HetaQuest 14 [ENG / FIN / FRA subs]

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Oh, right! Let's go check up on Kiku and his brother!
Mr. Roderich's house is on the eastern side; it's the one with a big red roof!
We were told that the previous emperor died from illness, but I heard rumours that he was actually murdered.
After the Emperor's death, the aide who was Edelstein's successor disappeared. Don't you find that suspicious?
This is Lord Edelstein's manor.
Lord Feliciano, long time no see. Please, come in.
Lord Kiku and his brother are in the guest room on the western side.
This is the conference room. The room where the guests from far away are staying temporarily is on the southern side.
How is Yong Soo doing?
I appreciate your concern. He is all right now.
He was awake until a while ago, but then he fell asleep again.
That's good, then!
He told me what happened in Saia.
Was it really attacked by chimeras?
Yes. It happened in the evening.
A large group of chimeras attacked the village, and all the mages who fought them were defeated.
Wang Yao protected the Red Jewel, and Yong Soo and the others fled the village.
Bàba [Father]...
Yong Soo! If we don't hurry, they'll come after us!
I'm going back! I don't want to run away when there are still other people fighting!
Don't be stupid! What do you think Kiku went to Ramneyg for?!
They've come after us!
Like, no way...
Xiao Mei! Take Yong Soo and run!
No, Tao, I'll help you!
I'll fight, too!
Yong Soo, leave! You'll just be a hindrance!
I won't! I...
Do something useful and go to Ramneyg! Let Kiku know about this!
Hurry up! We'll catch up with you, Yong Soo.
... Will you really?
Unlike you, we don't break our promises.
We'll be fine!
But while you're running, don't look back no matter what. It would only delay you from reaching Ramneyg.
Okay, I promise! I'll go where Kiku is!
And you'll be right behind me!
Let's go.
Yes. It's show time.
I've already run a lot...
They have never broken a promise before! I can trust them!
Don't look back.
You better catch up with me real soon!
When he arrived in Lytia, he borrowed a horse from some locals,
and when the horse could no longer go on, he ran by himself all the way to Ramneyg.
Have you told him about Xiao Mei and Tao?
Not yet. I plan on telling him once he's recovered.
But maybe he already has an inkling. He may act like a child, but he's already an adult...
I don't even know what to say; I just hope the village will go back to normal soon.
I will desperately do all I can until that happens.
If there's anything I can do, I'll help you, too! After all, we're friends!
Thank you.
This is Lord Roderich's room.
Did you know? Lord Roderich is admired by the noble ladies!
"Circus Galop"
I'm sorry, sir, but you can't pass.
The Edelsteins are a good family of ancient and honorable origins and have served the Empire for generations.
I'm eager to cook today!
How odd. When I count the potatoes, the number doesn't add up...
By the way, there's a treasure chest in the cellar outside, but even Lord Roderich doesn't know what's in it.
The mechanism is quite simple, though...
Obtained Cat Ears!
[Cat Ears] Headband with cat ears.
The Edelsteins are distantly related to the imperial family. Master Roderich may be young, but he's a fairly able head of the family.
It's outrageous! That barbaric girl is going to get married with Lord Roderich!
Oh, Feli! You're back from Saia!
(Wow, Miss Hungary is here, too!)
That's Miss Elizabeta. I call her "Miss Eliza".
She can be a little aggressive and even hits Gilbert with a frying pan, but she's really a very kind person.
(Wow... so she's the same in this world.)
Yeah! I just came back from reporting to Gilbert. The meeting was interrupted, though.
Roderich told me. So, he messed up yet again, huh?
He hasn't changed at all even after he became Emperor! I wish he were a little more like Ludwig or Roderich.
Ahahah, yeah.
Lady Elizabeta will marry the imperial aide Lord Roderich.
We servants are also thrilled that she will marry into the most distinguished family in the Empire.
Since the previous emperor's death, the Master hasn't been going out much.
He's still fretting that he couldn't stop the previous emperor's tyranny. It's heartrending.
I'm sorry, sir, but the Master says he does not wish to see anyone. I must ask you to please leave.
"Piano for Beginners"
There are thin, sparkling books.
Obtained Frying Pan!
[Frying Pan] It reads "spare" on the handle.
I'm going to get married, but I'm worried about my father.
The doctor said he has a heart disease. My mother looks after him nonstop.
I'm happy that I'll be able to stay with Roderich, but I can't help but wonder if I really should get married.
But I'm glad you're here, Feli. You've cheered me up a little. Thank you.
God is always watching over us.
I thought I should pray before going on a long trip. After all, you never know what might happen.
God was also the creator of the Five Gems.
His Majesty the Emperor, the imperial aide Edelstein, and Lady Héderváry were childhood friends.
There was even a betting pool among the nobles about which one would marry her.
Most nobles naturally bet on His Majesty.
Both His Majesty and the aide have always been very fond of her, but His Majesty had an advantage due to his higher rank.
Besides, regardless of Lady Héderváry's feelings, if the Emperor courted her, she would have no choice but to say "ja".
But, as you can guess, the nobles suffered a crushing defeat. My father also looked mortified.
You came from far away; I appreciate that. The price is 50G per night. Will you spend the night?
Oh... I'm sorry, I mistook this for somewhere else.
You are always welcome here.
The food here is reputed to be delicious.
... Oh, it's you. You may be friends with the imperial family, but don't think that that's acceptable for a "mediator".
I know; because we mediators are neutral, right?
That's the smartest thing you've ever said.
(Ugh, he really is prickly...!)
My husband brought me here to please me, but...
