NFO 2008: Campus Recreation Tour - Full Video

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♪ [music playing-- no dialogue] ♪♪.
Welcome to the Rec Center everyone.
(female speakers). Thank you, thank you.
(Ken Baker). My name is Ken Baker
and this what we always look forward to each year
and we're just glad to be part of the new faculty orientation.
The next big day we're looking forward to is September 19,
Faculty Appreciation Day.
So we'll talk about that again before and we'll give you
another reminder of that at the end of the day, but that's also
a very big day that Campus Recreation looks forward
to working with the faculty.
So, welcome to Eastern, we're so glad to have you, we hope to be
seeing more of you here at the Rec Center.
This is all part of your wholesome faculty program,
your award-winning wholesome faculty.
So we're going to show you a quick 3 minute, 14 second DVD,
and then we're going to do some introductions, and then we're
going to talk about the Rec Center, we'll do a tour,
and then you'll be out of here in 30, 35 minutes.
I know you've had a long day.
You're welcome to stay and work out.
You all have a packet here and we'll explain a little more
about the packet shortly, and there's a little something
for each of you there from Campus Recreation.
But before we show the DVD I want to go around the room
and the people that really run the Rec Center are, when we say
"student rec center" we mean "student rec center".
The students, they pay for it, they operate it, they enjoy it,
and so we all work for them.
And the first one that started out as a student--
how many years ago?
(Sarah). Ten.
(Ken). She Is now our program director.
She started out as an English major and we won her over.
And so she went from a student worker here to graduate school
at Western, then she went to Notre Dame, then she went
to Northern Kentucky, and we finally got her back home.
So Sarah Daugherty.
And how many certifications do you have?
(Sarah). Fifteen.
(Ken). Fifteen--I was going to say 16,
I'm sorry--but we're thrilled to have Sarah back with us,
and this is your....?
(Sarah). Fourth year.
(Ken). Fourth year, alright, very good.
Let's go around the room here with our GA's.
(Dan). My name's Dan Sheehan.
I'm in charge of Rec track, which is basically you bring
your Panthercard and you swipe in down at the desk where you
walk by the computer.
So just please remember to bring this when you stop by.
(Ken). Alright, that's it,
you got your pitch in there.
And Dan came to us as a field worker from Rec Administration.
And you know when you have a good worker, you don't like
to let them go?
So now we're paying him to go to school, he's a GA.
Alright, now this is our foreigner from Rutgers.
[audience applause and laughter].
Alright, tell us Greg.
(Greg). Okay, my name is Greg
[unclear audio].
My main responsiblity for here is dealing with marketing
and signage, so all the cool signs you see with the hours,
I'm responsible for that.
And I am the foreigner, I'm from New Jersey.
So that's one of the good things about me.
(Ken). He's a little crazy
but he's fitting in well, fitting in really well.
So we're glad to have him and he also brings us new ideas
and we really expect him to share those with us,
so we're excited to have him with us.
(Joe). I'm Joe, I'm a grad student
here and I'm in charge of facilities, so anything that
goes wrong or you guys need done or whatever,
please come see me.
I took a year off, I was with the Illinois Football team
with their strength conditioning staff last year
and now I'm back.
(Ken). Glad to have him back.
(Katelyn). I'm Katelyn [unclear audio],
I'm a graduate student here and I'm in charge of the aquatics,
so anything to do with the pool and lifeguards.
And I started here as a lifeguard four years ago,
and I was building coordinator last year and I'm now a GA here.
(Ken). We're glad to have you share,
and tell us how we met?
(Katelyn). I was running.
(Ken). She passed out on the treadmill!
She took it so well--it was her freshman year--she took it
so well I said, "Boy, that's a great gal and we got
to keep her."
And we ended up working her into the schedule
and we've kept her--this is what, four, five years?
(Katelyn). It'll be four years, yeah.
(Ken). Four years, and so
she's a good one.
It doesn't take long to spot a star and she is one.
Okay, Claire.
(Claire). Hi everyone,
my name is Claire [unclear audio].
I will be in charge of the group fitness program here
at the Recreation Center, so I'm in charge of all
of our aerobics classes.
We hope to see you come out to some of those.
We offer everything from yoga and pilates to any kind of
strength training, cardio training, and combination
classes, so we hope you come out and participate in those.
I started at the Rec Center a few years ago teaching
those classes, so now I'm kind of in charge of them so come
on out and work out with us.
(Brandon). Alright, hello, I'm Brandon
[unclear audio], I'm a GA here, it's my third year,
and I'm grateful to be a GA.
My hometown is Salem, and I'm going to be a school counselor,
that's what I'm going to school for.
I'm in charge of the Special Events, so I'll be seeing
you guys during Faculty Appreciation in September.
(Ken). Very good, thank you all.
And these, they do a great job, they really do, and so we're
really glad to have them.
