Ezel 38 English Part 2

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And that's why...
Even if you're sitting on top of the whole world
I'm going to climb over you're men step by step to reach it
For every step I'll damage you more
And then I'll come to you, and I'm going to kill you like a dog
Have a nice dinner
Thats youth
What are we eating, (lets drink)for you're health
At the door there is someone from uncle, I've got one of my one with a car
And there is the doctor sister from you
Shall I give the news to the guys?
Last night you stood us up, why?
Kenan learns things too fast doesn't he?
Like that I am Omer
He likes to get a step before us
I don't know if uncle taught him or the opposite but...
He likes to put someone inside
So you're saying there is a spy inside?
You told me where this house is brother
It did happen like that
I don't know maybe from stupidity
I didn't get any smarter
No one else is going to know this place brother Ali
Will you tell everyone to gather around, so we can talk about what we're going to do
No one else knows this place right?
No, besides me and Ramiz there is no one that knows
When I retire we'll move here with the whole family, he always used to tell that
Whatever you need buy it from this village
Do you need money?
He made a retirement fund
You wouldn't believe it but he buried the money in a vase
I would believe it
Uncle handles from old procedures
Don't you need anything Ezel?
Would you want some money?
I've taken enough from uncle's fund
Ali will come and go, me too, there will be no getting out besides us
You can trust Didem
What are you going to do?
Uncle wanted to retire here with his family
The family is ready
And I'm going to arrange the retirement
You cant keep me away
I'm going to be with you, as soon as my father gets better
I've told you before Ezel, whatever you want
We'll talk later
Would you please do it if I request it?
Why aren't you doing it
I made a promise to Eight, that I wouldn't give him flowers if he died
Why aren't you going to his funeral?
How can I go?
I don't know him
He is Ramiz Kareski's grandchild
Who is Ramiz Karaeski, a mobster what business could I have with such a man, the great Kenan Birkan?
It isn't possible Eysan
And how can I describe the boy?
A little boy...
He has no one...
He's crying silently next to me...
I've taken him with me and raised him
From a little sapling he became a tree
He became my son, I became his father
It can't be
And all those people?
I cant know anyone of them, I cant go to their funeral
Do you know why I planted these flowers?
Do you know why Eysan?
One day a guy like...like Ezel can kill my son and I cant even go to his funeral!
I'm not like you mister Kenan
I've been to many funerals
My life was spent in funerals
My condolences
But I cant stand to see one more funeral
Today I made a pretty stupid thing!
I've taken possibly the strongest man in this country against me
And said: I'm going to kill you
Whoever heard it would believe it
I've said it pretty serious
Even the biggest mobsters would think about it...
I stood against him
Stop saying me, me we're here too!
Its difficult for me to reach this man
The man took whatever I had within 2 days
Of course I'm not letting this fight go
Thats how unlce taught me
In 1 day, 2 days with a wrist power or with a bit intelligence
This matter wont be solved like that anymore
How is it going to be solved then?
This time
Its a man who has everything versus a man who has nothing
I don't have a home
I don't have money
I've got nothing
Whats is there then master, lets start there
Such man fly high I'm at the bottom
I'm so much down they cant see me
I'm going to start at the very bottom
The places they won't go to
The jobs they disguise
Like a person who they don't even call a man
Thats misery what you're talking about son
Don't make it sound like something great
Life doesn't consist of expensive cars, 100 thousand dollar paintings or 1000 dollar whines
We know that well
We tried hard to get out
Right Cengiz?
Then we forgot
But lifeā€¦starts at the very bottom
I won't return there again!
Kenan won't look at our big games
within 2 days, everyone ran away like we had the plague
Lets start playing games at the very bottom
I like it
There is procedure at the bottom that they aren't aware of
They don't care about that world
My mark is going to be there
Then step by step, slowly...
But not within 2 or 3 days, it will take months maybe years
But step by step I'm going to climb there
Let those ****s belittle us, let them say that we aren't worth shit
Lets hit from there
Whatever they throw away we're going to use it
Friendship, honor, labor...
I've really forgotten about them, that talking about them even seems like a lie to me
But they aren't
Little games on the streets
What they do with ties, with stock...
We're going to do it with the poor, smooth talk and the ovational fights chief
Until we get to the very top
This time without hating ourselves in the middle of the game
Ezel's, Ali's with earning that name
Are you guys maniacs?
Are you sick!
Is this a movie?
Are you Matrix!
With the poor from the district?
There is a reason why the guys in the district are poor son!
Remember that too
The men are poor, their all in need
Are you going to win Kenan Birkan with a couple of poor men?
Come on, get the **** out of here
I wont return there again!
Tell me if you can pay this girl?
This man is rooting for you, do you have any money to buy bullets?
Where are you going to stay?
If they are after you where are you going to hide?
What are you going to eat, or how are you going to get along?
The district?
Who are you kidding Ezel?
You found a couple of guys..and telling a fable
These are men who bankrupt countries
Just because you saw them twice did you think you are equal to them?
We'll see shit from now on
Calm down Cengiz because...
If you don't we poor will **** you up
Because you're right
I'm going to do what I said
Just like I said
Will I get to the top?
Will I?
Of course I wont
On one random step someone will probably from behind and...
Or I will try and try and fall, I wont give up!
But Cengiz is right
At the end of this battle...
Of course I will lose
Why are you going to do it then?
There is a man that I love...
My friend
Him I cant let go even if I wanted it
Haven't you still learned Cengiz?
I'm like this
Why did you made a talk then?
If you would have said throw yourself into sea, we would do it, why did you talk then?
I've told you what I'm going to do
Not yours
What do you want from us then brother?
He wants us to go Teyfik
You've fought enough of my enemies Tefo...
Go find you're own enemies
Find the woman you love
Find someone you love
Be with them
Good morning
Good morning
Good morning dad
Do you remember where we left off yesterday?
At midnight they woke up with a big uproar
The surrounding silence already was that complete, that strong...
You're hearing this right dad?
You're there
That strong but like a little substance it had covered their whole life like that
The smallest of voice, the littlest noise
We bought the mineral bid yesterday sir
Their documents are being made as we speak
And the monthly report of Birkan group is on you're desk
Whats that?
Are we angry at each other?
No, why?
I made a thoughtless act yesterday, you're wound is still fresh
You're little sister just died
And on top of that seeing you're loved one like that, his hands in blood, murder...
Its not a big deal
Its no big deal
I don't care about that anymore
The Ezel book is closed
We'll maybe open it up in the future when were taking revenge, besides that we wont
That isn't going to happen as well
This...guns, knives and killing and such
Is beyond me mister Kenan
I don't want such revenge
I couldn't quite understand you, you're going to forgive again?
I'm not forgiving anyone