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And how are you doing?
Par for the course.
What does that mean?
Batting 500, maybe a little better.
So we're playing ball?
The amount of women, I could take home with me tonight.
MVP stuff. You're just seeing the surface honey. Real Don Juan.
He's my little brother. What about you? What are you batting?
Not well.
Your luck is changing.
Really? I could make you forget this evening.
I think I could do that on my own.
Two's more fun than one. A poet. Hip hopper. I'm not a pro but, I can ball.
You think very highly of yourself. I never get tired of hearing my own voice.
That may sound like a lot but, I think that most people feel that way they just don't articulate it.
On the day I die, I'm going with no regrets, nothing left unsaid, or, not done.
May sound like malarkey but it's my way.
So, you are a straight shooter. The shortest distance between two points.
Tell me what you see in me.
Might be a little harsh. Don't hold back.
A touch of desperation.
Is it that obvious? Maybe not to everyone, but to the Big G very little goes unnoticed.
Anything else?
You try too hard. Don't stop, please.
You may want to cut down on the carbs.
I'm too chubby for you? I'm just kidding and you're not that fat.
Care to hear my observations?
By all means.
If you had any sense, you would get tired of hearing yourself talk because I am and it's only been three minutes.
Getting a little sensitive are we?
You wanna talk about desperation, those women who you took down?
Many of them may have conquered you and just saved the cost of a battery.
Keep going. Okay, if every dire forecast of global warming came true, and the planet was stripped of 99% of its population.
You and I were the last two human beings on Earth responsible for repopulating it.
I would sooner die than screw you.
Nice try.
That feel good?
Yes thank you, that feels, wonderful.
It was good for me too, excuse me.
You were saying? Did Vanessa just slap that guy in the face?
Someone had to do it.
Thanks you for, talking to me. I've enjoyed it.
I'm sure I'm not your type. Don't say that.
No, I know you're out of my league. That's not true. You wouldn't date me would you?
I don't date much; I have a complicated situation.
Why is that?
I have an ex who doesn't seem to believe he's an ex.
Is he stalking you?
No, no. He's just...
...I don't mean to be rude but, I'd rather not talk about him.
Can I see your glasses for a sec? Sure.
You have some pretty serious corrective lenses here. I've been told I'm almost functionally blind.
Contact lenses don't work for you. They do, but I can't see as well.
Have you considered laser surgery? I have, but I don't want to give up reading without glasses and
I shoot stills so I don't want one eye with 20/20 and the other with 20 whatever.
Right, the science of vision is actually quite remarkable. Does that interest you at all? Thank you! I don't know much about it really.
Think about how light strikes the receptor in your retina
and transmits electrical impulses that are then sent via your optic nerve to a processing center, if you will, in your brain,
which then changes the pulse into an image in a split second.
Any mistake and a life can be lost. Reliability beyond any machine that's ever been invented, or conceived.
The survival of the individual and the species as a whole is dependent on the
flawless execution of these continuous parallel electrical, events.
And I find that endlessly fascinating. But I'm talking about myself.
I'm interested.
I'm actually doing some experimental work in this field; would you like to see it someday?
That's great.
Hi, I'm Malcolm.