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Mili has left today... l know she'll never return.
To play pranks and spread happiness and joy is what she liked most.
''This is a big building, in which, God knows how many people reside.''
But Mili's voice and laughter will always echo in their ears.
''lt seems like yesterday, that children were playing...''
''awaiting Mili, so that on her return...''
she goes to the terrace to resume her singing-practice.
Mili is here!
Let's start our rehearsals! - Not me! Go find someone else!
Shall we start the rehearsal?
Do what pleases you! But please don't bother me.
What's wrong with her?
''Come on... - What happened, my dear?''
What is to happen? - Why aren't you laughing?
When l went to the college this morning...
l forgot to paste a smile on my lips!
l wonder what's happened to her. l've never seen Mili like this.
What's wrong...? What's up?
What's happened?
Hey! Why are you crying?
What's up with Mili? - l don't know. She doesn't speak.
''Go and fetch someone from the building, Aarti.''
At least open the door... why are you crying?
Say something at least!
''What! - Yes, they've called you there.''
Is ''Mili crying''?!''
What's up ? - Take a look. l can't figure out.
Something is fishy. Someone must surely have cast a spell.
Come with me!
''Hey, Mili... what happened?''
Oh no! l fear the worst!
The same thing happened to a relative of mine 4 years ago.
Her husband is a very big official at the Tatas.
''When l went to their place once, they...''
Brother! l don't know what's happened to Mili. She's crying!
Move aside... Iet me see.
'' dear, what's wrong? Why are you crying?''
Why aren't you answering me? - She's even locked the door.
''Open the door, dear. Won't you open it?''
Will you keep crying and cause me trouble?
''What's wrong, dear? Aren't you keeping well?''
Speak up! Why are you crying?
Hey! You're laughing!
What prank is this? - What happened?
''How l fooled both of you! - Fooled us, eh?''
''l was working out an experiment, Babuji.''
''l found that nobody bothered about you, so long as you're fine!''
And when you do become that little bit crooked...
''like aunty said, my dear, what's wrong?''
''She said, ''don't give me so much of trouble, my child'' !''
What's wrong, brother?''
l know how to pretend, too!''
l asked the flowers...
''l asked the flowers to laugh, and they giggled in mirth''
''Life is to be laughed and enioyed, they said''
''l asked the flowers to laugh, and they guffawed in mirth''
''The Sun laughed and spread its rays''
With the rays...
the earth was bathed in gold
''l asked for happy dreams and l got many''
''Life is meant to be lived in happiness, they said''
Brother! It's you ?!
How come? - Didn't you receive my telegram?
''No! In fact, l've written a 6-page letter to you only today!''
My efforts have been wasted. - Not at all.
Give me the letter. l'll go back and read it.
''l've got to talk to you, Mili... who is he?''
''My brother. - He's won the Vir Chakra, right?''
You guys in the military really enjoy yourselves!
A relative of mine is also in the army. On the Assam borders...
''Are you going somewhere, aunty? - Oh yes!''
''To see ''Bobby'' for the 8th time! l'll meet my husband there!''
''You're late, in that case... - Oh yes! l must be moving!''
''You had a narrow escape, brother. - How is that?''
''Else, you'd have to listen to the tales of the mosquitoes...''
that her relative faces on the borders in Assam.
''There are mosquitoes in Colaba, too, where another of her relatives stays.''
''And about the flat, there's a lot of blah blah!''
Goodness! You've really saved me. Let's go.
Have you arrived then?
l was told your train was late by an hour when l called the station.
''When l got there, l found that the train had already left!''
You knew about his arrival? Why didn't you tell me then?
Because you'd have forgotten college and gone to the station!
''Who was that? - Mili's brother, who's in the army.''
He's very handsome, isn't he?''
They're all very handsome for you!
''Step aside, brother... Iet's give her a surprise.''
You please keep quiet. - l'll say nothing.
What's up? Hasn't Raniit arrived? - l'll say nothing!
Even she knew about him! Only l wasn't told!
Bless you, son.''
''Please sit down, while l go and get some tea.''
''Come on, Mili... Ranjit's here only for a day.''
ls that how it is?
''Want to bet, Raniit?...Mili will remain quiet for 3.30 minutes.''
''You have a bet, father. - Is it on, then?''
Mili can't remain quiet for more than 2.30 minutes...
For how long did she keep quiet the last time?
lt's a bet then. If she remains silent for 30 seconds...
you win a hundred rupees!
''Now that she's quiet, Iet's talk business.''
''What new of your transfer? - There are hopes, father.''
''ln that case, this flat will be too small.''
But l have a friend who has a vacant flat at Colaba.
lt has two bedrooms.
Do you want to say something? What ?
Oh! Webs of the spider!
''lsn't the terrace-flat vacant, too?''
There you are! She broke the record of 20 seconds in only 10 !
''Now that you've lost, Iet me have the 100 rupees.''
l've won the bet and you want the money!
And who did you win it because of? Out with it now!
Stop tickling me! l'll give it to you.
l'm hosting a dinner this evening. Please do come.
l surely will. But what are you celebrating?
My brother has won the Vir Chakra and has arrived today.
l'll have to come in that case. But that's no big achievement...
My son has won the award, too.''
The winner must be somebody's son. - That's true.
That was a very sensible thing Mili said. You'll have to admit.
You get on with your chat and l'll go invite people over.
Mili seems to be fine.
''She seems to be fine, but her treatment is not getting over.''
That will now always continue.
Can't we do something to cure her forever?
There's research going on. A cure can be found at anytime.
''May God make it happen. - Don't worry, Father.''
Come in, Ranjeet.''
The door's open.
You haven't changed at all.
You even ring the bell in the same old manner.
One should always change a little with the times.
Or the times take offense.
Will you remain standing? Come along.
''You've changed a lot with the times, Aruna.''
Oh sure... l've changed a lot.
''At times, it even becomes difficult to recognise myself.''
How many days will you stay?
''For another day, tomorrow. l'll return the day-after.''
Why are you always in a hurry to return?
What will l achieve by staying back?
''Before l forget, tell Mili that the terrace-flat has been sold.''
And yes, l remember!''
Why didn't you reply to my congratulatory message to you?
l did write letters...
but l didn't know how to begin and end the letters.
''Should l still begin it with ''My dear Aruna...''
