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It's only dawn.
Go back to sleep.
You're awake.
I was about to wake you up for breakfast.
Go and wash up.
Oh, your hand phone rang about 10x, but I didn't pick up.
Be sure to check it.
What are you doing? We need to eat quickly. We need to check out.
The president stormed in and took over the master bedroom,
so we can't stay here any longer.
It's better to move into the workroom.
Why waste my money here? Don't you agree?
How's your stomach?
- Want some juice? - No, thanks.
Something came up, so I'm on a business trip at the moment.
I'll be back sometime in the morning.
Okay, I'll call you when I get back.
The things you do, Seo Eun Young...
You come to the hotel, and then get drunk.
Come out.
Where's your assistant?
Isn't Kang Seung Yeon coming to work?
I told her to go directly to the workroom.
Dong Wook.
- Isn't it Kim Dong Wook? - The new Manager?
Yes, why?
Do you know who Dong Wook likes?
- He has a girlfriend? - Guess who it is.
- Who? - I said to guess.
It's someone you know well.
Yoon Joo? Ji Young?
It's not a café employee.
Oh Hyun Joo?
But she already has someone.
It's your assistant, isn't it?
Yesterday, I hung out with them not knowing they were on a date,
and felt threatened for interfering.
Oh my.
Since when, the two of them? How?
I don't know. What did they say again?
They have some similarity.
What got into that unsociable person?
If I'd interfered a little longer yesterday,
they might have killed me.
Although people seem to walk around with their eyes closed,
they're able to spot their partner.
- Want more coffee? - Yes.
Thank you.
Kang Seung Yeon seems pretty okay.
She seems pretty okay, that kid.
She doesn't seem that smart, but…
She's good at her work.
Yes, she would become very useful in a few years.
I won't bother you even if you continue to have her work for you.
- I can't have her continue for me. - Why?
How can I?
I'm going to leave.
If she has learned from me,
she'll be better off wherever she goes.
What do you mean you are leaving?
I'm going to hand in the manuscript before September, and then leave.
- Where to? - Wherever.
I've stayed here too long.
I've stayed here for two full years.
This is your hometown. You were born here.
Why are you talking as if you are sick of being in a different country?
Is that why you started working again?
I was wondering why you were rushing your work.
You throw this manuscript to me, and all this time, you were planning to leave?
I'm planning on escaping to a place where I don't have to hear your nagging.
I'm just kidding.
It's probably a joke to cover up the truth.
Don't I get to rest for a while,
since I've been working hard all this time?
Let's sign a contract next time.
I've worked for two whole years,
so I'll be going away for two years.
Don't look for me.
I will stay put in the workroom until this manuscript is completed.
I promise that.
By the way, it's too late for this project, but try to get a TV interview for the next one.
I will participate in it.
But only for one time!
Look at me.
Look at me directly.
Was I dreaming last night?
You're the same person from last night,
but how could your eyes be so different?
What about last night? What eyes?
Like this?
Want more coffee?
It'd be strange going in together.
Drop me off somewhere along the way.
- Over there would be fine. - You really…
You really are a lost cause.
You really are.
Get out.
This is kind of far. Can't I get off a little further along the way?
I always get fooled, but yet again I…
I thought you'd be different this time.
I told you to get out.
That's strange.
The President is already here. Where did he go?
What's the problem?
Why were you silently standing behind me?
Do I have to make a sound while going into my own house?
I'm tired of having to unlock the door for you all the time.
Why didn't you come with the President? She came by herself.
Is there a need to create a scandal by coming to work together?
Oh, right. A scandal.
You're not in the position to be worrying about other peoples' scandals.
Did you enjoy your ice cream yesterday?
Oh, yes! It was good. You should have eaten with us.
I can't risk my life over ice cream.
- Huh? - I'm curious.
What skills does it take? Do Sang is understandable, but Dong Wook, too?
I can't hear you. What did you say?
- You couldn't hear? - No.
Come here.
What's been left out in the middle? There's a lot of empty space.
There shouldn't be.
Come and see it.
Were you dozing off while recording this?
I wasn't.
Why are you rewinding it? I said the back was empty.
Right here.
I will look at it. Go somewhere else.
You told me to look at it. Why do you keep…
Why, you...
I will look at it quickly. Do your own work.
The water is boiling!
You don't watch how high the water level should be? No wonder the taste is so bad.
What is your problem?
Don't look from behind. Why do you keep standing behind me?
I'll do it myself. Go away! Stop standing next to me. Please!
Are you yelling at me?
I mean…
Why do you keep standing behind me? You keep scaring me.
Even so, how dare you look me in the eyes, and…!
