[ENG SUB] Nodame Cantabile, The Finale: Part 1 Trailer

Uploaded by blupomodoro on 17.11.2010

Everyone, let’s enjoy this moment of music.
The hit drama series from Fuji TV: Nodame Cantabile!
The long awaited film adaptation!
Chiaki-kun is the permanent conductor?
The Marlet Orchestra!
This is ridiculous!
I haven't even seen or conducted them before!
You're a young and cheap conductor already in Paris!
This orchestra is a mishmash.
Are you serious?
It's my goal to be able to perform with Chiaki-senpai!
Last time, we only had one rehearsal before the performance.
If this keeps up,
Senpai will be going further away from me again.
Nodame wants to perform in the competition.
I know that I’m still inexperienced.
That’s why, step by step,
I want to achieve harmony within this orchestra.
Why can’t I perform at the competition?
Nodame too must go forward!
I am going ahead.
I believe a person who sings or performs is called ‘cantor.’
“Cantabile” comes from that word.
All this time you devoted is definitely not a waste.
Wait for me, Senpai!
I’ll catch up to you soon!
Nodame Cantabile, The Finale: Part 1
Not fair.