Dendy Chronicles - выпуск #1

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Pavel Grinev a.k.a. Kinaman presents
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How many nights we didn't sleep
and how many school classes we skipped for the sake of it.
It's impossible to count.
So many cool games exist for this game console
Playing them all day and night wasn't enough for us.
If you ask anybody who played Dendy all the time in 1990s
Which game for Dendy is the most known and the best,
the answer would always be the same.
Of course, this is Mario.
I think I shall not be mistaken if I say that about 90% gamers around the world
started their experience with the Nintendo 8-bit game console from this exact game.
And we here started our experience with Dendy and other clones from this game too.
In Russia it happened historically,
just like the word 'Dendy' quickly became associated with any 8-bit game console,
Mario himself became associated with Dendy as well.
Yeah, that fat Italian plumber became a real legend long ago.
There are a lot of TV shows and documentaries about him,
not to mention the feature movie.
Huge number of games were released for many game systems.
Generally, more than enough was said about him.
Hundreds of thousands of fans completely explored and discussed
all the released games about Mario brothers.
All the secrets and passwords, all the bugs.
All the possible and impossible ways to beat the games.
So now we have an obvious question.
What else is possible to tell if everything is already known?
We live in Russia.
And here it was much more interesting.
Look at this.
This is the original game cart Super Mario Bros. for Famicom,
released in 1985.
In the next 8 years Nintendo released a few more games about Mario.
We can use fingers to count them all.
Super Mario Bros. 2,
Super Mario Bros. 3,
Dr. Mario,
Mario is Missing,
and Mario's Time Machine.
Five games, and last three are kind of spin-offs.
Of course, let's not forget about the very first game, Mario Bros.,
that was ported from arcade in 1983.
And about the Yoshi game, released in late 1991.
So, exactly eight Mario games were released for NES in the world.
For NES.
Would you like to know how many games about Mario were released for Dendy?
That's how many.
Yeah, so in reality there were not seven sequels of Mario game, but something like 25.
And probably there are even more.
At least, these are all the Mario games that was possible to find for Dendy in Russia in 1990s.
Of course, all of them were considered licensed and original.
For some time.
That's because unlike the other strange games, like Chip&Dale 3 or Darkwing Duck 2
ultimately crazy weirdness of some of these
sooner or later started to raise doubts regarding authenticity of these games even in the most hardcore Mario fans of the time.
The titles impress with originality.
Super Mario 11,
Super Mario 6,
Pizza Pop Mario,
Mario Rider,
Super Wonderful Mario,
Mario Bros. 16.
Yes, the one.
Hard to believe, but Russian gamers of 1990s actually considered this game completely authentic 16th game of Mario series.
Damn, of course, there was no Internet yet, but there were cheat books where you can easily find passwords for this game.
Well, OK.
As you already understand, today we'll talk about all the Mario games ever released for Dendy.
It will be logical to start our story from the very first game about the mustached plumber
released on NES in 1983 under title Mario Bros.
Surprisingly, it had the same title on Dendy.
Initially the game was released in arcades in the same year,
then it was ported practically on every gaming platform of 1980s,
and became a major hit as the result.
So, Mario Bros.
Or, more exactly, Mr. Mary.
Nice start.
Well, as you can see, this classic game got some changes when released on Dendy.
Luckily, besides the title, everything else remained untouched.
But who is that mysterious Mr. Mary?
Did they mean Mario? Maybe.
Although the difference between feminine name 'Mary' and masculine name 'Mario' is pretty obvious, isn't?
I think it won't be a surprise for you that on some multi-game carts this game had another strange title, 'Pipeline'.
When we were kids, we didn't know translation of this word and called the game 'Pepelina'.
It is exactly the same game as Mr. Mary.
I have to admit that this game never mentions the name of Mario or even Luigi.
Two years later, in 1985, Nintendo released their uber popular video game hit,
the game number one in the world, 8-bit legend of all times, Super Mario Bros.
It is impossible to say anything new about this cult game after 26 years since its release,
because anything you could say was probably said by someone many times -
that the game was created by Shigeru Miyamoto based on Jumpman character from his Donkey Kong game;
that 40 million copies of the game were sold around the world, not including unlicensed copies;
that the game holds Guinness World Record as the best selling video game - everyone already know all this.
That is not everyone knows is how this game was presented to us, for our beloved Dendy console.
Here, enjoy this bright example that was bought in Dendy shop in first half of 1990s.
Don't even think it could be unlicensed. See, here is the Steepler branded box!
And inside of the box we see the real game cartridge Super Mario Bros. under title...
I don't get it.
Steepler's cartridge.
Single game.
With sticker on the back, with Dendy box.
With a picture that portray some strange creatures, and labeled only as
TV Game Cartridge Cassette LB35.
