Koreatown in Toronto, Canada

Uploaded by simonandmartina on 18.08.2010

If you're moving to Korea or are interested in Korean culture
and you happen to live in Toronto, you're in luck.
Toronto has two distinct Koreatowns, and we happen to be at the one
at Bloor and Christie, so come check it out!
So a lot of people have been asking us
"Where can I get authentic Korean groceries in Toronto?"
Well we're on Bloor and Manning, maybe a three minute walk
away from Christie station, and over here we are going into
an authentic Korean supermarket. We're gonna browse about
and see what we can find. Let's go.
So, we're here in the second Koreatown. This one's located in North York,
it's just outside of Toronto, and the main intersection is Yonge and Finch.
If you head out to this area you're gonna find tons of Korean restaurants
and tons of Korean things to do. Even one of the most popular Noraebangs,
Twister, is located here. Let's go explore!
So this is our favorite Korean restaurant in Toronto,
it's located in North York at Yonge and Churchill.
This is the Oh Geul Boh Geul. Now, before I came to Korea
I worked at a Hagwon for two years and I would eat here every week,
and this is what made me fall in love with Korean food.
So make sure you check it out, cuz it is AWESOME.
So if you couldn't tell by now I love really, really cute things.
So we're here at Morning Glory. It has Korea's name brand stationery things.
They do, like, pens and pencils, and blankets and stuff,
and if I didn't already live in Korea, I'd probably blow
every paycheque at this place. So let's go to Morning Glory
and spend some money!
And last but not least your experience in Koreatown
would not be complete if you don't go for some Noraebang.
The one we recommend is here. It's the XO. It's very popular
and it's very good and it's got a lot of modern songs,
so come here with your friends and sing your guts out,
because that's what you're gonna be doing in Korea...oh yeah!
My Mil...ahhhh. Anyhow, if you can't tell, we're back in our apartment
in Korea now and none too soon because, believe it or not,
we felt kind of homesick cuz, Korea's our home now.
Anyhow, we were lucky to be in Toronto because, as you can see,
Toronto has a lot to offer in terms of Korean culture. So,
if you're about to move to Korea and you want to learn more about it,
or if you're a Korean (like, we're a little bit Korean)
and you want to experience some Korean culture as well,
make sure you check out Koreatown in Toronto. Oh yeah!