If you have, we're going to go ahead with our program and we're
going to dismiss the GAs because they've all got work to do
because I think we've got some students coming in here before
too long, and so they're really hustling.
They've been here since August 1, getting ready for all of you.
So GAs, thank you, and you'll be seeing a lot more of them.
[audience applause].
[unclear audio].
Jan, you want to hit those lights, or Mike,
will you get them?
There you go.
Three minutes and 14 seconds and, we admit it,
this video was done by two GA's.
♪ [music playing-- no dialogue] ♪♪.
Actually, the student on the left is Mr. EIU,
from our bodybuilding contest.
♪ [music playing-- no dialogue] ♪♪.
A lot of equipment, we have a lot of equipment.
Twenty ellipticals, that's the most popular machine.
We have more than they have at Western, Illinois State,
and Indiana State combined.
We'll talk more about Circuit Express.
♪ [music playing-- no dialogue] ♪♪.
Jason Goldfarb and Melanie Taggart--
Jason's father is the president of Western Illinois University.
♪ [music playing-- no dialogue] ♪♪.
So we're, again, another example of what our GA's--
thank you, Mike-- do for the Rec Center.
We're going to go down through some things.
First of all, all of you will receive a complimentary
membership to the Rec Center.
And I say complimentary--we wish it could be a perk for you,
but I pay for it, the president pays for it, and the students
pay for it.
And if the students are paying for it I have a hard time making
the argument why they have to pay and I don't.
I make more money than most students, and so that's what
we are at Eastern, we're about the students.
It's a very reasonable charge, much less than a health club
that you might join, so probably about a third of the cost
of a health club, maybe even less than that.
But the students do pay $72 a semester to contribute
to the Student Rec Center and so your first semester
will be complimentary.
After that, you'll be asked to purchase a membership
just as I do or the president does or anyone else.
But these are in your packets here, and so before you leave
you want to take this with you, they're in alphabetical order.
And there's a little token from the Rec Center, we've got some
pens, we've got some carry-beaners, just a little
something for you welcoming you.
And you know what Jason, I forgot to introduce you.
Jason is an intern with us working on his
doctorate degree, Jason.
(female speaker). Good job, Jason.
[audience applause].
(Josh). My name is Josh Lowry,
I work housing permanently, but I'm doing an internship
with Mr. Baker here at the Rec Service.
I'm a PhD canidate out of Indiana State's
Higher Ed Program.
(Ken). So thanks Josh,
and he's going to be spending several hours
with us so we're looking forward and we're glad
to have Josh with us.
On here also is a calender so it tells you what our hours are
during the entire school year, so you don't have to wonder,
you don't have to call, you can go through here,
we're very seldom closed.
When do we close?
Five, six days a year, seven?
Not very often, not very often.
I think we will be closed Labor Day, but when we get into
the school year--Labor Day, a lot of kids are going home
for the weekend anyway--but when we get in to the school year
we're open most days because if we're not open, where are
the students going to go?
And so we're open 18 1/2 hours a day, pretty much 7 days a week,
so we try to be open and available when
the students need us.
But there is a calender there, and it's got all
that information in it.
We're going to also pass around this--these just became
available this morning-- this is our fall schedule
for the fitness classes.
I'm going to let you explain that, talk about the front
and back of that.
(Sarah). Okay, on the front
we are offering 43 classes a week this semester,
and as Claire explained to you, we do everything
from mind and body classes to the strength
and cardio classes as well.
The front has the schedule and the instructors who teach
the classes, and on the back there's the description
of every class that we have available and some information
about our fitness instructor training program if you have
any students who are interested in doing that as well.
So I'll go ahead and pass these out.
(Ken). And on the back of it,
it's important to look at the description of the class.
You don't want to start out in advanced abs, trust me.
We've actually had our, we had a little fitness instructor about
feet feet nothing, and they brought in the basketball team
for her to train them and, I mean, they were begging
for mercy when she was done with them.
You know, here's a big 6'10'' center and, I mean she just
wore them out.
So make sure you get in the right class, and there's classes
there from everything for very passives, such as yoga
and pilates, to very advanced, like in advanced abs.
So the important thing is there's something there
for everyone.
Membership--the yellow sheet is a membership option,
so when your first semester is over these are some options
that you have.
Your spouses also have the option to purchase a membership
just like I do, just like you do.
You might tell them they need to be nice to you or you'll revoke
their option.
But it tells who can use it.
This is not a community rec center, because if we opened it
up to the community, if everybody in the community
came here, trust me, if you come here at 4:00 on Monday,
you'll understand why.
There will be over 3,000 students in here on Monday,
so it's crazy.
We would love to accomodate everybody in Coles County,
but unfortunately we cannot.
