2NE1_TV_Season 2_E06-2_2NE1 in LONDON

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Hello. I'm Captain Wild Rabbit, taking you safely to London.
The crew and I will take you all safely
to your destination.
The estimated flight time is
12 hours.
It's an afternoon flight.
So I was really worried.
I tried to stay awake all night but ended up having a deep sleep.
On the way to the airport. 5. 2. 2010
We're here.
Now we'll go in.
Can't read my...
Mmm? Oh, she's singing.
Poker face
- Hello. - Hello.
- Where are you going? - We're going to London.
- You're going to London? - Yes.
You look pretty today.
Let's go
Look at Dara. I've never seen her like that.
No, I always do this.
She brought all the carts alone.
- Yeah, I pulled them. - With that slim body.
She's filling out the tags.
Hearing my narration, she's working harder at it.
- We're late. - We're late.
Oh, no, my bangs are splitting. Hey, don't act cute. Hurry.
It's now starting to move.
The second meeting with Will.i.am in London 5. 2. 2010
Finally arriving in London!
Two-story bus.
I wonder what kinda girls are popular here.
Some girls are popular some girls aren't.
Wherever you go it's the same.
The popular ones are always popular.
I hope they'll like me here as much as they did in LA.
- Minzy's unbelievable confidence. - That's not true.
I knew it. I knew she was like that...
See you later.
Hello. Oh, no, I got dark circles.
No makeup.
I came to put on some makeup.
I didn't wash off my makeup and didn't even get changed.
- Where's Bom? - She's washing up.
Bom's the latest one again.
Who takes the longest putting on makeup?
Don't you think the view from our room is the best?
And there's that ride there. Look.
The tall one. I wanna ride that.
I got something to tell you.
What? What?
- This is funny. - Don't say it.
This morning...
I have to tell it.
- This morning... - No, don't.
No, I have to tell it.
I'm dying to tell it. I have to tell it.
What is it? I'm getting curious.
Everyone, it's nothing.
Tell me what happened to Minzy.
- This morning... - No, it's nothing.
Minzy was really depressed.
I'm not depressed.
She said, "This place is not good,"
as if it was a big mistake coming here.
So I really thought she got disappointed at something here.
She was so depressed so I asked her what was wrong.
Hey, I'm talking to you.
- Wow, look at that. - What's that?
- Wow, this... - This is a beautiful city.
- They can do that on the street. - I wanna live here.
She wants to live here.
So I asked her what was wrong.
And she said, "the guys here are not interested in me."
"And I’m so depressed." And so... After we check in...
After you check in...
going to the restaurant first?
OK. And after that... I think we're gonna stop at...
And then you can shop...
Come on!
- I quit, I quit. - No, tell us.
I quit. I quit.
2NE1 in the restaurant before going to the recording studio
I think it's a Japanese restaurant. So we ordered rice, too.
I look very pretty on this camera.
I don't think so.
Are you sure?
- Do I look bad? - No, no.
- Well, I'm ugly. - Not again.
Shopping after the meal
If we get the same item,
we can still wear it but we try to avoid it.
But the one who picked it first says it's OK, then it's OK.
I like short ones like this.
Hey, what about this?
There's too many.
Jeremy Scott.
Isn't that men's?
Doesn't it shine already?
It's so cute.
Isn't it cute? So cute.
But you have to think before you buy it.
I had it for the longest time.
I always lose everything I wear.
I didn't buy too much. This is for my niece.
She likes this doll called Peppa Pig.
It can make a noise when you go to sleep.
What did you get?
Something for you guys.
Everyone should get a bite, it's good.
To the studio to record with Will.i.am
We're here to record.
Another foreign location.
The US was the first episode and now the second episode.
This is the studio.
We're here to record with Will.i.am. He's here already.
Will.i.am The Black Eyed Peas
Take off my earings.
We needed to have a pop song.
And that's why I was like... I should do it with them.
Usher's gonna have Usher... but, k, let's do it Cool, Young, Girl, Club, Pop, Melodic, k?
And then we go back to get all that...
Kesha and Lady Gaga would be jealous for this song.
It would be like that. You know?
Cool, like Korean fashion. Like "foreign."
London's not foreign. Like... Lady Gaga..., ok, Europe, that's not foreign.
Korea's foreign.
You can't even read that writing.
You know what I mean? That's not foreign. That shit is.
Can you read that shit? Nope. Foreign!
You know what I'm sayin'? This shit is the fuckin next level right here.
People will say...
hey do you know that song?