- Umm… - I guess you want to argue with me!
I let you off too easy. That's right, I did!
What should I make you do, for you to realize what a scary world we live in?
Where are you going without finishing?
It's urgent!
What's gotten into you?
Are you crazy?
This is the workplace. Get your act together, Kang Seung Yeon!
I already have my coffee.
Finish the work before lunch time.
- Did you hear me? - Yes.
I'll fix it after I have figured out the problem.
By the way, about the cow farmer you interviewed...
Yes, what about it?
Tell me from there.
I can hear you fine from there.
Why come over when I can hear you from there?
What about the cow farmer interview?
- Hello. - Young Chul.
Has he left?
- Who? - Chairman Seo.
Yes. Has he gone back to Busan?
No, he's over there.
- Grandfather! - Don't call him!
Ji Won hyung is here.
- Weren't you looking for Grandfather? - Why did you call him?
Ji Won hyung is here.
How are you doing, Sir?
Look where you are going!
You hugged me yesterday, and you glare at me today.
It's hard to tell what you want.
What? What do you mean I hugged you?
Don't you remember?
What are you talking about?
I have things to settle with you, but…
I'll see you later.
Aren't you Writer Lee?
- Hello Sir. - Long time no see.
I didn't know you were here. When did you…
I didn't know you were here, either.
I heard you didn't show up for the recording. When did you get back?
Do you have time for a cup of coffee?
Eun Young is in a meeting, so I'm bored.
Of course.
Do something about Han Ji Won for me.
He's been coming here a lot lately.
I saw him yesterday and today.
Eun Young's dad thinks it's good for Eun Young to see him,
since our families are close.
I see.
Ji Won seems to think it's okay to keep coming here for that reason,
but I really don't like him.
You know Han Ji Won.
Do you have any ideas of how to get rid of him?
Well, I can't really think of anything.
He can only focus on one thing at a time.
I guess there is no particular way.
Eun Young will just have to meet someone new and get married.
He's comfortably coming by because she hasn't met anyone new since the engagement ended.
We need to set her up on a date or something.
You're not telling her that there's nothing to marriage, are you?
You can't do that.
So when is your book coming out?
Probably in the fall. I'm writing the first draft now.
You know I'm your fan, right? I'm looking forward to your new book.
- I'll see you next week. - Okay. See you.
Grandfather! How are you two together?
We were talking about his book. Background will be Oolong Island?
- Yes. - Take a seat.
- Did Lawyer Park call? - What?
Your aunt said she gave him your number.
He didn't call?
Yes, yes.
Please wait a moment. He just came in.
- Who is it? - The President.
- What's the matter with you? - Don't worry about it.
What did Grandfather say to you?
He was curious about the book.
That's all.
Are you going on arranged dates?
Not arranged dates.
You know, older people worry a lot.
- Can't I go on arranged dates? - It doesn't suit you.
To you, raising cats and living alone suit me best, right?
You're over-reacting.
I'll now respond to what you said earlier.
As the president,
I need to tell you what I think about the writer planning to cut contact with me.
Whatever I say, Lee Jin Soo will leave.
But I can't lose Lee Jin Soo,
so I'll wait until you return.
After a few years, you'll return with a book in your hands.
Then we'll make money from that together.
From my side, that situation is neither good nor bad.
Either way, you'll give us your final product, and re-sign with us.
This is the president's viewpoint of where Lee Jin Soo stands.
From another viewpoint, then?
I've told you earlier - Lee Jin Soo is a lost cause.
- Come here. - Yes?
I'm giving you an assignment.
Come up with a synopsis using the scenario I give you.
Think of a way to get Han Ji Won out of Seo Eun Young's life once and for all.
What? How can I do that?
You complain that all you do is making coffee and sharpening pencils.
You should start to practice writing a synopsis under the guidance of a writer.
You're good at making things up, so you'll be able to create something on your own.
There's a difference between making things up and writing a synopsis.
What's the difference when both require lying?
If you make up 10 things, you can create a novel.
Make up 100 things, and you can create a book.
That's absurd. Even though everything's made-up, how can I create a synopsis?
You've to devise a more realistic plan which can be used from today.
I'll give you an hour. Begin!
Any ideas?
Yes, but…
Read them to me.
First, if the director finds a new woman, he will lose interest in the president.
Who? Who will be the new woman?
That's why I thought of some ideas of the new woman.
Do you know anyone who can win over Sunbae?
Sunbae's eyes are high up in the clouds.
- Who will you introduce to him? - Huh?
I'm thinking a beautiful woman…
Is he obsessed with President Seo because he can't meet a beautiful woman?