So the people that are eligible are students number one,
faculty/staff, faculty and their spouses, staff and their
spouses, annuitants, the retired faculty members and retired
staff, and what we call friends of the university,
those are people that contribute at a $500 level each year.
And with the new capital campaign coming up this fall,
that's another thing that's very important too, that we continue
to support the entire university.
So that's how you become a member, so anybody you see in
the Rec Center is contributing financially to its existance.
As Dan mentioned, bring your Panthercard.
We don't do that to be an inconvience, we do that,
well, you're new faculty, hopefully our people at access
will recognize you soon, but at this point they don't,
they don't know the difference between you and a high school
professor or a Lakeland professor.
So please bring your Panthercard,
and that's your ticket in.
We have equipment that's available that you
can check out.
If you want to check out basketballs, footballs, discs
for disc golf, we have golf clubs, we have about anything,
just bring your Panthercard, check it out at the front desk
right beneath us, and they'll have it available for you.
The permanent equipment that we have, as I mentioned,
we have probably more equipment than any rec center our size.
Now, for instance, we have more than they do at Western,
more than they do at Illinois State, more than they do
at Indiana State.
The big difference is, like a lot of things at Eastern,
we have half the staff.
Sound familiar?
If it doesn't, it will.
But we do a lot here, we do a lot here.
Students come here, they get their bang for their buck.
So we have a lot of equipment, as Chris knows--he's worked with
the Adult Fitness Program.
But I will promise you on Wednesday that those ellipticals
that are along that wall--I mean, on Monday at 4:00,
there will be a line waiting to use those ellipticals.
And I usually go up to the line and I say, "Do you think we need
more ellipticals?"
And what do they answer?
"Yes, we do!"
And that's when I share with them we have more ellipticals
than they do at Western, Illinois State,
Indiana State combined.
That makes their wait a little easier.
So we're very fortunate here, we get good support.
Ellipticals, treadmills, bikes, arc trainers, steppers,
new step, most of them have their own personalized
TV moniter, and you can watch anything.
We have Mediacom cable, you can watch everything.
The 60-inch down here will always have ESPN on it.
When you get on your own piece of aerobic equipment,
you can watch anything you want.
If you want to watch CNN you hit 45, you want to watch FOX
you hit 52, you want ESPN you hit 27, and so you'll learn
those as you become more familiar with Mediacom cable.
Only thing you need to do is bring your headsets,
so bring your headsets with you, and if not most of them
have closed captioning anyway, but it's a little easier
if you have your own headsets.
The selectorized machines--those are the white Nautilus machines
that you see where you put the weight stacks, you put pins
in them--we have 34 of those.
We have free weight areas, the free weight areas we have
down below, which is a serious free weight area.
You hear some strange noises coming out of that area.
So if you're a recreational lifter you may not want to go
down there, you know, somebody drool on you or something.
But we've also set up a more recreational free weight area
just down the track here, and it's lighter weights,
there's some stretching area, there's medicine balls,
there's exercise balls, as we take the tour you'll see
all that stuff.
We have a boxing area or a pugilistic area where you can
kickbox or speedbags, heavy bags, whatever you might
want to do.
I mentioned we have the track.
If you go on the outside lane it's 1/8 of a mile,
if you go on the inside lane it's 1/9 of a mile.
You're also welcome to use the field house.
We have access to the field house on Wednesday evenings,
Saturdays, and Sundays from 4:00 until 10:00.
We share a lot of facilities with athletics
and with kinesiology.
Our pool--Sarah will share a little bit,
how many lanes, whatever.
(Sarah). Our pool was built in 1964,
it's in need of replacement, but we do what we have to and
Colleen is very familiar with exactly what that pool is like.
It's six lanes, and we have open swim seven days a week.
Monday through Thursday we're here from 6:30 to 10:00,
Fridays 7:00 to 9:00, and Saturdays and Sundays
from 2:00 to 5:00.
We do allow families to swim as well, but your children must be
at least 10 years old because the minimum depth in our pool
is 4 feet, the deck is 18 inches higher than the surface
of the water, so it's actually kind of dangerous for any kid
younger than 10 based on size.
(female speaker). Was that morning
or evening in those times?
(Sarah). In the evening,
in the evening, yes.
Our pool is shared with kinesiology and athletics
because it's the only one on campus, so we have
the evening times.
(Ken). Ten years ago we had
three indoor pools in the town of Charleston,
now we have one, so there is a lot of demand on that pool.
And we wish we had better aquatic accommodations,
but we use it effectively.
The next thing I want to talk about is Circuit Express,
we'll walk past that, that is a series of 10 machines.
There are no weights, there's no adjustments, it's resistant-band
technology, we'll stop and show you how to use them.
But there's 10 machines, you start at number 1,
you go through number 10, you do 10 reps of each one.
By the time you're done you've had a total body workout.
You come back, you do it again, you're done in 30 minutes,
total body workout.