''and sign off with yours, Ranjeet ?''
When l got the Vir Chakra...
l felt like writing a Ietter to the President...
to tell him that l had joined the army to die.
But then am l being considered to be among the living-beings?
''Anyway, let's forget all that. Tell me about yourself. How are you?''
l'm fine. - And how's Mr Ramesh?
Fine...he's very fine...
he has married a billionaire's daughter.
What's there to be surprised about?
''What did l possess, after all? Only a body.''
''That girl possessed a body too, besides a bank-balance of crores.''
Why? Why should you be sorry?
l've really gotten over him.
Can't life be begun again?
l'm no longer the same Runa.
Do you know why?
Ramesh was very proud that he could attract girls with his flamboyance.
''l thought, why should only men be entitled to do the trapping?''
''Can't women do it, too? l also started playing with men.''
But l found that its very easy to lure men with your charms.
So easy that l got disgusted with it very soon.
And l realised one day that l had become hollow from within.
My soul is dead, Ranjeet.''
There's a problem. - What's wrong?
''Mili said she had invited 8 people, but there are 12 outside.''
''That's no surprise. When Mili says 8, she actually means 16.''
l've made provision for 16. - Have you? Great!
That smells great. Can l have some?
Where's your famous brother? - Brother!
This is my brother and this is Mr Kulkarni.
Please come. Sit down.
That's eight, nine, ten...''
''....15, 16, 17 ... - What are you counting?''
''You said there were 8 guests, but there are 17 !''
l didn't invite five of them. They invited themselves!
But you invited 12, didn't you?''
''We'll have to cook accordingly, won't we?''
Greetings! Welcome! Please take a seat.
''There are 19, with more to come! l'll send someone to a hotel!''
''We will have to now. - Not necessary, aunty.''
Put a lot of chillies in that vegetable you're preparing...
''What are you saying! - Yes, Babuji...''
''People will eat less, when it's very pungent.''
Go look after the guests. - l'll send someone to a restaurant.
You're not accessible over the phone these days. What's up?
You're a public figure now. l'll have to meet you as one of them!
You've arrived, have you Sanjay?''
l must speak to you. Please come in. And you too.
Your patient has landed me in the soup!
Why? She seems to be fine.
She said there'd be about 10 guests. And you can see for yourself!
Will you go to Gazebo's then and get food for 10-15 people?
''Come on, Saniay. - Where are you going?''
They're all here to meet you. You stay back. l'll go.
''Sit down, sister-in-law. - Where's Mili's brother?''
''Come here, will you Captain? Tell us something about your exploits, too.''
Now listen; l'll call Manisha here...
and you hurry up and sit next to Ranjeet.
Why? - Do as you are told!
''Listen to me, will you? - What is it?''
What was l saying...? There! l've forgotten!
l don't know what's happening to me nowadays.
My younger sister-in-law has the same problem.
Whenever there's something important...
never mind! Go and sit now.
''Well, Mili... l came at your invitation!''
''lt's good of you to have come, Mr Sharma...''
there's no fun in a party without you.
Haven't you brought your family? - They've gone to see a film!
l see! Find him a seat. - Please come.
There's a Dr. Saniay Chaudhary...
''Having his food packed, did you say? For how many people?''
That won't do. Send food for atleast 30.
l'll let you know if l need more.
Why the long face?
lt's iust that wherever l went... - So what?
Your brother has returned after so many days...
won't it be nice to have so many people over for dinner?
Who are you? - Who am l ?!
What are you chuckling for? Who are you? Where are you from?
Has anybody ever been able to provide an answer of who he is?
Who are you looking for? - Mandakini !
''She's not Mandakini. Anyway, which Mandakini are you looking for?''
ls it Mandakini Aiyar who's celebrating her birthday?
She's down. - Down!
Never mind... wait!
What is the effort of going to the second floor for Mandakini Aiyar...?
l can even go down below the earth!
Come on...go downstairs.
Just a minute!
''Hey, Mrs Sharma! Where are you off to?''
What's wrong? Why are you breathless?
And why not? All this weight and that flight of stairs!
And that damn elevator had to stall right now!
lt always ditches you at the best of times!
This happened at a wedding of my relative of mine in Delhi.
You know my brother-in-law? He's a big officer with the Tatas.
And the bungalows of the Tatas... they're just fabulous...
l know all that! But what was it that brought you here?
Come to my flat at 2 p.m. There's an urgent meeting.
Don't forget. Will you? At 2 p.m. then!
What's the matter? - It's something serious!
Please be at my flat at 2 p.m.
Has Mili's brother left?
lt would've been good to have an army-man around!
But what's up? - l'll explain at 2 !
Don't forget then! My flat at 2 p.m. !
What could all this mean?
Does this necessarily have to mean something?
She probably wants to discuss an actress' wedding!
Am l crazy to call a meeting as and when l feel like it!
Truck-loads of luggage has been arriving. Has anybody noticed?
lt belongs to the person who has bought the terrace-flat.
''When somebody buys a flat, his Iuggage will also arrive, right?''
But are you aware who has bought the flat?
lt's Mr Shankar Dayal's son! - And who's Shankar Dayal?
Have you already forgotten ?
lt's the Shankar Dayal whose wife...hey!
And what are you kids doing here? Go away...Go on!
lt's the Shankar Dayal whose wife was caught with his secretary...
''And Shankar Dayal killed both, his wife and her lover...''
and hanged himself! - Oh! l remember now.
His son has bought the flat now!
So what? How is the son responsible for something his parents did?
How can you say that? The boy is always drunk...
''The biggest problem is that he's young, good-looking and wealthy!''
How can that be a problem?
''lsn't it a problem if someone is young, good-looking and wealthy?''
l have no problems!
But iust think of those several young girls who stay in the building!
Here...have your milk.
Have your medicines every 15 minutes. Don't forget... Understand?
Now wait a minute!
''Mili is not keeping well... Aarti, take the children out to play.''
Why is Mili ill so often?
She'll be fine in a couple of days. Go on and play now...
Hey! Where do you think you're going?
Why ? - This is where we always play!
Get out of our way! - Wow! Will you use force?
lt's our flat and we will not allow you. Get out now.
How does one do that?
Just turn around and walk! - Wait! l'll go and call Mili.
ls she a gun that will blow me apart?