Also, who would pretend to seduce him? Would she do it for free?
Or, would she be paid to date him?
Do you even have the skills to set up a date?
You have to think ahead before writing a synopsis.
What have you learned from following me while I was interviewing?
- Do I interview because I've nothing to do? - Interview!
- That's what I need to do first! - Again!
Right, interview!
I heard from someone that before dating President,
Han Ji Won had dated an announcer.
An announcer?
Announcer Park Hyun Joo. She married the son of a company Vice President.
There's also word that he dated a musical performer.
She was in 'Princess of Opera'.
- Is she Yeon Ji Seon? - Yes! Yeon Ji Seon.
The other synopsis wasn't any good, so I threw it away.
It wasn't just bad.
It was trash.
That's why I came up with two new ideas.
- Read them to me. - First one is about a fortune teller.
Fortune teller?
Even the word itself sounds pathetic.
Tell me.
What about the fortune teller?
There's a very talented fortune teller in Shincheon.
We could ask him to…
...say that President and Director...
...aren't a good match. And after marriage, sudden death might occur?
How could you come up with something that doesn't make sense at all?
This idea has been used many times before.
You asked for more time, I gave you 3 hours, and you come up with destiny?
Is your brain not working?
Is your head empty? You should have a smaller head if you don't have a brain.
A reptile has a small brain, but knows when to feel bad for doing something dumb.
- You don't even have that? - There's no other way!
What am I supposed to do? You think of a solution.
See whether you can do it today.
I said it's your homework. I'm not doing it so you can practice.
You're just making excuses. I know enough about you by now.
If there's a way, you'd have already done it yourself,
but since there isn't, you passed the task to me. Correct?
Why are you laughing? Did I get it right on the target?
I'm a mystery writer. You're the dating expert.
Why can't a dating expert come up with a love line synopsis?
What? I'm not a dating expert.
You have some kind of skill that attracts men.
I thought you were good at dating, but what you came up with is ridiculous.
I guess Dong Wook is just by coincidence, right?
What are you talking about?
What's the second synopsis?
I don't want to tell you. You're just going to tear it apart.
Just tell me, so I can hear how terrible it is.
If President finds a boyfriend, won't Director give up on her?
That's why this...
This is a harder situation.
Find a man to be President Seo's boyfriend to get rid of Sunbae?
That's why I didn't want to read this to you.
It can't be worse than the fortune teller idea.
Give it a try.
we'll find someone to be her boyfriend.
Wow, you really like to act as a go-between.
But who? Who would do that?
Someone who is believable, and can do it in one try.
Someone who's able to do that.
So, who?
You, Sir!
- Me?! - I think he would believe it if you did it.
He suspects it already,
so if he sees it with his own eyes, wouldn't he back down because his pride is hurt?
What do you mean 'sees it with his own eyes'?
What would he see believable?
Something that lovers do…
Something that lovers do?
Like a bed scene?
No, nothing like that.
I told you to think of a synopsis, and you come up with something like this?
That's why I didn't want to tell you.
What seduction of a guy? What's that?
Should I have him get drunk, causing a scene in front of President's family?
No, this isn't it.
- What is this? - Huh?
My name is written all over this.
Well… This is just… My homework…
It's just… I wrote this for practice. It's just trash.
“How to get rid of Han Ji Won from me forever”.
Did Writer Lee tell you to do this?
Just for practice.
I've never created a synopsis before.
For you to practice, with me as the focus?
No, he's more worried about you than about giving me something to practice.
He's just worried about you.
He was worried earlier when the director came by.
A cat worrying over a mouse?
He's leaving, so this is how he worries about the person he's leaving behind?
I'm sorry you have to do this because of my complicated dating life.
Number 1.
- Find a woman for Han Ji Won. - No, that... that...
I've thrown that idea out.
I would have already done that if it was possible.
Number 2.
Fortune teller?
This won't work. Both our parents tried this during the engagement,
and were told we had a good destiny together.
Number 3.
Writer Lee?
No, I just wrote that to take up space.
- This one isn't it. - I like this one.
- What? - This one is bound to work!
I really like this one. Can't you try and make this one work?
How can we pretend to be lovers so we can easily get rid of Han Ji Won?
He's been fooled many times before, so he won't be fooled easily anymore.
Take a seat.
We need to make it look natural, or he won't fall for it.
Oh! This would be good.
He has a habit of looking into my room at night from his office window,
so we should do this in my room.
How far should we take this?
We should at least do a kiss scene.
We need to at least kiss for him to believe it.
Okay. Kiss scene…
What kind of kiss should we do?
We need to do one that is believable and visible even from far.
