Make a Book with a Secret Compartment

Uploaded by makemagazine on Dec 7, 2007


Hello and welcome to Weekend Projects I'm Bre Pettis here at
Volkspark Friedrichshain
here in berlin
Do you have a secret? This week I'm going to make something I can give as a gift
for the holidays. It's a secret compartment book
where you can hide whatever you need. You can either customize it to fit exactly what you've got
or you can just make a general purpose compartment
so you can hide, you know...
To make this project you're going to need a book.
I got this one in a used book store in Prague for two Euros. Can you tell I chose it for
it's title?
You also need some glue
an exact-o knife.
Warning! Exact-o knives are sharp and can hurt you. Danger! Danger!
do this at your own risk of brush would also help I don't have one some men have to make
something up
okay let's head inside get started
the first thing that does that encompass for his own protection and I have a book in our
movies and music ages those still looks like the polls
plus it that is it that's right and but soon the its own decisions
yeah I mean for them from going to
you've all along here and their and there
I've got some water in here and I'm going to go and she you know this is
would you I believe
well those who had worked just fine
well it's it's it's about fifty to fifty between the two
what are you sure you want to know the run it's still the issue
this is on the press as well
on the ropes criticism there are some rest of the year
our enemies in Iraq
and it's the most votes themselves
it doesn't work
this is the actual yet
understand that you're really basically tangled cut-outs that
the difference is a beautiful whatever they want
the next step is you all you're on the inside
in a bid to another and then outside this kind of came apart
on her to do this again I would probably take more time and effort with the corners
as it is is elected the twenty minutes all out
I'm might also be cruel of you're really feeling snazzy
but belts little line that would be really cool
now it's your turn I'm looking for is that what you put in your secret book compartment
that you make
this is a really fun project in a moment but first want for yourself
and make a bunch more to do with gifts your friends the secret compartment book