Now if you're really concentrating on something
or if you're training for a specific event, you may want
to use the selectorize machines.
But if you're just talking about toning, today at noon hour
I did Circuit Express.
I did 10 minutes on the bike to warm up, I did 2 trips
through Circuit Express, and you could be a fine
looking specimen, like this.
So I'm just looking for a piece of machine that could
make me taller.
So I highly suggest the Circuit Express, there's directions
right there, it's self-explanatory.
You just start at one and just go right down through them.
So there's pretty good signage up there, and we'll talk
more about that.
If you have questions you can always call me, you can call
Sarah, you can e-mail us, but we also--if you would pull up
our--this is the University website, if you just go up here
and go to C for Campus Recreation.
And you go to C, go to Campus Recreation...that's our website,
and it's very self-explanatory.
Go to Facilities, if you want to know what some hours are.
There are the hours, the dates we have coming up.
Here is the hours of the different venues...the pool,
racquetball courts, all those things.
We will have all the instructors in here.
The instructors will be here on Saturday and we will have
group pictures of all of them so you'll know who they are
and you can say, it's really important, we like to know,
if you've got an instructor that's doing a really good job.
We need to know that so we can share that with them.
If we've got an instructor that needs to show a little more
enthusiasm, we need to know that also.
The same is true with our student employees.
Our payroll last year was about $170,000 and this is a big place
and it takes a lot of work to keep it up.
They should be friendly--as a matter of fact we require that
they be friendly, that they be helpful, they be respectful.
If they're not, please share that with me.
You're not telling on them, we're helping them, this is part
of their education, this is a learning experience for them.
And we do take them as part of our family, we help them,
if they need something they know they can count on us
to help them.
It is a big family, we have all kinds of people coming down.
I was telling the story of a little gal that's down there at
Access right now, her brother worked here about six years ago.
He's now one of our football coaches.
When his little sister came to school, he wanted her to work
at the Rec Center.
He said, "Mr. Baker, keep an eye on her,"
and so that's sort of the family atmosphere that we like
to create and that's why we're excited to have you join us.
They should be respectful to you, and in turn, you're going
to be respectful to them.
I actually had one professor, we asked her not to come in
and it was because she was not treating the students
respectfully and admitted so.
And then once we got through that, the professor is now back
and we're glad to have them back, and I think we had
a little communication problem there, but we got
that straightened out.
(female speaker). Do you have lockers
and do we bring our own locks if you do or how does that work?
(Ken). Great question, we have cubbies
down here, those are not secure.
I would not leave your Panthercard, your keys,
that sort of thing.
We do have lockers on that wall.
We do have full lockers with showers, and you can get those
down in the equipment room.
You go out these doors at the lower level, turn to the right,
and right before you go out the south exit of Lantz you'll see
a checkout window, and you can purchase your lock
at the bookstore, and then they will assign you a locker.
And there is, we have towards the lady's, and it also goes up
into the pool area, men's is down the hall as well.
So, yes we do, you can get your own lock at the bookstore
and you can get a locker assigned to you down at
the equipment room, okay?
(female speaker). Is there a rental fee
for a semester?
(Ken). No, no.
Also, we talked about our website here.
I also want to share with you, we have security cameras
throughout the facility.
We do that for safety reasons, we do that for performance
reasons, we do that for a number of reasons, but I will share
with you you're probably going to be on camera if you're
in the facility.
Not in here, this is a classroom, we use it for
a classroom, we use it for a meeting room.
But when you go outside you will be on camera, and we don't have
problems with theft, we don't have problems with vandalism,
we don't have problems.
Our students are wonderful, they do a wonderful job, and it's not
because of the security cameras, it's because they're great kids.
Disc golf, see if you can find that on there,
scroll all the way down, keep going, keep going, right there.
This is our disc golf course, we have a lot of professors use
the disc golf course.
Lot of fun, doesn't cost anything, it takes no
reservation, no tee times, you just come out here
and start going.
When I was a little boy this used to be actually a golf
course, a real golf course, but we don't have that any more.
But the disc golf course gets a lot of use and we're already
talking about--this is only two years old--and we're already
talking about another nine holes.
Also, these are intramural fields, you can go out there
and play with your families any time you want.
Now if you want to make sure you have exclusive use of it,
you need to reserve it.
Monday through Thursday it's used by intramurals,
but if you want to have a family reunion out there, I don't care,
go out there and have fun.
There's a very nice pavilion right there and there's softball
fields, four of these fields are lighted.
We stop our games at 9:00 so we'll be good neighbors
for the people over here along University Drive.
But that's an area that we've developed quite a bit
in the last three or four years.
(female speaker). So where is this
in reference to here?
(Ken). Straight south of here,
this is the campus pond, right over here is 4th Street,
Taylor Hall is right over here, McAfee, Grant Street
is down here, so we're looking south.
