this fighter had talent so least for intercontinental or the U.S.
I think
but simply had the of ECW excluding tag team with
jeff hardy. matt to give it a six out of ten because I did take advantage of the great talent that had

Chau friends and get in the video by adrian on your video
thanks lucas right now talk about a former disciplined member of society
is fucking bald
What? did not see it?
is luke gallows
this fighter character change   a moron to a skinned
He was festus
this talented fighter had not know where xd
after being a moron is joined the s.e.s
well let's review
biggest rivals
with pig show and Rey Mysterio
relationships with some diva
was with the bare s.e.s
royal rumble appearances
in 2010
that's salvageable of luck
While we continue to
best that never leave your oblivion and were stopped when a
tears and could not believe they were
are the major
dx and the edge
say a curiosity was dx greatest tag team and the hardest of the wwe
begin with the
boy heartbreaker
hbk untouchable fighter and illustrious always gave the best
it was the man who shot types in a royal rumble is coming first and
2010 Hall of Fame was funny and auction was fucking the Sweet Chin Music ...
it was because I was no longer sexy old boy and was
now speak of the king of kings triple h a great fighter in his debut year
came to be the king of the ring in 1997 the first title of champion heavy weight
and always gave show sure to be Hall of Fame 2012
The next and last is edge the wrestler R-rated Hall of Fame 2011
was the wrestler who had the title most the heavyweight ladder and creator of tables and chairs tlc
surely the new manager of smack down
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