How to Cook With Alcohol : Cooking With Alcohol

Uploaded by expertvillage on 11.03.2008

Hi, I'm Chef Rainer Wickel and I'm here today with Expert Well today we're
going to be cooking with alcohol. We're going to be making three dishes that are extremely
tasty. Now, when you cook with alcohol it really gives foods a very unique flavor. There
are a multitude of recipes that you can use by cooking with alcohol. Now when it comes
to wines or like a sherry, these are the types of alcohol that we actually use to make sauces
because it really gives the sauce an outstanding flavor and it makes it really, really unique.
And then you can also use tequilla, rum, whiskey, there are a multitude of dishes both chicken,
shrimp or even with beef that you can use these alcohols to cook with. And what it does
is it brings that unique flavor into the meet that is really, really tasty. Now today I'm
going to be sharing three recipes with you. The very first recipe that we're going to
be cooking is filet mignon in a red wine sauce. Now, this particular dish you can really use
with any type of steak because this is really a sauce that compliments beef really, really,
good. But, for today we're actually going to be using filet mignons because it really
is one of the best cuts of meat. Now, the second recipe I'm going to be sharing with
you is tequilla lime shrimp, and specifically tequilla lime shrimp skewers, which we're
going to be cooking on the grill. And what we'll be doing is we're going to be making
a marinade with tequilla and we're going to put the shrimp into the marinade and actually
put it into the refrigerator overnight so all that flavor gets into the shrimp, then
we'll go ahead and cook it after that. The third recipe I'll share with you is called
Banana's Foster, and this is a very, very, common desert. You'll find this in a lot of
restaurants and it's actually pretty famous. This particular dish is also a little fancy
because what we're actually going to be doing is we're going to be setting the alcohol on
fire to be able to, first of all, burn off all the alcohol and to actually burn all that
good flavor into the bananas. And these are the three recipes I'm going to be sharing
with you so let's go ahead and cook with some alcohol.