Do we have a big picture on there?
I do on my website...why don't you get on my website
and I'll show them the big picture...I've got it
under aerial view.
(Sarah). You mean under [unclear audio]?
(Ken). No, on my screensaver.
(Sarah). Oh, you want me to go
get it from downstairs?
(Ken). That's in the--
yeah, why don't you go get it.
(Sarah). I'll go get it.
(Ken). We'll show you exactly
where it is, alright.
(male speaker). Excuse me.
What is disc golf, I just had some questions.
(Ken). Disc golf is you have a basket,
like a chain basket, and you have a--you don't dare
call them frisbees in front of disc golfers, they're discs.
And they have different discs, one flies longer than the other,
some turn, some--anybody in here ever play disc golf?
Okay, [unclear audio] he knows, he's lighting up back there.
You have more than one disc?
(male speaker). Yes.
(Ken). Why?
(male speaker). Because sometimes you need it
to go far, sometimes you need it to curve.
(Ken). Well see, I can't do any
of that stuff, so I've got one disc.
Don't play him.
(Ken). But it gets a lot of play
and it's really fun, you can take your family out there,
it doesn't cost anything, college students take their
dates out there because it doesn't cost anything.
(Ken). And so, it is fun,
it's really fun.
(female speaker). For the purposes of membership,
how are spouses defined here?
(Ken). Spouses--what most people get
as far as a membership, and this is what I get it as well.
We get what we call a lift pass, a lift meaning basically
half a day and all weekend.
An AM lift goes from 5:30 in the morning until 3:00
in the afternoon, and that for the entire semester costs $50.
Now the Health Club will cost you $50 a month.
So that is an AM lift pass.
A PM lift pass goes from 3:00 in the afternoon until
12:00 midnight.
So that's what most people get, that's what I get.
(female speaker). What is a spouse?
Is it the opposite sex person to whom one is married?
(Ken). It needs to be legal papers,
whatever is recognized as a spouse.
(male speaker). Do you have any
tennis courts outdoors?
(Ken). Any...?
(male speaker). Tennis courts.
(Ken). Tennis courts, yes we do,
and when Sarah gets here...picture?
Oh you set it up on the...oh good.
We've got a big picture of it that she set up on the computer,
and I'll show you where some tennis courts are.
Yes, we do, and I'll show where we are.
(female speaker). I'm sorry, and I apologize
if I missed it, but did you tell us about your background
and how you ended up being here?
Are you a former coach?
(Ken). I'm a lifelong student of here.
The name, this building is named after is Coach Lantz,
I used to go trick-or- treating at his house.
My father is a Hall-of-Famer here, my sister was Homecoming
Queen here, I married a Pink Panther from here,
our daughter's a Lord Scholar from here, and our granddaughter
was two years ago the Homecoming Princess,
so yeah, I've been here awhile.
I was in the medical field for 17 years, I worked for
the National Football League as well--that's where the ring
came from--so when I came to the National Football League
is when I came to the University.
I left the medical--I was an optician--I left that, came here
and I've been here since 1994, so I've been around awhile,
I'm old.
But if you want to know where the Dairy Queen is
or anything else, I can tell you where it is in Charleston.
But it also means we're very much vested in this University.
We're not just professionally committed, we're very much
personally committed, and if you can't tell that from
my enthusiasm, then I'm not doing a very good job.
There's a question--and we--all right, there you go.
Sarah's tennis courts.
Okay, we've got some tennis courts.
(female speaker). First, where are we?
(Ken). We are right here.
This is north, this is south, this is Grant Street,
over here is Fourth Street.
For those of you interested, Marty's is right here.
And I can tell you the history on Marty.
Marty was a professional baseball player who played in
1969 All-Star game and the 1981 World Series.
He also quarterbacked for my father in high school.
Alright, there's tennis courts right here, there's tennis
courts and there's basketball courts right here.
There's more tennis courts over by Carman, there's more over
by Thomas and Taylor.
Were you asking more?
Oh, yes, right here, there you go.
And Colleen, she's a townie also, so that's why
she's correcting me.
So there's tennis courts there as well, those are your
best courts right there.
Another question over here somewhere, yes?
(female speaker). Do you have personal trainers
or students that are going to become
personal trainers available?
(Ken). Okay, Colleen, can you share
a little bit about the ATP lab, or Chris,
either one of you, Chris?
(Chris). Yeah, sure.
I was a graduate student here last year and we have the
assessment lab, it's called the ATP, or human performance lab.
It is just down the hallway, it's the very last door down
this hallway, on your righthand side.
And with this, it's a free service to all students
as well as faculty, and we do assessments including
body composition, flexibility, cardio-respitory,
muscular strength, musuclar endurance, or just a question
about an activity, as well as the new graduate students who
could help you with an exercise program along with that.
