Na`Vi: 3 hours before DreamHack Summer

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Jun 17, 2011

- Soweíre now at Na`Viís base once again
and itís only three hours before the departure
to DreamHack. Guys, do you feel exited,
did you practice and are you ready to beat everyone?
- Everything is great. Superb and ready to fight.
Weíre going to violently punish! Well everything is okay,
we practiced for this tournament for solid amount of time.
Before ASUS we practiced for 10 days, than we had 5 days
off plus another 13 days of practice for this event.
We decided to give up playing for the last two days of
practice which we had to have today and the day before
and give us some rest. We got really tired of Counter-Strike
so we relaxed, went to the movie
and watched Super 8 (it was good and I advise
it for everyone who is fond of science fiction).
Actually we have some expectation from this tournament.
I donít say that you need to have an objective,
strive for victory and so on,
but first of all we want to show our game,
the game we practiced and perform the best.
And time will tell.
- All right guys, there will be lots of fans
and spectators during DreamHack as itís one of the largest
tournaments in the world with lots of interesting
stuff there and so on. I wonder if there is someone
whose support will be the most pleasant for you.
- First of all such fans are our parents.
My father is going to support me for sure!
He is going to watch live-stream together with my brother.
Of course, there are numerous people all over the world
whom we donít know, never met and might not ever
met but still these people believe in us, they support
us and we really feel this support.
I can say that one of our main supporters and fans,
a man that has been sponsoring
us for the long time is Murat Zhumashevich.
So if youíre watching this video, Murat, regards
and thanks a lot! He is one of that people who
watch live-streams, support us a lotÖ Actually each tournament,
I guess! He believes in us till the very last moment,
likes a lot when we do comebacks
(like with SKon IEM) ñ that proves that we do not give up,
we are playing till the very end which is extremely important.
Moreover there are over 60 000 people in social networks,
I told about that few times so weíre going to attend,
rip and fight all together!
- Just like few minutes ago our website published changes
in our DotA squad. I know that you are following the results
of our other squads; can you comment on these changes?
- We are good friends with DotA-guys, we follow all their games,
their victories especially their last ASUS, wewere very happy
with that victory and partied all together. Iím sorry that we had
to say good bye to two very good playersÖ I donít know the details
but Iím sure that new lineup will be even better ñ everything
that is done is for godís sake. New lineup consists
of two skilled players: one from Russia, second from
Estonia so all combined our three Ukrainian
guys will overdo themselves. At least we hope so.
But I guess everything is going to be all right, the lineup is good.
I donít know the true story but I read the
news on the website and was impressed.
The only bad thing about that is that they wonít be
bootcamping much on LAN, they will practice mainly
over the internet. But from my perspective
(Iíve been following the scene when lived in Moscow
and we had Virtus.ProDotA squad in the organization)
I can say that Lost and Puppey are very
good and experienced players.
Our players have weight too.
They won ASUS and proved that they can play extremely well.
I think now they have to conquer
the world, beat Chinese, thatís why I like the lineup.
- All right, thanks for your insights!
Will see you now in Sweden, good luck!
- Thanks andgood luck! Iíd like to addÖ Good luck?
Yeah, good luck to us! Actually huge thanks to
everyone: guys, weíre going there to play our game
and the fight wonít be easy. de_mirage versus
mTw isnít going to be a walk in the park.
We played it twice soÖ everything is going to be cool! See you.