Black Jack TV - Full Episode 45 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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As I stand in the wind on a hill by a port town,
my head feels unusually empty.
I was watching the town from the south side of the shore.
And so I sunk my unsteady passion into the depths of the sea.
This surging power...
It's something hidden in everyone, everywhere.
Day after day, everyone tries their best.
But people get annoyed when I mention it.
It makes me glad...
that I found my place here.
I searched for the reason
why we can believe in the same air
as long as we're alive.
He weaves the thread of life with his miraculous control of a scalpel.
The genius surgeon who lives on a cape.
His name is Black Jack.
The Chronically Laughing Classmate
Originally "Chronically Laughing" by Tezuka Osamu
It's the best!
"Mr. Principal: A Real Pal!"
A real pal!
Mr. Principal!
A real pal!
Mr. Principal!
A real pal!
Look, Pinoko,
we're disturbing him while he's working.
Why stop laughing?
Only intelligent animals are capable of laughter.
So laugh all you can.
Oh, my goodness!
Man, it's Gera agian.
What's so funny?
In the morning meeting, Mr. Principal said "Our pal"!
The student's nickname was Gera.
It came from the fact that he was always laughing.
Once he started, his laughter could be heard throughout the campus,
and I guess it made other students want to laugh as well.
With one exception - me.
My name is Hazama Kuroo.
The teachers have given up on me,
and other students are scared of getting close to me.
I heard it's because I skip worthless classes,
or that I have cruel-looking eyes.
It really doesn't bother me.
But this guy does.
Good morning, Hazama.
Hazama, good morning.
Don't talk to me.
Oh, come on. I'm just saying good morning.
And it's annoying me.
You're no fun.
Hey Hazama, don't you get tired of having that frowny face all day?
And don't you get tired of laughing?
I don't!
Besides, laughing is good for you.
Don't get involved with me.
We live in two different worlds.
You think so?
I think we're in the same one.
What the...
It couldn't be the same.
He's just always laughing.
Or is he hiding something?
I'm sure he has moments in which he won't laugh too.
I'll find out his secret!
Is something the matter?
Oh, you mean Ueto Sho?
He's an unfortunate kid.
His parents were deep in debt,
so they skipped town, leaving him behind.
But he's still hanging in there.
Such a good kid.
He waits for his parents to return, never knowing when they'll be back.
Mr. Principal, a real pal!
I need to talk to you.
Come with me.
What's so funny?
Well, I wonder what.
I heard your parents skipped town.
That happened a long time ago.
Then how can you be laughing?!
Why won't you get mad?!
Don't you hate your parents for doing that to you?!
They abandoned you!
Yeah, but still...
Crying is useless.
Getting angry only leaves you feeling tired.
Are you serious about this?
Are you out of your mind?!
Anyone in their right mind would be in despair in that situation!
But here you are, laughing every day...
That can't possibly be right!
What's wrong with you?!
I can't...
possibly do that.
At that moment, I thought about the accident that my mother and I were in,
and, before I realized it, I had told him everything.
About my mother, who protected me from that undetonated bomb;
about myslef, who recovered from the near-fatal injury;
about my father, who abandoned my mother and left the country with another woman;
and how ever since then, I was unable to laugh or smile.
But he saved me from that.
Stand up.
It's not good to be depressed.
Shut up!
I'm different from you.
I don't laugh and just let everything go.
And I've lived ever since that day to get revenge.
I'll make the people who made me go through this pay.
What a waste.
What do you mean?
A really good surgeon saved your life.
Your life was ruined too!
But do you know about family suicides?
Compared to that, I'm really grateful that they kept me alive.
More importantly...
Why won't you laugh?
He's really...
Hazama, you have a funny face!
And since that day, two people with opposite personalities and lifestyles started feeling closer,
and started spending time together.
Aim a littler higher than where you feel it should be.
Gera, you there?
I brought you a dart set.
You said the other day that you wanted to get better.
Practice with that, so I won't have to hold back.
This is great!
But the debt collectors might take a nice set like this away.
They're that cruel?
They can't help it.
They're only doing their job.
Is that manga?
Did you draw this?
"Mr. Principal: A Real Pal"
Not bad at all.
I want to be a manga artist,
and write manga that will make everyone laugh.
You? A manga artist?
You see, I can draw as long as I have paper and a pen.