What will you lose if the children play there for a while?
What will you lose if they don't play there for a while?!
Can you tell us why you're objecting?
Certainly! We have bought this flat to live in it.
Not to convert it into a playground!
What's wrong? - The old man's not allowing us up!
You shouldn't be speaking like that!
''Well, sir... Why aren't you allowing them?''
That's my choice. Now all of you get the hell out of here!
Who are you to stop us! Call the boss!
Great! Why should l call the boss for every little thing?
''When we paid for the flat, we weren't told we would be raided like this!''
''Let's go. They seem to have diamonds on their terrace, which might break.''
Come along, children...''
Your aunt said you're not well... and what are you doing here?
That man upstairs is really nasty! - What did he do?
Strange man! He's not letting the children play there!
He says the flat's meant to live in.
And not to convert it into a playground!
He's right. The flat belongs to him and so does the terrace.
What if he doesn't allow you to play there!
Mr Chopra never used to obiect! - This is a newcomer...
''once he gets to know everyone, he'll give you the permission too.''
Go on now...all of you. Go away.
And my little girl will come with me. Come along...
''ls that Saniay? Yes, l had called a couple of times.''
Mili's health come tomorrow morning...bye.
''You're still awake, are you? - And so are you.''
''Yes, l was waiting for sleep in my room....''
''But since l still wasn't sleepy, l thought l'd do the waiting here.''
''l get it. You were thinking about me, weren't you?''
Yes. - And why do you?
Should l really tell you?
And who'll have this medicine? - l forgot!
''Forgot, indeed! That's why l've got to think. Go on and have it now.''
When you have children of your own...
you will know why parents worry for them.
Father...l think my batteries will have to be charged again.
''Okay, dear... l'll telephone Sanjay.''
''Give me my transistor, will you? What a nice song they're playing!''
ls that the radio then? - Yes.
lt doesn't belong to your father that it will play for so long!
lt must be somebody singing.
''You will sleep now, won't you? Go on, then.''
''Not for a moment, wherever l am, does my heart forget the loneliness''
''And yet very often, sorrow creeps up stealthily to touch me''
Don't, O sorrow...'' games with me
''There seems to be so much of a void and emptiness in life...''
Never did l sleep anywhere...
...and l lost it somewhere...
...all my happiness...
'' the letter to someone one forgets to mail''
This is Mili !
Have a loud-speaker fixed to your telephone!
l'm feeling very bored!
l'll attend college from tomorrow! Yes!
You play the flute very well.
''lt was you singing last night, weren't you? You sing very well!''
And who are you? - l'm Mili (found).
Mili ? - Yes.
And where were you found (Mili) ? - Not that Mili !
My name is Mili! l was very fond of hiding as a kid.
''Everybody used to go around asking whether they had ''found'' !''
''The one who searched and the one who found me out, both said so!''
''Found if lost; and ''found'' if found!''
''All that led to people calling me ''Mili'' !''
''And where has he gone to die! - Not dead, he's gone downstairs.''
Stop blabbering! - Hey!
You're losing patience in the very first meeting.
l don't like it.
Go away from here.
l could understand Hindi, too.''
''What will you do, if l don't leave?''
Weren't you the one who was shouting for the kids?
l've bought this flat for my peace and calm!
Not for your noisy scenes! - But the children...
Where the hell were you? Haven't l told you never to let the door open?
''Perhaps, it wasn't shut properly. - Why was that?''
''lf you can't even shut the door properly, then find work elsewhere!''
What's all this? You again? - Don't shout...l'm leaving.
You and your boss need a Iesson in good behaviour.
l want to speak to the secretary.
This is Shekhar here. l live in the terrace-flat.
Ask her to telephone me when she comes in.
There was a call from Mr Shekhar of the terrace-flat.
He wants to talk to you.
Let me have the maintenance-file. - Very well.
''The moment l tell you, you must sing in very loud voices. Okay?''
Stop making noise!
Why did you stop? Did l ask you to stop?
Now start again. Come on...
''Shut up! Go away now, will you?''
''Ask him, Guddi, if he's bought the passage alongwith the flat too?''
Don't act smart with me! You don't know who l am!
''l'm not interested in knowing you, too. Okay children, start...''
Why?! Why should we shut up?
Must l tell you? - Go ahead.
Don't fight with him!
He's a very dangerous man. He must have a gun with him.
My mother told me that his father had shot his mother!
Why did you have to say that? Are you a regular gossip ?!
Okay, go away now... Move!''
And what are you doing here!? Go and get me a drink.
Prepare to vacate the flat in a couple of days.
ls your boss in? - Strange laws you have around here!
''lf you must ring the bell, go and find another door!''
You're an insolent old man! It was your boss who called me!
The boss called you? A girl ?!
l'm Runa Singh. - What am l expected to do?
l wanted to meet you. - But l don't want to meet you.
And there's someone at last who didn't want to meet me.
''Others in fact, cook up excuses to meet girls.''
''l thought, perhaps you too... Anyway...''
l'm the secretary of this Housing Society.
Why had you telephoned? - It wasn't to meet you.
''l'm known for my insolence, Mr Shekhar.''
Now tell me what made you call me.
''lf l knew this is how the secretary dressed, l wouldn't ever have called.''
lt's a nice dress, isn't it?''
''l've designed it myself...and have called it ''provocation''.''
''How is the name? - Indecent, vulgar and cheap!''
You look more like the heroine of a C-grade film!
But you don't seem to have an identity at all. Okay...what is it?
The children in this building make a lot of noise. They drive me crazy!
You're the first one to complain about their conduct.
You have a right to complain.
''lf it isn't children who make a noise, will elderly people do then?''
l hate this din and clamour. Do you understand?
Should we put a lock on the children's mouths then?
''You ought to know that, as also those children!''
l'll have some cotton sent. Have your ears closed!
We'll have to leave this flat too.
This is the fourth flat in a single year.
Let's stay on for another three or four months...
Where are you off to? - To meet the Engineer.
lt's impossible without a bungalow.
But a bungalow's already under construction!
The Engineer is no magician to produce a bungalow in 2 days!
Please forgive me, Uncle.''
''Please don't mind, she's only a kid. l apologise on her behalf.''
l made a mistake, Uncle.''
''lf you don't forgive us, Mili will never speak with us.''