What do you think about this? Since we are doing this…
Writer Lee objected to this idea?
Then we shouldn't tell him about it.
This will be a secret between us.
You can never reveal this to him! I'll call you at 8.00pm.
Why did he call this idea horrible?
It's a good, sensible idea.
Kang Seung Yeon, you really...
have talent!
It's 8.00pm already.
What's up?
I'm working. Huh?
What do you have to tell me?
Can't I come down in an hour?
Okay, I understand. Hanging up.
You can go home now.
Go home. I have to go downstairs.
- What's the matter now? - Huh?
Why are you cringing like a crazy person?
Do you have something to tell me?
Do not tell him anything.
- What? - It's nothing.
Why did I write something like that?
Do I have a brain or not?
What's the use of a brain that doesn't work?
You're here!
- What? Red wine? - Come over here.
What's this?
Look at this...
What are you doing?
Why is that jerk drinking wine there?
What are you doing?
Seems like something is wrong.
Tell me.
Tell you what?
Can't I just want to drink and chat with you?
You're not busy with your writing anyway.
Hurry up and tell me.
Tell you what?
Your hair style is not bad.
Han Ji Won is watching.
- Don't raise your eyebrow. - What?
Don't face the window.
I saw your secretary's synopsis.
I like the third synopsis most.
'Use Lee Jin Soo as a boyfriend.'
You were trying to help me,
that's why you asked her to make those synopses, right?
I wanted to help you,
but I don't want to use such a foolish method.
How is it foolish?
This method is the most realistic, and is more likely to succeed.
As a superior, you have to make an objective judgment.
You can't have personal feelings in the way.
You just hate being a couple...
This... I didn't come up with it.
You and your secretary came up with it.
I'm sorry. Our business hours are over.
Where is Director Han's office?
This jerk...
He must be very mad right now.
What? You can't let Han Ji Won find out.
How far are you planning to go?
If we don't make it realistic, he won't believe it.
- So you want to continue? - Of course.
How far?
We even planned the kissing stage.
We were just thinking of what kind of a kiss.
Just to let Sunbae see?
We really are going to kiss?
Of course.
What? This is not like you.
what type of kiss did you two plan?
What type of kiss?
This type.
This jerk!
Why are you here?
Do it.
Why did you stop?
- You're letting me do it? - You pushed me.
- Because I pushed you, you should do it. - Who said so?
You're mad now?
Why? I should be the one who's mad.
If you want to help me, you should stop it.
You do the things you shouldn't, and do the things I don't let you.
I'm not grateful at all.
If you really want to help me,
do what I want.
Don't do for me things that I don't want.
When did I ever tell you that I needed help?
Then what do you want?
A kiss you'll never forget?
- Yes? - Yes.
What are those two doing lying so close to each other?
Maybe they're just chatting. Only chatting.
If they're just chatting, why are their heads so close like that?
Then let's do it my way.
I don't like how it's done now.
You jerk!
Why waste energy?
If we let him imagine, the result will be even better.
I wonder if he'll faint.
He's not alone. He's not the only witness.
If this continues, a scandal might break out.
A scandal? So what if a scandal breaks out?
You will continue to be popular,
and rumors about me will soon be forgotten.
They are crazy.
How can they...
But Miss, why are you here?
Have you had dinner? Do you want to have dinner together?
You're smart. You're right.
I'm not as decisive as you are.
Try to understand me.
I was afraid I wouldn't be able to live anymore if I didn't do that.
What should I do?
No matter what she experiences, she quickly bounces back. Isn't that Seo Eun Young?
Quickly bounces back.
Yes, that's me.
I'm not going to eat dinner. I think I'll choke.
Just now when you threw down everything on the table,
I got scared.
The acting was so exaggerated that I stabbed myself with a pen.
I'm leaving.
- Why are you back so soon? - What?
Didn't you take off your belt like this?
Why haven't you left? Didn't I tell you to go home?
- That... - What?
You are curious about what happened to your synopsis?
The synopsis isn't something to be proud of and you let President Seo catch you.
Did you really think that the plan would be successful?
Your brain is really empty.
you didn't do it?
You didn't do what I'd written?
Looks like you didn't do it.
It's so bad there's no value in doing it.
Go home!
It was all for show.
How fortunate.
Fortunate what?
Don't even think about it. You're just an amateur!
- You came again. - How do you do?
Seung Yeon, make another cup of Americano.
You are managing such a good coffee shop,
yet you still like my coffee house?
It's quite good.
That writer said our cafe's coffee is the worst.
That... There is a problem with his taste.
From a professional point of view, it is quite good.
And I'm an expert on coffee.
