Systems and Applications Management: SolarWinds GOES BIG!

Uploaded by solarwindsinc on 31.01.2012

Solar Winds is a brand that network admins and IT generalists around the globe
have come to know and trust for managing their network environments,
and now we've gone BIG in systems management. Our comprehensive suite of
time-saving products are a must have for system admins worldwide.
Patch Manager makes the time intensive chore of patching Microsoft Windows
servers and work stations simpler, faster,
and more reliable. You'll receive automatic notifications of third-party
patches and easily discover out of compliance IT assets.
It also allows you to automate updates across your entire server and
workstation environment by pushing the right patches to the right machines at
the right time.
Dameware provides a complete suite of Windows systems administration tools and
utilities in one centralized interface.
Inventory manage and control it all from domains to desktops, event logs to
users, and much, much more. Administer your servers of laptops as well as active
directory and exchange without ever leaving your desk.
With Server & Application Monitor, you can automatically discovery in monitor
everything from hardware to operating systems, and application to databases
insuring high availability of your critical applications.
Group applications and servers by service location or department to
instantly identify the root cause and the business impact of poorly
performing resources.
Synthetic end-user monitor is your first-line of defense to monitor your web
applications from the and user perspective
whether it's your internal aps for your e-commerce site synthetic and user
monitor has you covered regardless of where those apps are hosted: behind a
firewall or in the cloud. This step-by-step web transaction monitoring
solution will help you isolate timing issues and eliminate any performance
bottlenecks in your web applications.
Now is the time to get acquainted with Solar Winds! Try it out in your own
environment today by downloading a free thirty day trial. See why IT
professionals the world over have come to love our easy to deploy, easy to use,
and easy on your budget solutions.