Valve's office groustage venue review @ The International 2 (with Eng subtitles)

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Aug 26, 2012

Hello everybody! Now we’re in the Valve office where
the first day of group stage of the International
tournament is held. I’ll make a little review of
gaming zone. Unfortunately it won’t be the review
of the whole office, but I’ll make it on Tuesday or
Wednesday, because it’s forbidden to walk
everywhere you want. There lots of cool stuff, as
you can see these printed ones. Here you can see a
very famous person – Fill Coul, he came to
Ukraine to make film about Dendi, and you can read in my blog
about it. Here is the storage for every team’s devices.
Every team has its own box where it can keep its printed devices.
And every team has its own SSD drive,
where there are all necessary settings, so they don’t
need to make settings for every new computer, do they
can just connect their drive and everything will be ready.
Here’s also free food, lots of interesting stuff, like nuts, seeds,
chocolates which you can eat. If it’s finished,
so here’s even more of them.
Usually here is Valve’s cafeteria, where everybody
has a meal, but now it serves as playing zone. There’s a large
stream, you can see our pizza for lunch,
Here’s a small press zone and we can see here.
-“Hi!” And here’s the room for media and managers. Manager
s can’t enter the rooms where players are working, so players are
doing their stuff without them. Manager stream room. Here are all of them. This is Zhou which has won the game.
Here’ you can see lots of interesting
things, including prizes Aegis and the 2nd one with a cool figure Axe. In
addition here’s such a courier.
That’s all, stay with us and support us, ‘because today we are having 2 games. See you.