Please forgive them. They'll never again go upstairs to harass you.
''All of us will even give you a kiss, uncle.''
''We'll kiss you, even if you haven't shaved!''
Okay... l forgive you.
Say ''thank you'' to uncle!''
Let's go downstairs now... slowly and carefully!
And now listen to me!
''lf l let you play on the terrace, you won't make noise, will you?''
No! We won't!
When l asked the flowers...
''When l asked the flowers to laugh, they went into peels of laughter''
''What else is life for, but to laugh and make merry!''
''The evening blushes... like a newly married bride''
''Up there in the blue skies... with red and crimson colours...''
''When l asked the colours to spread, they spread over to the world''
''When l ran into the weather one day...''
''...l asked it to stop and play with me''
''lt said it would, but it disappeared!''
''When l asked my dear-ones to join me, they set out with me too''
Come on now...let's go down. Silence!
Will you come up with me? To meet Mr Shekhar?
To meet Mr Shekhar! No thank you!
At least listen to me!
Raghu was taking some documents of the society to him.
''l took them away from him, saying l'd pass them on.''
''Come with me, will you? l've seen him from a distance today.''
There won't be a better opportunity of getting to know him.
Come on now, will you?''
''Okay, if you don't wish to come, shall l go all alone?''
''No, you will not go alone. - What's there to be scared of?''
How's he to look at ? - He's so handsome and sweet...!
when you see him... - Do you like him so much?
He's a bachelor, isn't he?''
''Okay, let's go...but before we Ieave, let's pray to Lord Krishna.''
What will you have? Whiskey or gin?
''l'm thinking, Gopi... of having tea today.''
''What did you say? - Yes, l'm in the mood for tea today.''
''Excellent! Maintain the mood! Maintain the mood, my son!''
Who is it? - Is your boss in?
What is this regarding? - l want some signatures.
Please come in.
Greetings. - Greetings.
This is my sister-in-law; she wanted to meet you.
''l badly wanted to meet you, but there was no way at all.''
l feel very uneasy if there is a newcomer l haven't met.
The brother-in-law of my sister-in-law in Delhi is a...
''Sit down...won't you sit? - Thank you, but we must leave.''
You've done the house up beautifully...
Sheila was saying...this is Sheila; my sister-in-law.
She's studying for a diploma in Business Administration.
That's a good thing she's doing.
She says she wants to get her doctorate in the U.S.
''Her brother also agreed, but l refused.''
l refused to let an unmarried girl go all alone to a foreign land.
l asked them to get her married first and send her wherever they wished!
That's a good idea.
But good boys are hard to come by. - Yes.
Have you seen rice that we get in the rations? Not worth eating.
''Grooms are the same, too. They're just not worth looking at.''
No wonder then that your arrival in the building has caused a flutter.
''Come on, sister-in-law... what have you started now?''
Listen to her! Have l said something wrong?
''My other sister-in-law is like this, too.''
She measures the 'length' of every spoken word!
Weren't there some signatures you wanted...?
Yes...These are the documents of the society.
Get me a pen, Gopi...''
Take this.
''You haven't thanked me, have you?''
lt was a gift from my sister-in-law on my 16th birthday last month.
''lt's imported! - It's my firm belief, Mr Shekhar...''
that you must gift someone with a foreign commodity if you must!
Everybody here is iealous of her.
Listen; there's a Mrs Chadha here... please be careful of her.
There was some people who came to see her daughter Anila recently.
They took my Sheila's embroidery-work and showed it to him.
''They said Anila had made it, and she can't even sew a button!''
l at once said Mr Shekhar wouldn't even employ Anila in the bathroom!
The old woman was livid!
She said she'd be doing you a favour if there was ever an alliance.
''Else, which decent person would give him his daughter!''
''l was hurt at what she said, just as you are.''
''And l asked, what did our Mr Shekhar lack?!''
And do you know what she said?
She said everybody knows about Shekhar's mother!
And l said how can you hold the son responsible for the parents!
Sheila has a lot of sympathy for you.
For someone who has such a stigma attached to his mother's name...
that person... - You may go now!
What ?! - l said go away!
Shut the door, Gopi!...''
and get the son of the late Shankar Dayal a whiskey.
l don't need anyone!
Get out of here!
''What's up, Mister? - Don't you want my master to live!?''
What harm has he done to anybody? - But what's the matter?
A couple of women iust came and spoke nasty things of the late boss.
They spoke all sorts of rubbish!
l've known the master since he played in my laps...
''l taught him to walk, talk and laugh.''
lt was this gossip that drove the Iate boss and his wife to death.
They're now after my master! - But what is all this about?
Let's go inside.
Sir !
''Please hurry, sir! There's trouble!''
''Look what's he done to himself, sir!''
''Do you have a first-aid kit? - No, sir.''
''Okay, l'll get it. Mili...''
hold his hand tightly to stop the blood from flowing. Go on.
Do you have ice at home? - Yes.
Only ice ?!
Bring it with some whiskey for her! - Please don't speak.
You... Who are you?
l'm nobody.
You have to be somebody.
Atleast ask me as to who l am.
Apart from being Mr. Shankar Dayal's son...l'm nobody.
And who is Mr Shankar Dayal?
lt's the same chap who shot his wife dead!
l... l'm an object of terror.
''Besides, apart from being the son of my parents...''
....l'm a ghost, too.''
''You... Who are you, after all?''
Haven't l said l'm nobody.
l'm very pleased to meet in you that case.
l'm a nobody too.
Let's shake hands on that.
''But how will you shake hands, when you refuse to leave mine?''
Leave my hand. - l won't.
Leave my hand...let go...
let go... Leave my hand!
Leave it... - No!
Sit still!
You're no Prince! You can't do as you please and not be reprimanded!
''Gopi... - What is it, Young Master?''
l've been scolded after many days...
l liked it.
l really enioyed it.
You're running a temperature. - That's alright.
How's your Master? - He's got a fever right now.
''His mind is cool, his body's hot! Your boss is a strange man!''
yes, dear?''
''lf all your stuff is broken, shall l send you some from my house?''
We've got a lot of old crockery!
''Anyway, l was only ioking. l hope the temperature is not very high.''
Oh no... it's not very high.
Even temperature must be scared of him. How could it be high!
