Alejandro & Diego - 037 (English Subs)

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Well, what are you going to dress up as for the party, Ale? -A witch!
You know, I think this is a very smart move for Anaconda to win over all the students. The Halloween party.
Oh yeah. So she can changer her strick image. -Her frigid one.
Why do men always have to make that kind of comments about women. Why not save it till you're busy in the men's room?
Why were you hitting the student here, Mendoza?
Well, that has an explanation that I'll tell you later.
But seriously now, thank you. Tell me what I can do to thank you? Come on.
Well, nothing. Surprise everyone by doing your job well.
That's it.
Oh, with this, they're going to be wanting more of it tonight.
Yes, it's done.
What's this? Man or woman? -That's a woman. She's my ex-wife and the mother of my daughter.
Thanks for listening.
May we come in or do you prefer us to you two alone, Ms. Miranda?
Guys, guys, please take your seats. I'm leaving already.
'La Celestina' By Fernando de Rojas, talks about a folk healer that worked as Cupid to join couples that loved each other in secret.
In this I see, Melibea, the grandeur of God. -In what, Calisto?
In giving the power to nature to bestow on you such perfect beauty.
Very good, thank you!
To your seats, please.
And well, Calisto and Melivea fall in love thank to 'La Celestina' that sometimes was a (sneaky) matchmaker and sometimes a cupid.
And who is the Cupid between you and Mr. JP, Ms. Miranda? Because we caught you guys about to get it on!
Silence, silence, please. Instead, look on pages 56 or 57 for the spell 'La Celestina' uses on Melibea.
What's up? Did you bring me what I asked you for? -Yeah!
Here you have the diuretic. And this one, for whenever you feel bad.
Don't go overboard. Only take a sip from each one. Alright? -Okay.
It's best if you take the video game, in advance. I mean, in case I'm running late.
Did you make up everything about the video game with Diego just to leave me alone with him?
My dad and my mom won't be arriving till tonight. So we have quite a while to play.
Do you know how to play? -No. I have no idea. It's the first time I play.
Really?? Well, don't worry. Look, It's very easy. Come here. Here with this one, you control the sword. Right?
Good evening.
Good evening, Sir. Well, I'm leaving already.
Thanks for teaching me. -Hm, yeah.
My mom is waiting for me, and it's late already. Excuse me.
THAT that just walked out is a friend of yours?
No, dad. Not at all. He's a friend of Sebastián who came to pick up some notes.
Hi! -Hi.
Very beautiful, Yesenia! Very beautiful!
Hi, Joaco, hi. -Hi.
Hey, you seen Ana? -No, but you want, I could go loot for her.
I'll leave you with Joaco, Okay? Don't move.
What a beautiful party, right?
Hey, my first day went very well.
Better yet, come! I'll show you the sauces I prepared.
Can you tell me what you're doing here?
You and I agreed on- -Why are you dressed like that?
To shut up the students. And everyone that calls me Anaconda, including you.