Allen Apblett - OSU Faculty Expert

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My research involves making brand-new materials or useful materials of by the new routes essentially
I do chemistry. I like to do the chemistry in the waters and make environmentally friendly synthesis
of materials and so
I look a class of compounds called metal organics and I convert them to things that range from sensors for a whole
variety of things like explosives to water treatment technologies to new and improved cements and many other. Other
I like to instill in my students a fundamental understanding of chemistry not just memorizing facts but
really understanding chemistry but about the second thing and perhaps the more important thing is is the role
serendipity in discovery and that you get into a laboratory and make things and never know when you're going
to make something extremely useful.
I became a professor because I really enjoyed working in the laboratory and doing
what I want to, rather than
having in the bottom line in sight, you can earn a lot more money in industry a
you know if it's
not going to generate a profit then you can't do it, where as in the academic laboratory I can invent new wonderful
things that might not make a lot of profit for people but could
help impact people 's lives. So it is just the joy of going to the lab and discovering new things. It is a wonderful thing
It is nice to be a part of a university that actually has modern teaching a classrooms, has
excellent research infrastructure support that lets us do world-class research
I think it was most impressed when I came here with the instruments that were available and that the university actually
built a new building for a new NMR instrument so I've enjoyed being here. I have worked with some tremendously
great graduate students had some fantastic undergraduates to teach and
everything is just perfect here