T-ara Hello Baby Ep 3 1/4 ENG SUB

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We success in our mission!! wooo~
Dont come in, Dont come here... No way!!
Are you both dating?
Maden, do you want this one or that one?
Maden come here....come~
Mavin, come here quickly
Do you want to go see your girlfriend? If you dont want, then want to go eat?
Do you want to see Jiyeon noona?
We are moving today...what to do?
My mother went to look for a place
Really? How was it?
Its the best place to live with the babies
Is it warm there?
Of course it is
It must have heater in the house just like in our hostel
The heater will be there for a while and will be gone...
Dont worry about it. Our new house is not that bad...its just a normal house
Its perfect to live with the babies and theres even a large yard
What should we bring with us?
Bring something thats good that you used when you are young
There are some in the practice room that we can bring with us
We should bring the dumbbell too...
Nooo, just forget about it
We must exercise!
We are not going to train our muscle
Then should we bring the weighing scale?
No, we dont have to know our weight
Then we bring it?
But we cannot bring this there... (Due to sensitiveness for her weight she dont want to bring the weighing scale anymore)<<---the word thats pop out
How are you going to bring it?
You just have to bring it like this
Then you carry it yourself
You dont have to look at noona like this
Maybe she is in love with the dumbbell...What should i do?
Mavin, you dont have to look at me like that
When did you come?
I was making Maden to sleep just now
You looked more like a mother today
Because of Boram, Maden almost wake up
You also woke up?
Why he dont want to look at her?
I am scared...It seemed like he want to cry
When are we going to move?
Only mother Hwayoung
Busy packing up stuffs
On the other side...
We have to pack up our stuffs, we have to do that faster~
I thought this was really Mason
Please be quiet, Let's move! You all got to be faster
This child like to walk everyday, how come he want me to hold him up today?
Lets go~
Mason, we have to go now
Mother Eunjung come out to catch Mason
Come chase me~
Now is a great chance to catch Mason
He got caught
I dont like to move(moving to another house)
I am going to leave you here, Maden
I am not Maden, i am Mason
I said Mason
I am going to leave Mason and go
Mavin already left then what should i do?
Now its Boram to take the challenge
What do i do?
The fishing game
Opening a new scene...
The fishing game toy that Mason like
Give back me!!!
What should i do?
I know i did wrong, I am sorry
Its here, Mason...I give back you
Mason, who made you cry?
Mason, come with me
I did wrong~
Mason, its mother's fault
This son must be thinking that either me or Jiyeon is coming, thats why they acted like that
The children dont like me
All the babies dont like me
Unnie, why you came?
Why did you come?
Because i am noona, you all are old mother...I am noona
We had been raising this kind of daughter
Dont cause us trouble
Mason is crying...your brother is crying~
Should we go to persuade him?
Because of Soyeon, the second scene opened
Why do you have to make him cry?
Its not me, not me~
Did you saw Mavin's expression?
Why do you cry?
Are you feeling not comfortable? What happened?
Why do you have to make him cry?!!!! x2
Why do you have to make a child cry?
I am sorry
How did you make him cry?
What made your brother cried?
Why have to make him cry? x2
What should we do to my brother?
I also dont know, Its my fault
What did you do to my brother?
Your brother? Hes okay
Mavin, can you feed me once? Just feed me once
Look at her expression~
Only give to moms
I'll buy candies for you~
I'll buy 10 for you, 10~
After i said i will buy him 10 candies then he started to walk
Unnie, Soyeon unnie said she will buy Mavin 10 candies
I know i am wrong, Mason~
I give you this, this one..give you.... I am sorry
I dont think i can leave like that
Unnie, how can you just say your are sorry when Mavin is shouting...As a mother, you have to tell him the truth because that is Mason's brother
The preparation is almost finish
Why do you do that suddenly?
We have to hurry up to move but he dont want to leave. I thought after i take away his fishing toy, Mason might follow me...
I never knew that he would start crying
He came out already
Hello~ We are going to move to another house~
Its alright....You become like this because of Mason?
I already said its alright...everything will be alright today
Why you dont want to look at him? Dont cry, dont cry...
You afraid after you saw Mason you will cry? You dont even dare to look at him
Unnie cried already
After she saw Mason she started to cry...Unnie cried already
Mason, noona is crying
Its alright.... why you still crying?
You see mom is crying...
tissue? Dont have tissue anymore? Give here some tissue
Tissue is over there
Mason said theres tissue over here
Ask mom dont cry anymore
Because she made Mason cry and feel very sorry about it, thats why she cried
Mason, mother Boram is crying
You cried like that just because you feel sorry?
Its really alright
Give back some respond
No matter its sorry or some other words at least say something!
Did you saw that? Did you?
Dont cry anymore
Mason, Boram unnie giving you this stuffs...
AHH, Mason you are so cute~
Mason also can persuade your mom...you are really a good boy
(speaking alien language together)
(speaking unknown language) $%#@!$@#%@#%$*
Go over there
You said go over there?
If you want to go over there, noona know the way
Mavin, you want to go there?
Mavin want to go there? Noona know the way to go there
Want to go there?
If you want to go over there, you must use noona's car to go there
Only by using car, you can get over there
Lets get into the car...hold my hand
If you want to buy candy, we have to go this way~ Lets go~
Do you want me to bring you up?
Ok...this should be Jiyeon's job to do this
What should i do? Sitting in this way seemed like a bit uncomfortable
Not this way?
Dont move....Dont even dare to breath loudly
He looks so good when hes asleep
He is snoring
Even Maden is tired
Do small child snore?