''Have you given him some medicine? - Yes, l have.''
My father is fond of practicing Homeopathy.
He believes that administering Hypericum will completely cure him.
''l'll get it for you. - It's okay, why take the trouble?''
Great! You can't hire people to be concerned about you.
''When l fall sick, l have the whole building hovering about me.''
''What's the fun in falling sick, if nobody asks after you?''
Let me get the medicine for you.
Where are you going? She'll be coming. Meet her.
l don't need anybody's sympathy.
She's not asking a price for her sympathy. They're very kind folks.
''They came at once, when l called them last night.''
They're all very nice in the beginning. They get friendly.
''And when they're friends, they want to know about my mother.''
''Don't open the door. - Open, l will.''
You can drive her away with your English!
You don't have to glare at me.
''When you're sick, your neighbours are bound to call on you.''
My illness seems to have become a farce!
They must impose an Entertainment Tax on my illness!
And l've come to pay that tax. Have this; four pills at a time.
You will make me have it? - Yes.
''And l thought, you'd come here to have bottles broken.''
Were you listening then?
The whole building was listening. - But l was only joking.
''Please forgive me, if it has hurt you.''
l want to apologise for whatever happened last night.
Will ''l'm sorry'' be enough?''
No... You'll have to have this medicine.
Open your mouth now... Go on.
You have a beautiful hand.
Really? Do you know palmistry too?
''Tell me what the lines on my palm say, then.''
This is the line of heart... you have a large-heart.
And as clean as the mirror... you can't see anyone in sorrow.
And think everyone is as clean as you are.
But not every man is worthy of mingling with.
''ls that written here, too? It must have the man's name too then.''
''lt is Mr Shankar Dayal's son, Shekhar.''
l'm really a very bad man, Mili.''
You're ill; and anybody ill can only be good.
Go ahead.
This is the life-line... which runs right till here.
You have a long life. - What else?
You make friends very quickly. - Is that good or bad?
l don't know. Friendship is never good or bad...
it's friends who are good and bad.
Okay then... show me your hand now.
This is the line of the heart... you have a small heart!
You never share your sorrow and difficulties with anyone.
Sorrows ?
''Even the Government cannot nationalise sorrow, Mili!''
And look at these... these broken lines...
Do you know what they are? - What are they?
They're the result of breaking glasses in a drunken state!
You laugh like a kid!
But your voice cracks up when you're angry!
He's only Shankar Dayal's son... not a gun that will open fire!
What a racket he created after drinking that night!
''l think everybody does that, once he has had too many.''
''Drink if you must, but in your house, and create as much...''
of a racket as you please. But why be after someone's honour?
What did he do? - Do !
Ask my sister-in-law about that. Tell them.
''Yes, that night when the elevator was not working...''
l took the staircase to come upstairs.
And l found that the devil had blocked the path when he saw me!
His eyes were red... and he was pissed-drunk...
l was petrified as to what l should do.
And then... he started slowly approaching me.
And l... l said a prayer to the Goddess...
''l pray everyday, you see... Perhaps this is why l escaped.''
Did you hear that? They're sending children now!
Rehearsals are being held! A drama will be staged!
This building will be known for the honours that are plundered!
Goodness! l will not let my children up there anymore.
Nor will l send my children now.
Gopi... - Yes ?
Why are there so few children today?
l wouldn't know, sir.''
''Open the door... - Very well, sir.''
Why are all you quiet today? Won't there be a rehearsal?
Your Mili isn't here too.
''Mili will go to see a film today, Uncle.''
The other children also haven't come. How will there be a rehearsal then?
Oh! Never mind.
Let me tell you a story then. Come here.
Come on... Quick.
''We have guests, Gopi... go and get lots of chocolates.''
''ls that a gun? - No, l see stars with this.''
Why have you come in to harrass him? Go out!
l've called them in here. - Don't encourage them like this...
''else, they'll make life difficult for you.''
''Actually, life has now become difficult without them.''
lt's their fun and gaiety... and their laughter that...
''Hey! That's a telescope! My father had one, too.''
''Will you show me stars, too? - Sure, why not?''
''Okay then, children... Get going.''
No way! Uncle's telling us a story.
l will also listen to the story! Please start.
''You were going to the movies, weren't you?''
l forgot! Bye...
Go home quietly after you hear the story!
''Come on, children... be seated.''
''Once upon a time, there used to be a demon...''
''tall as l am, with eyes so big...''
and hands that stretched like this!
Aunty! Aren't you still ready?
l won't be going. Movies give me a headache.
Excuses again! l won't listen to you. Dress up quickly. Please!
''Welcome! - Hey! You're fine, aren't you?''
Why? - What are you doing at home?
Have you forgotten? - And what is that?
What's today? - What is it?
Aren't we going to the movies?
Oh yes! That's why l'm home early!
Go and get ready then.
''There's a call from Poona, father... take it on the extension.''
''What is it, Rama? An accident?!''
How did it happen? Is it serious? l see...
''Don't worry, l'll leave right now with Sharda.''
What happened, brother?''
There was a call from Poona. Your brother-in-law has had an accident.
Oh God! - There's no one to look after...
.... Rama there. l've told her we're coming.
We didn't even attend their daughter's wedding.
lt won't be proper not to go at such at time. Go and get ready.
lt's good to meet you. l'm going to Poona with Sharda for a few days.
Mili is all alone. Look after her.
''Don't you worry. l'll stay with her, till your return.''
Stop worrying about me and be on your way.
Ring me up the moment you reach there. Come on...
l'm here! - Hey! When did you come?
Just now. - Why so quietly?
There's great fun in coming silently.
''l still give my father a scare, by stealthily walking up to him!''
Did you ask for his permission to come here?
Why should l? - You must. Go and ask him.
Right now? - Yes.
lt'll cost a lot of money now. - Money ? Why is that?
''My father has gone to Poona to with aunty, you see...''
l'll have to go to Poona to seek his permission!
ln that is not proper for you to be here now.
Do you think l've taken advantage of their absence to come here?!
l don't wish to see those stars anymore!
Your voice sounds terrible when you're angry.
And what is that... You've got tears in your eyes too?
Come and sit here now.
''l had come to see the stars, but you spoilt my mood.''
Never mind...sit down now.
That's a nice way of showing your displeasure!
