Brophy's: How To Cook - Episode 1

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Hey hey! How you doing? It's Saturday night
and this is BBC 1.
This is a masterclass, I'm going to be famous
I'm going to have my own cook show, and I'll also be on soccer AM.
Today, Ben Brophy is going to demonstrate how to cook a stir fry
with his assistant, Ellen.
No we don't need peppers. Huh?
We don't need peppers. Don't... you don't like peppers?
We don't need peppers. Yea, we do.
No, we don't. We do. We're having peppers.
Trust me, It'l be amazing.
Ben has been cooking from an early age
and has large ambitions for the future.
My history in cooking started way back when I was a little boy
around the age of 5 where I specialised in
dessert section, but since I've grown up
I've moved on to the main course, and now I'm a complete cook from start to finish.
I have a speciality of pancakes, mushroom, peppers, cheese.
Very nice.
Jamie Oliver comes around for a couple of tips every now and again.
I like to share the experience with others, less fortunate.
Think your chips are burning.
Planning to start my own small business
Currently waiting for dragons den to sign off on the paper work.
And I'll be opening up the first shop in Birmingham.
Born Natural.
Thats it.
Close up, close up.
Jamie Oliver eat your heart out.
You ready? 1.. 2.. 3..
Aww, amazing!
Are you cooking this whole bag!
No. Was going to say.
Master Ben, masterchef
I'm the next
Something for the weekend... cook.
Somethiings... no something.
[Something inaudible] awww.
Fussy eater or what.
Check out the skills here ben. Yup.
Awww... ruined my cooking, spoiled it.
Washing up again, you know, someones got to do the washing up haven't they.
Yea, I am the cleaner of this place really. See what he's cleaning.
I'm always cleaning.
Look at all this mess. None of it's mine... terrible.
Ok, this is how you do it. 1. 2. 3. 4. Plonk it.
As a cook, Ben runs a very strict kitchen.
Don't mess around, look, no mucking around here.
I was going to get in there but I thought no.
Not having any more pepper!
I know! Was preparing it for next time...
It's on a high temperature
Then you add the noodles in, then the sauce... and then...
you eat it.
You missed it all, I was flipping it around, don't worry don't worry.
Express cooking.
Ben's assistant, Ellen, is finding it hard to work in front of the camera.
I don't like it, I don't like him with that camera.
Awww. You get used to it.
Got to look at the camera.
Talk to the camera, otherwise, you know...
They just don't know what your doing.
Oh, it is frozen, isn't it.
What you putting it in there! Yea?
Have to cut the frozen part off.
No the frozen bit can go in. Fine.
It'l just cook, put it in.
Chef in the making this. Just put it all in.
Got to do it equally.
See, it's a little bit frozen, but you know
she thinks it will be alright, but if we die
might not go on air, but...
We might, it's all her fault.
Oh sort this rubbish out!
It was fine until she went in, you know.
Desert: Pancakes, some savoury pancakes, going to have mushrooms, peppers, sprinkle of cheese.
It was cooking until you ate half of it.
We now add Sainsburys very own, black bean, stir fry sauce.
It's very nice, two minutes cooking time.
By the way me and Tim are eating this.
Not hot enough yet.
It is.
She would be on, BBC 3, maybe BBC 4
She doesn't know what she's doing.
You want me to stir it? Go on then.
See, look how lovely it's going.
All the aromas coming up... up her nose.
Smells delicious.
She's going to start eating all of it again.
It's almost done!
See, it wasn't ready
She's [Something inaudible]
Look at her! You know
I said, as she eats the pot noodle when it's not cooked.
That's what happens. Who's sitting next to her in an exam? Ohh man, feel sorry for them.
That's what happens. Who's sitting next to her in an exam? Ohh man, feel sorry for them.
It's terrible.
I did warn ya.
Ohh, that's a bit hotter.
You just joined us, just about to dish up
Looks amazing, cooks amazing, smells amazing.
Right, we're ready.
Brophy will be on the same time next week where he is making curry in a hurry, next however on BBC 1, Eastenders.
Hi everyone! Hi Mum! How are you?
Just like big brother.
Hours of fun on this.
Brophy. A new series, every saturday, on BBC 1.