(Ken). Right out those doors,
last door on the right.
And at one time we had personal trainers in here, we felt that
we had some liability exposure, and I'll just
tell you the story.
I hurt my back, it's that trainer's fault,
I started taking medicine, that hurt my stomach, and somebody
is to blame other than me.
That's why we don't have personal trainers.
Other questions, yes?
(female speaker). You mentioned Mondays
at 4:00 there's 3,000 people in here, is there other times
during the day that might be better [unclear audio].
(Ken). Yes, absolutely--5 AM.
That's another reason why we swipe the Panthercards.
It tells us the busiest hour in the Rec Center is from 5 to 6,
the second busiest hour is from 4 to 5, the third busiest hour
is from 6 to 7.
(female speaker). PM, in the evening?
(Ken). In the evening.
Now, in the mornings you can come in here and there are not
many students working out here at 5:30 in the morning.
But we do have a group that's run through kinesiology
that you're in charge of?
(Chris). [unclear audio].
(Ken). Or Colleen...okay, Mark is.
And it's called Adult Fitness.
It is a community outreach program so there will be
200, 240?
(Chris). 250.
(Ken). 250, and we do charge them
to use the Rec Center because it's a community-based program
and a hospital-based, it's a cardiac--two, three?
Cardiac three rehab meds program, so that is--so the
students like the idea of us generating income at 5:30
in the morning while they're doing sleeping.
Best way to generate an income, while you're sleeping.
So on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you will see a lot
of people in here at 5:30 in the morning.
(male speaker). The Tuesday-Thursday mornings
is a good time?
(Ken). Tuesday-Thursday is a good time
because they must leave at 7:00, so from 7:00 until 10:00
is a great time also...great time also.
We have a lot of equipment, we can accommodate a lot of people,
so the only hours that you really have to wait--and then
you may not--is 4:00 to 5:00, 5:00 to 6:00,
somewhere in there.
And it gets, I mean it's crazy.
When you figure one out of every four students on campus comes
through here, I wish we could say the same about the library.
We're working on that, we're working on that.
(male speaker). If I recall correctly,
the pool is only open in the evening hours,
or afternoon hours.
(Ken). Correct, yes, and again
we apologize, we wish we had better aquatic accommodations
but that's what we have.
(female speaker). Can faculty access
the field house?
(Ken). On Wednesday evenings,
after 5:00, from 5:00 to 10:00, and on Saturday and Sunday
from 4:00 until 10:00.
(female speaker). And how crowded at those times
is the running track in the field house?
(Ken). Not at all,
it's a big, big area, big area.
And also, you may bring a guest as well, so if you want to bring
a guest for $5, it's cheaper than going to the movie.
Bring a guest, bring them to the counter, because we want your
friends to be welcome here, but we also would like to know
who they are, because if they go down we need to know where
to send the body.
So bring them to the front desk, sign a guest pass,
sign a waiver, and they're welcome, we want them
to be welcome.
Now family members need to be 18.
We don't have, unfortunately we don't have child age-related
activities for students much under 18.
We wish we did, but we don't.
It's really not safe to have some small youngster down there
and a 22 year old, 240-pound college guy go blowing through
there, knock him over in the lobby by accident,
they hit their head on the ceramic floor, we don't want
to be jeopardizing the safety of any student.
We apologize for that, we wish we could accommodate it,
but again when you see this place at 4:00 on Monday,
you'll understand why.
You want to come in here, you know, buckle your seat belt
because it's a fun place.
Any other questions--yes?
(female speaker). If you have a morning lift pass,
can you take exercise classes in the evening and vise-versa?
(Ken). Real good question.
She asked about having an AM pass and then wanting
to attend a PM session.
If you find yourself working out in PM, I would just switch
it over.
You could say--and you're going to have both the first semester,
so you'll get a chance to kind of get a feel for what your
schedule does--but if you have an AM pass and you're using it
in the PM, just switch it over to a PM.
Now if you want to do both consistently, then you need
to pay what the students pay and that's considerably more,
$70...$75, which is still--for the whole semester--which is
still about half the price you would pay at a health club.
So, yeah, but explain it to them at access.
I have an AM pass, my schedule is crazy today,
can I slip in here for the fitness class?
And they'll say, sure, go ahead.
Now if they see you the same day, every day, five days,
they're going to say, hey Dr. Amy, why don't you go up
to the Front Desk and get that changed to a PM pass.
(female speaker). You've mentioned the
intramural fields, how do you access them?
Is there a parking area near there, do you walk from here?
(Ken). Yes, Parking Lot W,
it's right here...yeah, that's Parking Lot W.
And when we have our faculty appreciation it will take place
right here, we'll have inflatables here,
we'll have games, we'll have baggos, we'll have all kinds of
stuff going on here, and Dr. Pearson will be driving
the golf cart back and forth here and I suggest you hang on.