That's not alcohol... it's only beer.
You speak as if beer were holy water itself!
What's so funny? You're always drinking!
''You don't even know your neighbours, and befriend those distant stars.''
Just see how l bring those distant stars so close to me.
Which one should l show you...? - Let me tell you.
That big one there.
That ? That's no star... it's a planet.
Which planet is that? - It's Jupiter.
''Do you know, as we have the Moon for our satellite...''
....Jupiter has 1 1 Moons.
Eleven !
''Strange ways of God...with nobody to see them, there are 11 moons...''
and we have only one!
''This is a small telescope, you can see only 4 moons through this.''
Do you know where these stars go away by the day?
Where do they go? They remain there...
only they are not visible because of the Sunlight.
That's a scientific explanation. - So ?
Don't you think these stars are naughty children...
''like that cluster there, where they all are gossipping away!''
''And that sulking-star there, far away, is glaring at all of them.''
''But when it's morning, and when the Headmaster Sun appears...''
''they all disappear, with the grounds absolutely clear.''
You're right.
A scientific explanation limits imagination.
You're making fun of me now.
''l'm speaking the truth, Mili. You're like the Sun....''
''which drives away my worries, with your presence.''
And l can see myself very clearly in the light you emit.
These are not stars...
They're lost people.
''When l was a little girl, l used to ask my father where my mother was.''
And my father used to reply that my mother had become a star.
l've started liking stars from then.
''Your mother must be amongst those stars, too.''
Let's look for her.
Who knows? My mother and your mother must be great friends by now.
Do you want to meet my mother?
''So far, l've not let anyone else meet her.''
But l will surely introduce her to you. Come with me...come along.
See this.
ls this your mother?
So beautiful...and so pure.
Tell me now; Can this Goddess-like mother of mine ever...
Never! They talk nonsense!
''But people have been hurling abuse after abuse at her, to...''
Forget it. - How can l forget it?
My soul is bent with the weight of these accusations.
l must have been around 6 or 7 years of age when...
''one day, l returned from school to find...''
the house swarming with policemen...
and my mother lying in a pool of blood.
My father sat before her with his head hanging.
Gopi at once took me in his arms.
ln whose care l have been since that day.
l never heard of father after that.
l learnt later that he had shot his secretary dead.
For which he was hanged.
lt's from that day that this episode has been haunting me like a ghost.
Our lawyer gave me this envelope on my 18th birthday.
lt contained this snap... and this letter that mother wrote.
Read it. - You read it.
This is something l read everyday.
''Shekhar, my son, you will have grown up when you receive this letter''
''You might even have forgotten me''
''Or you might even remember me with a lot of contempt''
''But my son, you've grown-up now and understand life for what it is''
''l offered no defense to your father, nor am l offering excuses to you''
''All l am saying to my 18-year old son is that...''
''believe me if you can, l am innocent''
''A woman can't prove her innocence even if she wants to, my son''
''Goddess Sita had to be consumed by earth, even after a trial by fire''
Bless you
Your mother
My mother's name was Sita, too.''
''What's wrong, Mili? Was it a nightmare?''
Go back to sleep now.
You have a very high temperature. l'll call Doctor Sanjay.
No... Don't leave me alone.
l must say something to you, son.''
Why does Mili have the temperature even after the blood-transfusion?
''You know this is no ordinary disease, uncle...''
l'll let you know as soon as l get the report.
Do keep visiting us... It reminds us of Ranjeet.
Very well then.
lt looks like Mili is ill. - Why ?
The doctor was here iust now.
Maybe this is why she hasn't come here for a few days now.
Give her a bouquet on my behalf.
l'll go and get the flowers... but you take them to her.
''Do as you told, understand? Go now.''
Bring the bouquet to me first. - Okay.
l told you to take rest and not indulge in all those pranks.
''There's only one difference between you and auntie, father.''
Auntie gives me iuices to drink and you always lecture me.
That's enough!
See who it is.
''You think l'm faking my anger, eh? l'm really very angry!''
You can't even be angry a little and pretend you're very angry!
What was that... - Very angry...!
''Greetings, madam. - Greetings.''
l'm told Mili is ill... - Yes.
The Master has sent these flowers for her.
Madam, can l see Mili too?''
Ofcourse. Give her the flowers yourself. Come in.
How much is it?
Not much. Should be fine by tomorrow.
Come in...
''Greetings, sir. - Greetings.''
''The master has sent the flowers. He was to come personally, but...''
But why didn't he? Was he scared of the rumour that l bite in illness?
''No, my dear. You know he's not the sort to mix around.''
''He sent the flowers with me today, saying he'd meet her some other day.''
''Sharda, get me some tea, while l call Dr Sanjay.''
Here you are, dear.''
Will you give me that writing-pad and that pen lying on the table?
There you are.
Do the children come to play? - They do.
But there's no fun in playing without you.
Give this letter to the master and tell him l like flowers very much.
Very well, dear.''
Get well soon - Cruel Demon
''When was l bad to get nice now?''
''Get well soon, or l'll fall sick''
''How can l ever recover, if you fall sick?''
''You're very nice. Only the stars are down to naughtiness''
''They must surely be out, but they're not visible''
''Or maybe, l don't want to see them''
''One must never hurt the stars''
''Till l don't recover, try hard and find me a new star''
Why should l look for a star for you?
''Every man has to find a star for himself''
''l've even found one for myself - l see. How is it?''
lt's a very iovial friend
''l don't even know how l've lived without this star so far''
''And where have l really lived? l've just started living''
''l'll have to get well soon to see that star now''
And what will you call the star?
''How are you, dear? - The fever is just not abating.''
l'm better than l was.
l'm tired of lying down here. Please take me to the drawing-room.
Throw away all those stale flowers. - No!
Let them remain as they are.
Go outside and relax. l'll clean the room in the meantime.
Come along.
''Don't throw away the flowers, aunt. - Okay.''
Sit down.
Feeling cold...? l'll get you a shawl.
''There's a bad news, uncle... - Is that Sanjay?''
Mili needs another blood-transfusion tomorrow.
But isn't it only 4 or 5 days since she was given a transfusion.
What is the necessity of giving her another transfusion now?
Will we have to give it every 4th or 5th day!
Why is that so?
Which's time now!
''l lived in hope till now, but it might now break.''