So, when I see that cartridge in the shop, I had to guess that this is Super Mario Bros. game?
Is that a joke?
OK, let's assume that I haven't understood that humor, accidentally bought the cartridge, and brought it to my home to find out what the game it is.
This is a game titled '2'.
Without a single word about Mario.
There is only a picture of a weird dude in Armenian cap.
At least if you have seen the Mario game before, you won't be disappointed with this one,
because this game is completely identical, except for the title.
I can't get only one thing.
How in the world it was possible to sell this game in Dendy shops without any mention that it is Super Mario game?
Without any mention what the game it is whatsoever?
Now, many years later, we have an opportunity to compare the original Chinese cart of Super Mario Bros. with the original Japanese release.
So, how do you like it?
They have removed all the labels, and from all these characters on the picture they have removed just one.
And after this we had to believe that it is a licensed game.
These licensed games were sold mostly in Moscow, in Dendy shops.
But how about other Russia?
How other 95% of our gamers have met the Mario?
They started with cartridges like this one.
Yeah, you know this one, don't you?
In 1990s Super Mario Bros. was one of the most common games on multi game cartridges like 100500-in-1.
Most commonly they were bundled with Chinese console clones,
and contained just a few games multiplied into thousands menu items.
Mario was also tortured like this and on many multi game carts it was split into 30 games,
by number of levels, and repeated a hundred times.
However, on this exact cart, Mario's fate was even more sad and much more cruel.
I myself first played Mario on this exact cartridge back in early 1990s, when I got my first console, Lifa.
From ten thousands minus one menu items on this cart about two thousand were occupied by Mario.
It was only one game, with number of levels multiplied by one hundred.
Unlike other multi game carts, on this one, the last world 8-4 of Super Mario Bros. was followed by other, totally different worlds,
that weren't available in any other copies of the game.
Only here you can see super secret world 9.
And even further, next to the world 9 there are wonderful alternate worlds A, B, C and so on.
Only on this cartridge.
Let's see.
In the first place, let's look at world 9.
By some reason, level numbers in the menu start from number zero instead of one.
Thus, world 1-1 is titled Super Mario 00,
and world 8-1 is titled Super Mario 07.
So, to get into world 9-1, we select Super Mario 08.
Here it is, the world 9.
That mysterious and wonderful world.
Don't you think it looks very...
It happens.
So, that mysterious world 9.
Despite it looks just like an usual night level, it is underwater.
As always, there are pipes all around growing from underground...
I think you get it, let's see other levels.
After world 9-1 we can get into alternate worlds of Mario.
And first of them is the world A-1.
This world is similar to the bonus level with coins, but it is underwater too.
As you know, when you collected all the coins in usual bonus level, you fall back to a normal level.
But here we can move further and see what was behind the scenes.
There is nothing behind the scenes.
OK, let's see some next worlds.
So, world E-1.
Not a single button.
I had no time to press any damn button, and already spent all the lives.
That's just...
Let's try something else.
Well, not bad so far.
Although it looks very similar to one of normal levels.
It is beatable, at least.
Let's see what's next.
Deja vu?
That world M-2 is the same as M-1.
Is that a goddamn joke?
If so, it is unfunny one.
And now again the same level.
Just amazing.
Four identical levels.
What's next, M-5?
Effing great.
No way, really?
This world reminds me normal 8-3.
If these are the same levels as in normal game, what's new in them?
Nothing new, just a number.
And these are the secret and mysterious Mario worlds?
I hope at least this one will not be repeated?
I drink too much...
But how it is possible not to drink seeing this outrage!
That's just stupid. That's the point to make...
OK, let's try.
You know, in 1990s Pepsi was like a true holiday.
It was so expensive so it was bought only in two cases - for birthday or for New Year.
It is the truth to some degree...
Ah, alright.
Alright, for last time.
Wow, that's something new.
That's it.
Just unbelievable.
How high was the designer of these levels?
That's completely...
You run through level, come up against a wall, and that's it!
All you can do is just wait until time is run out, and die!
And that's the Super Mario Bros. game, hit of all times.
No, I won't give up.
I had dreams for 15 years to know what is beyond that damned pipe!
I'll find out or die trying!
I'll break the game but I'll get beyond the pipe!
Luckily there are emulators and ArtMoney.
Calculating value of the movement position...
and change it.
Finally, I'll see that's there.
Yet another wall?!
Are you nuts?!
Alright, that can't stop me.
Eat My Dust!
What the...
Created and directed by Pavel Grinev a.k.a. Kinaman
Camera work by Maksim Edush a.k.a. McSIM
Cover version of 'Super Mario Bros.' by 8 Bit Instrumental
Cover version of 'Mission Impossible' by Darkman007
To be continued...