Because you've seen the speed at which she goes,
she drives at that same speed.
We'll have a special parking area actually fenced off for you
for Faculty Appreciation Night right there.
And it's a fun evening.
We also have an observatory right here that they open up
for us too after dark.
But you can access it here, you can access it from here,
you can access it from the parking lots here.
A lot of people just walk to it, here we are, this is where
we are now, right here, here's the Rec Center, here's
the field house, here's Lantz Arena, there's Stevenson Towers,
and again Marty's.
Anything else?
(male speaker). [unclear audio].
(Ken). Yeah, he knows.
Alright, Mildred, anything?
(Mildred). Yes, I want to briefly say
a little bit about that Faculty Appreciation Day.
We could not pull off over 500 plus people and their families
without the Student Rec Center.
This man that you see before you, he is the same
today, yesterday, and forevermore.
He will have a GA at every location.
We have the dunk tank this year, we don't know which
administrators may or may not be in it, but I'm working on that.
(Ken). We're still working on
the dunk tank now Dr. Pearson really likes that because
I was in it.
(Mildred). I love that dunk tank.
We have a giant, huge, giant slide.
Faculty and the children love to go, Dean Irwin was coming down
the slide, and about two years ago I was coming down
that slide.
We have, I think--what is the little house for the children?
(Ken). Bounce house?
(Mildred). Bounce house, just a number of--
(Ken). Soccer cage balls,
baggos, music.
(Mildred). Yes!
Krishna, is it Latin music?
We'll have entertainment out there.
I cannot explain to you how that event has changed the culture
for our campus, because it's not everyday where you have a campus
that really focuses on faculty and their families, but we yield
that and our former president said, why haven't we had
an annual event prior to this, so now we make that
an annual event.
And it's the same time every year, the third weekend,
and we make sure.
The only thing we can't pray for is good weather.
And so we have as a backup, and I want to thank you for having
the backup plan, for eating will be here in case we have rain,
but Cody sponsors that event and it's great food.
But I want you to know that you can bring all of your family
members, grandmothers--I mean, I had someone to do that
and they said, is it okay, and I said sure, friends, family,
it's an open event.
But I want to thank Mr. Baker because I really am serious,
I make no qualms about it, I really do love this guy.
And he is, he really is faculty friendly, and I want to say
to him and his staff and the GAs, thanks from the bottom
of my heart.
And I want it to stop right there because
Faculty Appreciation Day cannot be, he takes the load off of me,
and I think about nothing else other than providing the food
because of this gentleman.
So I want you to give him a round of applause.
[audience applause].
(Ken). I used to be faculty,
as a matter of fact, I taught her!
(Mildred). Wow, I did not know that.
(Ken). Any other questions for me?
Okay, what we're going to do is, first thing is,
they're in alphabetical order and at the end of the day
you're welcome to go right down--beneath us is the office--
and you can take your sheet with you.
Now, we go through this, these sheets are non-transferable,
you can't sell them, these are for you.
This is a personal gift for you from the students
and Campus Recreation in appreciation for what
you do for Eastern.
Okay, you want to use it this semester.
Don't come up three years from now and say, you know,
I didn't want to work out then but I do now.
This is for this semester, and Mindy is down in the office,
the GAs are down in the office, they're waiting for you
to take advantage of it.
You will need your Panthercard because they'll need to put that
number here, you'll need to sign a waiver on the back,
and then you are members of the Rec Center, and you have
full privileges and benefits that go along with that.
So you want to do that, those of you who want to do it today
we have people down there prepared to do it with you.
We're going to take a tour, we're going to go outside here,
we're going to go left, we're going to go by
the Circuit Express, we're going to go by the lightweight area,
then we're going to circle back through the cardio area,
and we'll get a tour of the place.
Thank you, everyone.
(Mildred). Mr. Baker, Krishna wants to make
an announcement before they leave.
(Ken). Okay, Krishna.
(Krishna). This is the last time
you'll hear from me today, okay, so I'm trying to get
my cents in.
Just as a quick reminder, tomorrow is a half day and we'll
be having breakfast for you at the Seventh Street Underground.
We will post signs for you, it is in the basement of the Union
for those of you not familiar with that area.
You can access it through the elevator,
through the staircases, and we will have signs up for you.
And yes, we will have gift bags for you all to bring home
tomorrow, so have a great evening, have a great tour.
[background gym noises].
(Ken). Six courts, this is about
as wide as you'll see them.
[no dialogue].
This is a plyometrics area here, these are students, you won't
see many staff jumping up on this, but some of the students
will stand there and jump up on this.
There are medicine balls here, there's exercise balls here,
there are jump ropes here.
The reason we have these here is because there's an open area
and it's a little--if you can get in this area here,
so you can jump rope in this area here, okay,
because there's not many other places around to do it.