''l agree you had warned me, but l was hopeful that...''
''yes...what else can you do, but try?''
Everything's gone topsy-turvy since you've taken ill...
l couldn't even find the shawl.
l'm feeling very cold here; please take me to the room.
''Yes, it's good for you to lie down. Come with me.''
''ls it you, dear? - Don't move me away, father.''
What happened? How did you get up and come here?
Why are you crying?
ls it trouble again? Should l telephone Sanjay?
Then what are you crying for?
''l was thinking as l lay down, that no one has a father like mine...''
''and l felt like crying. Why does this happen, father?''
lt happens, my child.''
When l think that no one in the world has a daughter like you are...
l feel like crying too.
Come along... - No...let me sleep here with you.
l haven't slept for many days now. l don't know why...
Okay...sleep here with me.
What's up? - Here's a chocolate for you.
Cure our Mili soon, uncle.''
All of you pray for her. She'll surely get well.
Nobody lets us even meet Mili.
''Will you take us with you tomorrow, doctor?''
lf you really want Mili to get well soon...
then don't meet her.
She'll want to play when she sees you and get worse...
l'm right. Am l not? - Yes. We will not meet her now.
''Gopi... - Yes, sir?''
''Give the bouquet to me. - Very well, sir.''
Please come, son.''
How's Mili now? - ...She's okay...
l got some flowers for her. - l can see that.
She likes flowers very much. - Yes.
Can l see her?
She's resting right now... - It's okay. l'll come later.
''Where would you keep me, if l were to become a bouquet myself?''
Mili's father is here.
Greetings! - Greetings.
''Gopi told me you were star-gazing. - Yes, that's my hobby.''
How's Mili ? - Which telescope do you have?
Come and take a look. Come on.
How did you cultivate this hobby ?
''l'm all alone, you see. Which is why...''
Have you ever thought... how every star is alone...
how different their paths are... with different destinations...
they're all alone.
They're all alone.
''And they've got to choose their on their own, too.''
''All this is good, in a way. If they come too close...''
''Mili comes here quite often, doesn't she?''
Yes, she does.''
You don't seem to like it.
''Yes, it's not good for you to be involved with Mili.''
''Every ''why'' can't be answered. - Don't evade my question.''
l'm her father; isn't it enough for me to forbid you both from meeting?
Why don't you say that you want to sacrifice me for my parents' scandal?
What are you saying! Do you think l'm so cheap?
''l'm no enemy, Shekhar. - They all come to taunt me.''
''Since you're educated, maybe you'll employ a different way.''
''lt's not that, Shekhar... l don't want to answer your question.''
''Please leave this place, in that case.''
''l'll drive Mili out too, if she comes here.''
Don't be so inconsiderate.
l understand that the sorrow you have experienced is enough for life.
l also know that you will not comply unless you know the whole truth.
Will you be able to bear it? - Try me out.
''l wouldn't have found a better suitor for Mili, if looked among the stars.''
''You're like the sandalwood tree, my son...''
which is not necessarily meant for funeral-pyres.
Even if it is a funeral is for Mili.
Yes. She has very few days left.
The doctors have given up hope.
l went ahead and said it... but you seem to be hit badly.
l'm her father, my son...''
my relation with her cannot be curtailed or increased...
But you have your life ahead of you.
''The more you get involved, the more hurt you will be.''
What are you reading? - Nothing.
How are you feeling now? - Okay.
Do you want to see what l was reading?
Let it be. - Take a look.
lt's more fun to know something without taking a look at it.
They're all very senior in this house. l can't show it to anyone.
You read it... Please.
''So, the author of these letters is a ''Cruel Demon'', is he?''
Whatever people have to say... but Mr Shekhar...
look at how he's won over the children in a few days.
l can see that.
''Please take care of him. He's very Ionely. You will, won't you?''
l will; but what's wrong with him?
Nothing... he's very sad.
He's one in thousands.
''You will go to him, won't you? - l will. But what's the hurry?''
You must go to him today.
Ask him why he sends flowers everyday; why doesn't he come himself?
''lt is when l count the stars at night...''
''...and listen to echoes of your footfalls...''
''...every star appears to me to be a reflection of you''
''Oh, l've begun remembing you, with my heart singing too''
''The breeze brings a scent, and sandalwood now is fragrant''
''As and when my eyes dream about you...''
''...the weathers appear to be made-up with henna too''
''...and you look like a bride''
''My heart tells me this, every moment...''
''All right, then... l'm leaving.''
Uncle... What's wrong?
What's happened?
Why must you have so many things if you must change residence so often?
One suitcase should be enough to shift from one house to another.
May l come in? - Please come.
''l've got to speak to him in privacy, could you please...?''
Oh sure. l've also got a lot to do.
Please sit down.
''l have bad news, Mr Shekhar. - Is it about Mili ?''
l know it.
l'm going away from here. - Going away?
''How can l stay in a building where, one flight of steps below me...''
''the one who taught me to live, may die at any time.''
You're absolutely right.
''Why must you hang around, now that you've learnt to live?''
''But you haven't really Iearnt to live, Mr Shekhar.''
''Those who have learnt to live, never desert the dying.''
l can't see her die, Ms Runa.''
Your inability to see her does not change anything.
''Mili said, you're one in a thousand.''
''But l thought you were not one in a thousand, but one in millions.''
''But you have turned out to be a very ordinary man, Mr Shekhar.''
''Please go ahead... Mili can die without you, too.''
''l'm sorry, l tried hard to heed your advice, but...''
''l knew it, my son. - l want to meet Mili.''
Come along.
Please send for these medicines.
''Mili, my dear... Iook who's here!''
''Saniay, this is Mr Shekhar who stays in the flat above ours.''
''Our Mili is a very good actress, doctor.''
She's bedridden because she wants all the attention.
''lgnore her for sometime, and she'll jump about in a couple of days!''
Exactly! Which is why l haven't even given her an injection today.
No one will bother about you now!
You're right. She talks such a lot of rubbish that she falls sick.
''Neither will there be rubbish, nor anyone in attendance. Let's go.''
You've only iust come; please sit for a while.
l'm no enemy to sit here! l'll take a look everyday and go away.
Let's go. - Yes...
What's wrong with Mili, doctor?''
Father! Father!
