Arcade Repair Tips - Laminating An Arcade Cabinet

Uploaded by varcadegames on 04.08.2009

Hi, welcome back to the Arcade Repair Tips Video Series. Today we're going to talk about
laminating a cabinet. Now we've already done most of the prep work and as most of you know,
the best jobs end up with the best work ahead of time. So if you do a lot of good prep work,
it's going to make the job go a lot easier.
So what we did was, first thing we did was we took Bondo and put in all the holes, dings
and areas and rough places of the cabinet. We come back and we sanded that. We also sanded
off all the paint down to the shiny so that the laminate will stick to it.
The next step is we bought laminate. We went to Lowe's, or Home Depot actually, and bought
it at about $42 a sheet. You need a couple sheets to do it. One sheet will do one side
and you'll probably have enough left over to do the front.
What we want to do though is we measured the cabinet and you leave about 2 inches all the
way around. So we came up with like 72 by 38. Then we're going to go over there and
spray. Now this glue is called Spray 90 and you buy it right near where you buy the glue,
Bondo and stuff like that. So Spray 90 by 3M is the kind of glue that you want to use
for this. What we're going to do is we're only going to spray the area that we need
to stick onto this cabinet. So we don't want to spray the whole sheet. You'll waste a lot
of glue and this stuff is about $12 a can and it could take more than one can to do
one cabinet. So we don't want to waste any.
The next step is we're going to spray both sides. We're going to spray all of this area
and then we're going to spray our sheet. I'm not going to talk much. We're going to be
doing, we're going to spray it. We're going to let it sit about 10 minutes and then when
we come back we're going to put the two together and that allows them to form a bond. It's
very important that you let it sit the recommended time. Don't just try to stick it on there
and stick it right away. You want to give that time to chemically do its stuff and then
when you stick it together, it's going to stay. You're also not going to have much wiggle
What we do is, the only straight edge I'm going to use is my bottom part of the cabinet.
I'm actually going to let this hang over, this, and over here all hang over the sides
because it's going to be a lot easier to route. We'll show you that in a few minutes.
Now it's time to spray our Formica.
Like I said, what we're going to do here is we're not spraying the whole sheet, only the
area that we're going to need. We don't want to waste this glue. You do want to make sure
that you get the edges good. That's where it's going to need to stick the most. I'm
going to let this sit 10 minutes and then we'll put it on the cabinet.
Now that we've laid it on there, it's going to make contact. We need to let it sit for
just a little bit longer, wipe it down, put a little pressure on it. Then it will be time
to route it.
Now that we've set the laminate down and the glue and everything is beginning to bond,
what we're going to do is route it. Now this is a laminating router. This one came from
Sears. I know a lot of guys say, "I just used normal router." Let me tell you, this one's
a lot handier, a lot easier to use, and they're not that expensive. So get a laminating router.
And then you'll need just a straight laminate cutting bit. They'll help you with that if
you need help in knowing what kind of bit to get.
Then the only thing we're worried about now is the depth because this roller part needs
to run along with your game. So we're going to set it kind of shallow until we get going
good and then we'll adjust it.
We'll start down on the bottom or the back of the cabinet just in case we make any mistakes.
We can adjust it back there and you won't see it in the front. Once we get this set
right though, we won't have to worry about it. Especially on the other side.
Now it may just be a matter of personal preference, but I found that a lot of times the router
will work better if you try to pull it instead of trying to push it. Just kind of let it
go. Let it do the work. If you're pulling and your muscles are tightening up, it should
be pulling you almost. You'll feel it. Once you've done it a couple times it will almost
pull you around with it. It's real easy.
You've got a couple choices now that you've done that. A lot of guys will use a 23 degree
router bit and go back over it again. What that does, it kind of bevels this. I've found
that I don't like the beveled look because you can actually see the white line a lot
of times. What I usually do is take that sponge style of sand paper block and just go around
it. Just a little, you just want to take the edge off.
Ok, now that we're done and we've done both sides, there may be a few little nicks here
and there that you can fill in with some Bondo or paint. Also remember that it's going to
look a lot better once you get the T-molding on there.
But anyway, I hope this has helped some. It gives a real clean look now. Talk about applying
side art, see, will make this real easy. That's what we're going to do to this, put some multigame
side art on it. So it will be quick and easy. That's one reason why to laminate a cabinet.
Anyway, thank you for watching. Please stay tuned for more videos.