Amagami Ps2 Game Haruka Morishima Best Ending Part01 [With English & Spanish Subtitles]

Uploaded by hilariuz07 on 31.08.2010

GamePlay by Hilariuz07 Translation Japanese to English by KazukiHTT
(Today is finally my date with Morishima Senpai!)
(I'm also going to meet her family)
(Today is critical, failing isn't an option!)
- Nini, I'm coming. - Huh? What's wrong?
- A-ah! What's wrong? - What do you mean?
- Somehow you're a bit different than usual... - A-ah, I guess you can tell.
- Well, yeah of course. - (Well, I guess I'm a bit too excited.)
- It won't work. - Huh?!
- You're trying too hard... so it doesn't seem very cool. - What?!
- Well, it doesn't even look good. - You!
- A-ahh! Well I have to go shopping, later! - Wait!
Man, saying whatever she wanted...
(It doesn't look right...!?)
(Maybe... she's right...)
(I guess, it is weird... just putting on a jacket makes me a bit unconfortable...)
(What should I do...)
(I guess this once, I'll follow my intuition and change...)
(When I'm calmed down, I do feel a lot better...)
(I wonder if I should go all weird looking...)
(I can't exactly go casual clothing if I'm going to be introuduced to her family...)
(A-ah, I'm gonna change afterall!)
(Alright, this is it.)
(Because of Miya, that took way too much time! Ah-h!!!)
(I'm gonna be late, I better hurry...!)
I'm leaving!
(Ah, damn! I'm late!)
(Of all the days, I'm late today! I can't believe it!)
(I need to go faster!)
(Morishima Senpai?!)
(5:15... 15 minutes late...)
(Ah, dammit... I don't even know her number...) - A-ah! - Huh?!
- Ahh... making a girl wait today of all days... you're a bad boy.
- I'm sorry... Uhh... - Wow... you're sweating a lot... even though it's so cold. Ah-a!
- Huh?!
- Oh, no... there's steam coming out from you. - Ah, really?
(both laugh) =)
Ah, you're hopeless... here use this.
Thank you very much.
- This is the Taneuma-kun towel right? - Yup.
- You really carry a lot of those don't you? - You remember huh?
- Of course, I'd never forget the things you like! - Although, you're late to meet me...
- A-ah, I'm very sorry... - Hehe, it's alright. - Huh?
- If you came to the point of steaming, I can't get mad at you either... - I'm sorry...
- It's alright...anyways let's go. - Huh? A-ah okay, but where are we going?
- Aa-h, right, I haven't talked to you about tonight's plans... - Nope.
- At all? - That I was going to meet your family... - I see, I see...
- Well, since we're already here, would you mind accompanying me today? - Huh? A-ah yeah, sure...
-You're going to come without knowing anything! That way, it's more interesting right? - I guess so...
- Alright, let's go! - Okay.
- First, shopping! - Alright.
- Hehe, wow lot's of people. - Yeah, really.
- Looks like everyone's having fun. - Yeah, looks fun.
- How about you? - Huh?
- Are you having fun? - Of course, if I'm together with you...
- Huh? - A-ah!...Sorry... I just...
Aaa- you always go and say those type of things... Sorry...
- Even though you never say what I want... - Huh?
- No-Nothing! Hey, let's go! - A-ah! Senpai!
- O-oi! Wait up!
- Hehe, I'm leaving you behind!
- Senpai~!
- Over here, over here!
Ah man, I lost her...
I can't waver here, I've got to do my best and go after her.
- Alright, I'm out of the crowd... senpai is... - Ahh...
- Huh? Senpai, this kid is? (Crying) - He's lost.
- Huh... he's lost... - Yeah, he's been crying all this time, so I don't really know, but it's obvious though...
(crying) - Ahh!
- Hmmm, please stop crying. Okay?
(crying) - Ah, what should I do? - What do you want to do senpai?
- Hmmm, let's see...for now let's go to the police. - Sounds good.
- Aa! Aki-chan! I've been looking for you! - Mama! Waaah!
- Thank you! Thank you very much! - No no, I'm glad to help.
- Come on, Aki-chan, say your thanks. - (sniff) Thank you Nee-chan. - Hehe, don't get lost anymore okay?
- Hehe, Thank god~ - Yup.
- Going to the police was a success huh. - I know, if I was alone I would've searched around the area.
- Hehe, just like today, when there's a lot of people, going to the police or lost child center would be a lot faster.
- Huh, for real? - Yup, from my experience, it seems to be the case. - I see.
- Especially, today when they're crying, it's really hard to ask for their names right? - Yea, that's true...
- That's why you have to do that. Hehe, but I'm glad this was solved rather fast. - Senpai, you're really nice...
- Huh? W-Why? - You found a lost child crying and didn't hestitate to call out for her?
- Hmm, aren't you supposed to do that? - I was watching, but there's too many people around sadly...
- Hmmm, I guess so... the world is rough huh... - That's why you're awesome.
- It's not that big of a deal. I can't leave a kid that's crying. That's who I am.
- Personality huh? - Yup, if I see a lost child, even I become sad for them.
- I think I understand. - Yup.
(Two years ago... I wonder if it's the same feeling when Senpai called out to me at the park...) - Something like that!
- Huh? - We solved it with no problem! Don't make such a meek face.
- A-ah, my bad. - You have to have more more fun! Okay?
(senpai) - Ugh... you're making that face again... aahh, is it not fun being with me?
- A-ah! It's fun. - Really?
- Yeah, really! - Wow! Good answer! If so, smile smile!
- Aa-ah okay. - Hmmm, we're lacking a big event - Huh? For real?
- Oh well, I guess I'll just have to help you here. - Help me?
- Come on, let's go. - Se-senpai, please wait.
- Huh?... this is a hotel right?
- What are we doing at a hotel? - Huh? Didn't I tell you before?
- Before...? - Aah, you forget already? We came here so I can help you wash off.
- EEEEH!?? - Huh? What's wrong, raising your voice all of a sudden?
(Calm down me! What does she mean to help me get washed at a hotel?) - Huh?
(No way! This type of thing can be forgiven? No no... well I am happy... but...)
- He-lloo~! (But... I don't know if I'm ready yet... but is senpai alright with this?!)
- Hey! I'm going to leave you behind~! - Ooh! Don't leave me!
- Are you finally awake? - Yeah, I'm back. All good. But senpai, are you okay with this?
-Of course, I did bring a swimsuit afterall~
- Ahh! Swimsuit?! It was a swimsuit from the start...all that anticpation...
- Maniac? Well, this pool isn't exactly famous... but it's fairly big and feels good.
- Huh? Pool? - Yup. Warm water pool. - Pool...
- Hey, what exactly are you thinking about now... sheesh... - Ahh... nothing, sorry.
- Hehe, now you're blushing...meanie... - Meanie?
- If you're blushing... I can't get mad.. - Sorry...
- Hehe, it's fine. I'm not mad anyways, let's go. - But, um swimsuit..
-Oh really wanted to surpise you and so I totally forgot to tell you. - I see
- Hmm, I could swim alone but... I guess I can just not swim today. - Ehh!? No way...
(To let this chance to see Senpai's swimsuit be lost because of something like this... I can't let this happen!) - But...yeah...
(Ahh! Over there they're lending out swimsuits! That's it!)
- Don't worry senpai! We can go together! - Wow, you're full of confidence. What are you going to do? Don't tell me you're going to swim naked?
- No, of course not! That store over there lets you borrow swimsuits! - Ah, you're right.
- Hehe, alright then, I'll meet you inside okay? - Yeah, I'll be right there.
Alright, let's swim~