Compared to Cenarf, the capital of Ära is rather insipid.
She told me to go home ahead of her, but...
she won't come home any time soon because she's too distracted with her shopping.
Since I have nothing better to do, I'll tell you something nice.
The Empire of Vyek, north of this continent, doesn't have many relations with the Empire of Ära,
but they're very close to the Kingdom of Âge.
Oh, she's waving at me!
A lot of people live here.
I'm the landlady of this building. The people here are like family to me.
It is locked.
I came from Lytia to become a knight. I'm still studying, but I hope to make my parents' lives at least a little easier.
... Oh, and sorry about the mess.
My husband is a knight, and there were a lot of days when he couldn't come home...
But then His Majesty the Emperor kindly allowed him to come to work from his own home.
Thanks to that, our family can often be together.
Until recently, we knights had to live in barracks, but then His Majesty told us to stay with our families.
He may be young, but I think he's a very good man.
Obtained Big Tree Drop!
[Big Tree Drop] Fully recovers HP and MP.
Everyone loves His Majesty the Emperor, but I like his little brother Ludwig better.
He's always frowning, but it makes him look like a serious person... and that's what makes him so appealing.
This shop sells weapons and armours. Is there anything you need?
Thank you!
Welcome! This is a curio shop. What is it that you need?
Thank you! Have a nice day.
Go into the room and rest? - I won't rest just yet. - I'll rest already.
How's your brother doing?
I appreciate your concern, sire. Thanks to you, he is recovering well.
That's good. At least that's one less thing for you to worry about...
So, the outcome is that Saia will give up its autonomy and be re-annexed by Ära.
The north-eastern area of the city is the old town.
We will restore it and prepare it for housing. Those who have taken refuge in Lytia can live there.
Couldn't you also give them jobs, sire?
This is a big city. There are a lot of things they can do for a living. Don't worry.
On another subject, I want to ask Feliciano a favour.
Yes, sir?
As you know, diplomatic relations between Ära and Âge have been severed since my old man's reign.
Taking advantage of the issue of the chimeras, I want to reestablish relations with Âge.
After the chimeras appeared, I sent several letters to the king of Âge.
I told him I wanted a chance to meet him for a discussion. And his reply finally arrived last night.
Read it, Roderich!
Me, read this letter? Well, if you insist.
"Bonjour! Thank you for your passionate love letters! I'm SO sorry I didn't reply to them before."
"You see, it seems my minister had been intercepting them..."
I've always wanted to talk to you, too. After all, the chimeras have also become a problem in Âge.
Therefore, I would like to invite Ludwig, Imperial Aide of the Empire of Ära, to Cenarf.
If you're worried about what happened 15 years ago, I won't mind if he brings the Black Jewel.
But I'm also bringing someone I trust to escort me, just in case.
I'll tell a dear friend of mine in Spina to send him a ship; he will tell him the details about that.
I look forward to meeting him in Cenarf. I also want to see you as soon as possible.
"Love, Francis Bonnefoy Âge."
So, there will be a meeting in Cenarf, the capital of Âge, to restart our diplomatic relations.
Can you go as our mediator again?
Yes, sir! Gladly!
Actually, I wish I could go, too, but yeah... They invited someone else, so what you gonna do.
And it's not that I don't trust him, but just in case, take the Black Jewel with you.
If you have it, you'll be safe, no matter what happens. But maybe I should also assign you a escort...
Excuse me, sire...
Would you be so kind as to bestow upon me the duty of escort?
What are you talking about? There's your people, and your brother isn't fully recovered, either.
I think he'd feel better if you were there with him.
His Highness and Feliciano have already had three encounters with special chimeras.
I thought that maybe I can catch the one responsible for the chimeras' attack on Saia if I went with them rather than stay here.
I see. If that's what you think, then I'll make you their escort.
Thank you, sire.
First, you'll head to Spina. The person who will get you a ship is called Carriedo.
If I'm not mistaken, you know him, don't you, Feliciano?
Y-yes, sir! (Who is he?!)
That's Antonio; he lives behind my house. He's the richest man in town.
I've given Lutz his proof of royalty. It will vindicate your innocence wherever you go.
I, Imperial Aide Ludwig Beilschmidt Ära, undertake the duty of envoy to the Kingdom of Âge.
I'm counting on you.
I look forward to working with you again.
Ludwig joined the party!
Obtained Proof of Royalty and Black Jewel!
So this is the proof of royalty. Huh? There's something engraved in it...
It's an eagle. After all, the eagle is the symbol of the Empire of Ära.
(... Black... eagle? I wonder.)
[Proof of Royalty] Proof of the royal family of the Empire of Ära.
[Black Jewel] Jewel protected by the Empire of Ära. Securely kept in a box.
Take care.
Since it's your homeland, this should go without saying, but Spina is right across the big bridge east of the capital.
Now that you have undertaken this responsibility, I expect you to fulfill your duty to the best of your ability.
(He doesn't look very friendly...)
Well, Feliciano, I look forward to working with you again.
Kiku joined the party!
Is the meeting over? Are you going somewhere again?
This time we're going to Cenarf! It looks like we're going through Spina.
Oh... That's close to Elgnand...
What are you going to do? Are you coming with us?
Pete will go with you at least to Spina.
All right. Let's go.
Peter joined the party!
Here's your unicorn. I've been taking care of it.
What happened to your face?!
People say that unicorns let no one but their owners get close to them. They were right.
I see. (Poor guy...)
Uniii! We're going to Spina now!
Well, take care, and have a safe journey.
Uh-huh. You should have that looked at.
Be careful on your way there.