Face/Off (5/9) Movie CLIP - I Am the King (1997) HD

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Karl, stop it! Karl! Calm down!
Jamie: Karl, my dad's gonna... Karl!
Happy hunting. I'll catch you later.
Yeah, like mr. Fucking invisible gives a shit about you, anyways.
So fucking hold still.
Karl! Calm down!
Say you're sorry. I'm sorry!
I didn't hear it. I'm sorry!
Mean it. I'm so sorry!
Dress up like Halloween, and ghouls will try to get in your pants.
Typical, dad.
Some guy tries to rape me, and I'm to blame.
This isn't you.
You haven't been the same since mike died,
Hiding behind someone else's face,
Hoping you wouldn't feel the pain.
While we're talking,
Do you have protection?
What, you mean, like, condoms?
Next time, let karl take his pants down.
Slip this in his thigh, twist it, so the wound won't close.
Now, go on. Get out of here.
I am the king.