GeekBeat.TV - Angels Come to Earth in Victoria Station

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Power Pencil Sharpening, the creation of Watson, and make Dropbox social! I’m Cali Lewis.
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As you know, I went to SXSW in Austin, Texas and had a great, exhausting time! Pelpina
was there with us shooting lots of stuff for WebBeat.TV so make sure you check out those
episodes to see what came out of SXSW on the web side of things. She’s already posted
interviews with Leo Laporte and Richard MacManus from ReadWriteWeb. Good stuff!
The highlight of the trip for ME was meeting Dr. David Ferrucci, the lead scientist for
the Watson know, Watson - the computer who beat two of the best Jeopardy
players - who WON Jeopardy. That Watson. If you didn’t see my interview with Dr Ferrucci,
go take a look. It’s fascinating to hear what went into it and where they see the future.
The HTC Thunderbolt is now available on Verizon. I’m getting my hands on this thing TODAY,
and will have a review for you very soon.
I know most of you don’t use pencils very often, but this just might be the thing to
change your mind. What if you could sharpen your pencil with a power drill?? The Pro Sharp
Finishing Pencil Carpenter attaches to the end of your drill and will give your pencil
the perfect point extremely quickly! There’s not much more to say...except that it’s
only 5 bucks.
Dropbox is a great way to share files. By now, most of you are aware of it or even using
it. There’s a new Mac application called Frenzy that turns Dropbox into a bit of a
social sharing thing. If you want to skip the part about uploading, then grabbing a
link and sending it to someone, you can just click on a file on your computer, enter a
Hotkey as they call it, and share that file. The process resembles an instant messenger
experience, but Frenzy uses Dropbox to store those files. And it works offline. When you
connect, it’ll automatically sync. Pretty nice idea. It’s a free beta, but only for
a limited time.
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Augmented Reality has many potential uses. From the beginning, one of the most effective
uses has always been advertising. Lynx in the UK...those of us in the US will know the
company as the body spray Axe, used augmented reality in a very interesting, very effective
way at London's Victoria train station:
Very good job at getting potential customers to interact with their advertising. This shows
what the technology can do. The entire thing is at That’s it for
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