Will.i.am and the girls from Korea, you know...
The twenty, or the 2 4 what? The 2 4 everybody?
No, 2NE1, you know. The song... That's what everybody's gonna say.
Do you usually stack 'em up like... how many, right?
If we could do one voice.
Coz it's easy to stack it. A stack sounds good.
But we make one voice sound good...
Producer Teddy
The place is different from where we used to record so everyone's a little confused.
I'm worried, too.
OK, you're done.
Alright, see you tomorrow.
Will.i.am says goodbye to 2NE1
I ordered the Chef special. So whatever it was came.
It's too much for me.
It's this one.
Jinu suggests a chili pepper eating contest
Rock, paper, scissors.
I can't eat hot stuff.
Is it hot?
It's coming, it's coming.
So hot!
Final round?
- What if CL gets it again? - No way.
Rock, paper, scissors.
Oh my god!
My mouth is still burning.
Ah, so hot.
- I can smell it a little. - Not just a little.
I can smell it.
The final round would be the spiciest.
Rock, paper, scissors.
- Bom, you're it! - Why are you so happy?
Sorry, excuse me, cappuccino.
Restaurant manager's surprise joke
I was so startled.
This is funny.
- I'm totally awake now. - This is totally hot.
- your face. - This is really hot.
Give me that.
- Try this. - Why me?
I won.
- Bye. - Bye.
Thank you.
2NE1 back in Will.i.am's studio
One, two, three.
- Feet stink. - Whose side are you on?
Will.i.am The Black Eyed Peas
Looks like you're really singing it.
And you're going... and you wanna go...
You're coming to the show, right?
Do I have to go like this? Oh my god.
We should go. Are you gonna come with us or you're gonna meet us over there?
I don't know.
Well, what do you wanna do? You're the boss.
The show must go on.
Are you guys leaving right now?
Yeah, 'coz Will's gonna perform at the... So we gotta get there.
And it's an hour drive
Are we done for today?
They have to go now.
...so we're gonna head over there now.
So it's the first day of The Black Eyed Peas' concert in London.
We've arrived but I'm not sure where we have to go from here.
It's seems at least ten times bigger than the Jamsil Stadium.
At least ten times, you think?
The O2 Arena The Black Eyed Peas concert
I hope it's not cold inside.
Ask them to turn the heater on.
I'm just thankful that they're taking such good care of us.
It's touching.
We're gonna see The Black Eyed Peas.
This is Dara.
CL, Bom, and Minzy.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Jinu.
- What's up. - 2NE1 TV Taboo The Black Eyed Peas
2NE1 TV, my name is Taboo from The Black Eyed...
One more time... My name is Taboo from The Black Eyed...Peas!
And I'm chilling with my girls, 2NE1.
We're here representing the O2 Arena...
- He's so cool. - Really cool.
All of a sudden, I find him cool. He's Minzy's type.
I like his long hair.
He looks like he's in a play.
And Will passes us by.
This is Minzy, Bom, Dara, and CL.
And this is 2NE1.
Alright, yeah, I heard good things. All of you guys? All of you four?
- Where are you guys from? - Korea.
You're all Star Wars.
When you meet each of them, there's this...
energy in them.
They've got this aura around them. It's so cool.
Taboo's so cool.
How old are you guys?
I'm 19.
- 17. - 17?
Damn... that's great.
Jinu, have you got our music?
Taboo watching 2NE1's "Follow Me"
Is that you?
Coz you know what happens to a lot of groups.
They get money, they become successful, and everybody becomes egotistical and they break up.
You guys have something special.
And I feel the energy and I think working with Will is a great addition...
coz Will's a genius.
And also Apple, Apple produces well... so...
That's good. I’m glad you guys are part of the camp.
This is hard.
It's so much fun.
Meeting Fergie from The Black Eyed Peas
Fergie The Black Eyed Peas
We met them all backstage and I’m excited to see how they'll be on the stage.
The place is almost filled up now and I can't wait to watch the show.
I'm so excited.
The Black Eyed Peas show
Greeting Taboo after the show
It was so cool.
Minzy was dancing away.
I thought the floor would collapse because of her.
There wasn't a single song
that we didn't know.
They were all hit songs.
And it was more special to us because those were
the songs that we practiced with when we were trainees.
They were all so cool.
- Really? - Yes.
Ending the day in London with The Black Eyed Peas concert
I'm the mother of this country.
Came to hang out in this room.
What are you eating?
Nothing, yet.
Bom, what's wrong? You look all stiff.
Hurry and get over here.
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