''What's wrong, dear? - Come closer, father...''
....sit here...
''And you, you will come tomorrow, won't you?''
Yes, l will.''
What's wrong with you? Is it the problem again?
Then why did you shout?
Tell me what's wrong.
You'll have to make me a promise. - Promise? What promise?
What is it, dear?''
Don't tell Mr Shekhar anything. - What shouldn't l tell him?
What he was asking you iust now.
''Everything that Saniay said to you over the telephone, the other day...''
l heard it all.
l've managed to pull Mr Shekhar together with great difficulty.
lf he gets to know the truth... he won't be able to bear it.
This is a very dangerous disease.
Who's been affected? - There's a girl...
''she's the daughter of Mr Khanna, my neighbour.''
Mr. Khanna?
ls it Dr. Saniay Chaudhary's case? - Yes.
l've seen the reports. Dr. Chaudhary had consulted me.
This case is...
ls there cause for hope?
''Doctors never speak of hopelessness, Shekhar.''
''Because as long as man is alive, he's not dead. Right?''
''Take Cancer for instance...there's no cure, but we still try, don't we?''
Who can ever say? A drug might be discovered...
....a miracle could occur.
l wouldn't know that.
''All l'd want is for her to outlive me, too.''
That's in God's hands now.
''My Guru, Dr. Schiller lives in Switzerland...''
''his wife was down with the same disease, too.''
She could not survive. But Dr Schiller has made the cure...
''for this disease, the goal of his life.''
Can you give me his address? - Sure. Why not?
But there is still no news of a breakthrough even from there.
All you can do is to keep that kid happy...
till as long as possible.
''There is something l must tell you, uncle.''
Please sit down.
Ranieet ought to be here now.
''l understand, son. - l'll write to him today itself.''
Why should you write to him about all this...?
that Mili is now... No. l'll write to him.
l have to prepare myself for this tragedy too.
''lf l write it myself, then perhaps... perhaps l'll believe it all too.''
''There's no need to send him a telegram, is there?''
No. There's no need for a telegram.
Greetings... - Please come.
l'll make a move then.
Please don't forget to write to Ranjeet.
Sit down.
l don't know how all this happened...
Mili will leave all of us behind and...
l want to marry Mili.
l know everything.
l know that she might perhaps not live for more than 10 or 20 days.
''But till she is alive, why shouldn't we all keep her happy?''
She had once asked me...
why aren't all dreams of a man fulfilled?
She had put that question to me; not to you.
l want to fulfill at least one dream of hers.
But, my son...''
Write to Ranieet about the wedding too.
l'll go and discuss this with Mili.
ls she asleep?
Welcome. - How are you today?
Much better than l was yesterday. - Auntie...
l badly want a cup of tea.
Can l have it? - Why not? l'll go and get it.
''Only tea will not do; l'm very hungry, too.''
What will you eat? - Anything in a large quantity.
You don't ever drink tea.
''l couldn't ask her to leave, could l?''
What's up? l've never seen you so happy before.
''How could you, when l was never so happy before?''
You too will be shocked to hear. - Really ?
What is it?
''The thing is, Mili, l am...''
l'm going to get married.
Surprised, aren't you?''
''Everything happened so fast, that l just couldn't tell you.''
lt was fixed today. The wedding is on the day after tomorrow.
''Actually, l was very bored living all alone.''
And so l thought of settling down.
What's this! l thought you'd be happy to hear about my wedding!
''And l really am very happy. Very happy, indeed.''
What can be better news for me than that of your settling down?
Who is she? - There is someone.
How is she?
''l can't say that, but she is certainly unique.''
Show her to me once.
''lf l had the strength to walk, l'd have gone and taken a look.''
Show me a photograph of hers atleast.
Look at that.
You're a real nut, aren't you?''
How could you even think l'd marry someone other than you?
l fall in love with you; and marry someone else! Great!
What do you take me to be?
This simply cannot be! l cannot marry you.
Why not?
There is no hope for my life.
Who are doctors to decide about your life?
l'd been to a palmist to show my hand yesterday.
And do you know what he said?
''He said, your wife will live for a week more than 80, but not less!''
He also said that because the position of planets is unfavourable...
''....she, meaning you, is unwell.''
But you'll recover from the next day of the marriage.
lt is because of this that even your father has consented.
Has father agreed? - And how wouldn't he?
''You know how stubborn l am. Else, l'd have eloped with you.''
''Once l decide to tie the knot with you, it has to be you then!''
You can't believe me. Isn't it?
''lf you can't believe the palmist, at least believe me then.''
When l say that you will recover...
then you will have to recover to honour my word.
'' will l be able to live, Mili?''
l want to live, too.''
Why not! And how not!
We'll go to Switzerland after our marriage.
The clouds on the alps are mysterious and blue...
and the stars twinkle so close to you...
that you feel you can stretch and touch them.
l have long hands, as it is!''
Father... - Did you get my letter?
Yes. get her married in this state...?
That's a long story...
''l'll explain it in peace, if l ever find peace that is.''
You go ahead and meet her.
''she knows of her condition, but she will hide it from you.''
Laugh and ioke with her... as if you know nothing.
Very well, father.''
lt is difficult not to cry at such times.
lt is even more difficult to pretend. l know that.
Go now... go ahead and meet her.
Go ahead, son.''
''Brother! - How are you, Mili?''
l'm alright.
lt was wonde_ul! l got a letter from daddy...
to rush home. Mili's getting married!
l was amazed that my little sister could have grown so much!
And how are you, brother?''
l ? l'mabsolutelyfine.
How won't l be fine now?
There are purchases to be made; there's so much to do!
My little sister's wedding is no laughing matter!
Go look after her, dear.''
''Please stop crying, auntie... don't cry.''
How's that possible?
''Mili was only 6 months old, when my sister-in-law passed away...''
ls this why l had brought her up...
that she dies after marriage?
What are you saying, aunt?''
Mili is going to Switzerland for further treatment.
She'll return absolutely fine.
Don't try to console me... l can't believe all this.
Return soon, my dear.''
''Go inside, daddy... Go in to Aunty.''
''So long, dear... Look down from the plane...''
l'll wave out to you.
You may leave now... bless you.
''Will you have some tea? - Yes, get me some.''
When does the plane take-off? - At 7.3O
But it is already 7.3O