I studied in Rome to be a barista.
Yes, what do your parents do?
- My mother... - Oh, you only have a mother?
Yes, she sells cosmetic products in Dae Gu.
Aah... yes, how about your siblings?
I'm an only child.
What are you doing? It's done.
- Come in. - Okay.
This child makes me feel like I like him and not like him at the same time.
A single mother plus an only child.
You also have a single mother, and you are also a single child.
You're not the one that should be picking. Why are you picking?
I think he's not bad.
You are done with your work early today?
You don't need to go to work?
He said he's finishing his writing, and won't let me go to work.
When he can't write, he has things for me to do 24/7.
When he's busy writing, he won't let me go.
It's been 3 days already. I feel a bit lonely, do you understand?
- You said lonely? - Yes,
because I'm waiting for him to contact me.
Let's go and watch a movie in the meantime.
Hello. Do you need something?
I want you to take away all the gifts. They are all at the office.
What? Birthday gifts?
The writer's birthday is today, right?
It's not today. Today is his profile birthday.
December 31st is his real birthday.
His profile birthday is his real birthday.
Today is his birthday.
Sir, your birthday is on Friday, right?
It's June 4th. What do you want prepared?
If you want a party, I'll make preparations.
I know that you'll be satisfied with having me as your secretary by then.
I worked part-time as a party planner before.
From blowing balloons to cutting cakes, I'm good at them all.
I can also make the atmosphere of the party good. I can make it perfect.
December 31st.
- What? - December 31st is my real birthday.
- But your profile birthday is June 30th. - That's just a profile.
December 31st is my real birthday.
December 31st. I still have a lot of time. What a waste.
- Don't forget. Remember. - Okay, I know.
I was tricked again! Really!
But I'm at home now. He won't let me go.
Oh my, I thought you two were together, that's why I called you.
He must have been afraid that you'd prepare something for him.
Yes, I'm sorry.
Are people that easy to trick? How did it become like this?
- Right? - People are sure hard to serve.
That movie...
I can't take it! He made his secretary look bad.
Even his fans know. How can the secretary not know?
They must all be laughing at me behind my back.
I can't just let this go.
It's now 8.00 pm. I must prepare something.
No, he doesn't want you to. Why do it?
I must take revenge. It will be revenge for making me look bad.
Mister, it's me, Oh Hyun Joo.
He's inside but doesn't want to open.
Just leave. We can't open the door by staying here.
When we celebrate his birthday tomorrow, we'll bring the gifts over.
Let's go.
I must make it very warm.
Doesn't he hate warmth the most?
He would freak out if I make him wear this.
Is... is she crazy?
Who is going to wear that hat?
Sir! Sir!
Not opening the door for me, is he?
Who gave me the keys?
Is he with President?
Why didn't I think of that?
I'm so stupid!
Those disgusting things you brought,
you better clean them up before I get home!
If there is one balloon in the room, I'll fire you immediately.
No, why did you lie to me?
I lied because I was afraid of this. You think I don't know you?
Even if I don't like them, you'd still bring them.
Isn't it your birthday?
Birthday is for everyone around you to play.
You didn't drink seaweed soup today, right? You just focused on work, right?
Since I'm already here, just enjoy it.
Get rid of them quickly. You must be done and gone in five minutes.
I'll get rid of them, but we've to cut the cake.
Five minutes!
What a weird personality!
Isn't everything prepared? I even came over so late.
Seeing that I was so sincere, couldn't he accept it?
No wonder President said it would be a tiring job.
How tiring will it get?
Should I get rid of the cake?
He probably didn't bring an umbrella.
I was thinking that it couldn't be Lee Jin Soo.
But it really is Lee Jin Soo.
What are you doing there?
It started raining suddenly. I couldn't leave here or stay at home.
You really are my savior.
I've always been your savior.
Where did you come from?
Looks like you've been drinking.
I finally got a contract with Seo Woo.
Then I drank.
Let's go.
Drinking in a public telephone booth...
were you celebrating your birthday?
As a famous writer with millions of fans,
you look pitiful.
I thought you didn't know.
If people didn't know, you'd be happy.
I had to pretend I didn't know.
That's good.
But my stupid secretary
doesn't understand that, and still prepared a birthday party for me.
So I escaped.
She's the normal one,
and I'm the one who isn't normal.
To fit in with your idiosyncrasy,
I became queer, too.
It's my friend's birthday, and I can't even talk about a gift.
I can't even congratulate you.
I don't like congratulations, but I like gifts.
Just give me a gift.
You like gifts?
As long as they don't come with a birthday card,
I like them.
I just don't like those useless congratulations.
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