Is it weird?
Not at all.
Actually, this might be a big hit.
You think so?
Yeah, a hit for sure!
You finally smiled.
I heard that only humans are capable of smiling and laughing.
The ability to laugh is a sign of intelligence.
I-I see...
Hey, is that manga funny?
It's the best.
Then why won't you laugh?
Come on, laugh!
Is it really that funny?
No, no!
Well, it is funny, but it's more that I'm just happy!
Excuse us.
Who are you?
And who are you?
His friend?
These people are the debt collectors.
These people are...
We are.
So stay clear if you don't wanna get hurt.
Hey man, have you heard from mommy or daddy?
Not at all!
I'd be happier if I had.
Huh? But we heard laughter.
You really did hear from them, didn't you?
I'm not lying!
You're always laughing.
That pisses me off!
Hey, play with him a little.
Hear that?
So tell us, where's your dad?
Spit it out!
We're losing a ton of money because of him!
Stop it!
Get off!
Stay off!
Tell us now.
Or else we'll break a few of your fingers.
Stop it!
If you do...
Darn, you brat!
Stop it!
Look what you did!
We're outta here!
Don't move him.
He has cyanosis.
It shouldn't be fatal, but...
Stabbed by a dart?
It's all my fault.
If I hadn't brought that dart set...
Ever since then, his laughter was no longer heard,
and the school felt cold and empty, as if it lost its flame.
Gera's recovery from the hole in his mediastinum did not go well,
so the emergency medical center transferred him to a hospital in the suburbs.
Then I heard that he was transferred again - this time to a remote place far away.
News on Gera's condition stopped coming in after that.
I went to a remote university to study medicine,
and a few years had passed.
Gera, I've studied medicine.
Now, I can...
I can...
And finally...
I found you, Gera.
Hey you.
Long time no see.
Look at how bad he looks.
Is this really him?
Gera, I've been eager for this day to come.
I've studied medicine, so I could treat you myself.
I'm finally good enough to do that.
He cannot speak much,
since it makes it difficult for him to breathe.
And because of an old injury, he now has mediastinal emphysema.
When that happens, the patient goes into cyanosis and goes through a great deal of pain.
He's been in this condition for years now.
It must have been tough for him.
The patient once had chronic laughter.
Chronic laughter?!
Far from it!
He's not laughed even once.
If he does, he'll fall into cyanosis immediately.
I see.
Hang in there, Gera.
I'll make it so you can laugh like you used to.
The object of this operation is a scar.
It is a chronically torn area from an injury he sustained several years ago.
All stitching in the past was ineffective,
so we will use an artificial bronchus.
Removing the fifth and sixth ribs and ther sternum.
Switch to the artificial heart-lung.
I will complete the removal in five minutes.
Artificial bronchus.
Are you awake?
The operation was successful.
You'll be fine now.
Gera, be a manga artist when you get well.
Spread true laughter to people all around Japan, and all around the world!
You once said that only intelligent animals can laugh.
I've finally started to become one of those intelligent beings.
Thank you.
Take care.
One moment please.
What?! Gera did?!
The patient passed away just moments ago.
It was unfortunate.
He was suffering from a severe fever induced by pneumonia.
He then died from a septic shock.
Death from shock...
Perhaps he could sense his death approaching.
He started laughing abruptly, despite the severe fever.
His laughter was very bright and it echoed very far.
It was even audible outside of the building,
and even stopped the birds' chirping for a moment.
I've never heard such great, honest laughter before.
And after he stopped laughing, he stopped breathing within seconds.
He could laugh because of you.
I want to capture your heart with my silly smile.
Only look straight at me.
Being kind isn't good enough.
I want to get in touch with your true heart,
deep within the you that nobody else sees.
Being in the gentle sunlight,
I wish on the clover that plays the melody of dreams,
and I search for a ray of hope beyond the blue skies,
because I want to stay by your side forever.
The promise we made long ago in a far away place...
is finally coming to a realization, overcoming the incredible distance,
just as it was led by the light.
Thank you!
Come on.
I want to live a cool life.
If you get hot-blooded and pick a fight again, your heart will almost certainly stop.
Jaws is well-known for causing trouble at culture festivals in this area.
No way...
Hurry up and save my son!
What's so funny about bullying the weak?
Next Karte - The Bouncer at the Culture Festival.
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