So that's what this area is for right here.
Weight balls, the medicine balls, a lot of exercise
and there are--there's some posters down there telling you
different exercises you can do with the medicine balls.
All different weights and so these are great
to work out with.
[no dialogue].
Again, this is the Circuit Express.
Probably one of the most popular additions we've added,
particularly with our adult population.
Again, sanitize the equipment, there's even rubber gloves
if you want to wear rubber gloves when you work out,
you're welcome to.
How do you operate these, if you'll move this way you'll see
a series of buttons, the more you have pushed in the more
resistance that you have.
If you pull them out, you'll have very little resistance.
There are no weights laying around, there's no weight stacks
there's no adjustments.
This is two years old.
But yet you can push in all the buttons and now you get,
now there's a lot of resistance there if you push in
all the buttons.
It's very smooth, no adjustments, no noise,
these have been very popular.
On the inside it shows what muscles are being worked out.
So it's very self-explanatory.
Let me see, you want to try this Jenny?
Step in here.
There's your weight stack right there, so that's a good place
to start, right there.
Give that a try.
No adjustments...there you go, nice and smooth...very good.
Now, don't make me look, don't show me up now.
But it's all right here, and they're very easy to use,
and if you go from that end to that end you will get
a total body workout.
And I can do it easily twice in a noon hour, so we get a lot
of activity on these.
There's some protocol here, read the protocol, they're made
to be done in sequence, so don't just jump in anywhere,
you want to do them in sequence.
[no dialogue].
We're starting--this is an area that's been very popular,
it's popular with our adults, it's popular with
the female population.
It's a little more private up here and, like they say, it's
not quite as intense and crazy as it is in the other room.
You have stretching here, you have exercise balls, you
have informational posters, you have again more medicine balls.
The black bars are heavy so you have some weight bars,
you have all the hand weights that you need.
It's also very closely controlled, security controlled,
right up there is a camera.
And we--again, this whole area has been developed in the last
two years, has been extremely popular, and you'll find
it's used mostly by the adult population and the females
and it's worked very, very well.
Again, sanitizing equipment also.
[no dialogue].
We have three different sets of weights, we have more exercise
balls and more medicine balls here.
We have the badminton state tournament here
in the Rec Center and in Lantz Arena.
Also one of our students who works at the Rec Center
is the Junior National Champion, so he's very good.
Anybody by the last name of Hussey?
Don't play him in any racquet sports.
Now just consider yourself warned.
His father is 80-something, and I think I might be able to beat
his mother, but I can't beat Dr. Hussey, Sr. who's 82
or something like that, and he's on a walker.
It just automatically dipenses it.
Stretching area, we do have new mats coming, new wall mats
as well, boxing, a [unclear audio] cage over there,
more exercise balls.
These are the Nautilus selectorized machines,
34 of them.
Those cost about $3,000 a piece, there's 34 of them,
so do the math.
Twenty of the ellipticals, all of those have TV's built on them
so you can sit there and watch your favorite show.
Alright, come on through.
I've been telling them to smile, there you go.
[no dialogue].
We have recumbent bikes, they've got armchairs on them,
it's like it's hardly exercising, you know,
it's like sitting in your recliner watching TV,
but they're tremendously comfortable, they're very
ergonomically correct, and that you can sit there with
a nice support on your back.
We have upright bikes as well.
There's two entrances--you can come in this way, you can come
in this way or you can come in from down below.
If you come in from this way you need to go downstairs
and swipe your Panthercard.
We wish--this facility was built in 1991, what landmark
legislation was passed in 1991?
(male speaker). ADA.
(Ken). ADA.
The finances, the drawings, everything was done,
this building had started, if it had been one year later
there would have been an elevator right there.
Unfortunatly it's not, we do have an elevator, it's put in
behind there, so if you have some accessiblity problems,
please share them with us.
We can get you in fine, but the timing couldn't have been worse
as far as accessibility, but we've not had a single person
that we could not accommodate.
So we want to accommodate everybody, and we have
in the past, and will continue.
So, climbing wall over there, that's a tread wall
that continues to go around, all kinds of fun stuff here.
We've got new furniture coming in, it's starting to come in now
and within the next two or three weeks, we should have all new
equipment downstairs, except I don't expect you to be sitting
in it, I expect you to be up here working out.
Any questions for me, last chance?
(male speaker). For those of us who do
get the membership, those of us who have memberships
waiting for us, where do you get them?
(Ken). You can go down to the office,
they're waiting for you.
It's your last time to visit with me, otherwise you're going
to have to wait until Sunday and yell at me with the other
NFL officials.
So thank you, we look forward to seeing a lot of you.
Please, if you have questions or if we can help you, that's
our job, that's our business, we're here to help you.
So, thank you and we look forward to seeing a lot of you.
♪ [music playing-- no dialogue] ♪♪.