Marlene & Rebecca - Part 75

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Imagine if Emilio hadn't found Kim.
We all think she's on school trip when she was laying in a cellar with blood poisoning.
This action is so typical for that midget. A brain as big as a pea.
Fortunately everything went well. Kim will soon be released from the hospital.
Yes, now she's still in a period of grace but when she gets back home then...
She looked so small in that bed and pale.
Hey...shall I take the rest of the day off? You definitely don't want to be alone right now.
That's sweet but...I'm not alone, I still have an appointment with Tristan.
- What kind of appointment? - An interview for a web portal about the talent show.
But you don't actually have anything to do with the talent show, right?
Yeah, initially not but because it takes place in No Limits...
...I'm kinda involved in the organization and I enjoy it.
- Let's hope Tristan keeps it together. - Don't worry...
...when there's drama in this talent show than definitely not between Tristan and me, that's for sure.
[ Knock on door ]
Oh, please excuse me count Lahnstein. I thought you were out.
I bring you your mail.
Can I get you anything else?
So, we'll see if we can still find you something yummy to eat, huh...ah Tristan.
I still have something for you, upstairs.
The go-ahead of the legal department.
Which means, as soon as the winner of your talent show is known, you can start producing a new number 1 hit.
How is the collaboration with Marlene?
Good, good.
We're giving an interview today, a promo for the talent show final.
In one of the biggest online magazines in Germany.
- Is that a good idea? - That's...that's an excellent idea.
The website has 100.000 views on a daily basis.
I don't have to tell you that the company urgently needs some positive publicity.
And that's why we're giving an interview.
And you're sure that you've got yourself under control?
That you won't squash another innocent egg or slash a Van Gogh?
Why? Do we have another one?
From now on I will keep away from paintings and boiled eggs, satisfied?
You also ruined the auction house with your jealousy.
I won't provide any more bad headlines. You can rely on that.
Hallo. Excuse me for being late.
That's ok. Nice of you to join me for this interview.
No problem. When the competition is successful, it's nice advertisement for No Limits.
- I understood that you’re not doing it with love. - That's not what I meant.
All I was saying is that we kill two birds with one stone. It's all about getting attention.
- And that's your specialty. - Indeed. After all, we are professionals.
- What is your personal favorite song? - Definitely "Love Is A Miracle".
And YOUR personal favorite?
Good try.
To go over some questions beforehand, that's how we like it.
Edwin Heinberg, pleased to meet you. I'm a big fan.
- Your successor at 'Lily Rose' has nothing on you. - Thanks, although I think Désiree is doing an excellent job.
We'll better get to the point. I still have another appointment.
I'd like to take a picture of you both to put online.
That's how we promote our live interviews just before streaming.
- Gladly - uhm - best in front of the pool? - Or in front of the bar.
It doesn't matter where. I like them both. So, give me a big smile.
A little bit closer, please.
Uhm - still a bit closer and maybe put your arm around Marlene.
Excuse me for a minute.
- Olli, make me a whiskey. - Of course.
Cameras make me a little nervous.
- Do you also want one? - No.
Why didn't he say up front he needs music samples for the interview?
- It's no problem. We'll take Aleen and Leonie. - Yeah and a guy.
What about this Vincent Newman?
Yeah, that sounds good.
Bring me another whiskey.
- Do you really think that's a good idea? - Yes, this sample works.
No, I was actually talking about drinking one whiskey after the other right before the interview.
What's the problem?
When I get drunk and start talking nonsense then you'll come off all intelligent.
I can understand it’s not easy for you to give an interview with me.
If I may quote you: "The world doesn't just revolve around you, Tristan."
And you know what, you're right... no matter what I do, the world goes on.
But she also doesn't resolve around you. So calm yourself down.
Bring me another one.
Mhm - now comes the big drama queen again.
I had hoped we could do this interview in a professional way.
But under the circumstances I would rather cancel.
That's just like you. "Mr. Heinberg, unfortunately I can't give the interview...
...because my ex-fiancé is drinking out of grief 'cause I left him."
I will tell him I have an important appointment that I forgot all about.
- How gracious of you, should I be thankful to you to? - I don't care what you think!
But under these circumstances I will not give an interview with you.
Do you really think we made up an evil plan to make you suffer?
Should I have stayed with you out of gratefulness?
Should I have married you out of gratefulness?
And I was your mistake?
Yes, you were my mistake.
But now I'm in love with Rebecca and we're together so... with it.
Do you need anything else?
Did I ask for something?
Unfortunately that was a short appearance.
- Yeah, I'm sorry. - Yeah.
To be honest, I'm not sure if we can make time for another appointment before the final.
- Hmm, I understand. - It's not easy, right? To work with you ex-fiancé?
What's that got to do with it?
You don't think we canceled the interview because of personal reasons?
- I was under the impression. - Something important came up for Marlene.
When you say so.
Well then.
- Tell me, did you put the photos up already? - Luckily I haven't yet. Why?
I'll do the interview...alone.
Are you sure?
The talent show is my concern anyhow. Marlene just helped me a bit with the organization.
- Well, still... - Of course it's too bad we have to do it without Marlene.
...but I assure you, you won't regret it.
Yeah, I have my notebook.
What kind of impression?
Ok - uhm - yeah, thanks Olli. Bye.
What's wrong?
I just called Olli to discuss something about the talent show...
...and he tells me that Tristan is doing the interview on his own.
- THAT interview you just canceled? - Yeah.
I mean...the bottom line is it's his right to do it.
I just felt that he wasn't in the right condition to give an interview.
- He was pretty drunk when I left. - Maybe Olli somehow misheard and they're just talking.
In the first round they had to interpret a given piece...
...and in the final round the artists have to perform their own song.
- I'm sure Marlene can give them a lot of tips. - Definitely.
Even when the high point of her career is already over.
You mean because she's not Lily Rose anymore? Even so, Marlene is still incredibly popular.
Of course, she knows how to draw attention to herself. She's always been good at that.
How has your personal relationship developed?
I can imagine it's not easy working together with the woman who left you at the altar.
We're both professionals. It's no problem.
I'm not a sore loser. I had the trophy for some time and then I passed it along. That's how life works.
The trophy?
Please Tristan, don't do this now.
You probably know that Marlene first had a relationship with my brother...
...then with me and now with my younger sister.
If she also hooked up with other family members, that I can't say.
- You sound bitter. - No, no...on the contrary...
...I have a lot of respect for people who are aware of their talents....
...and who make the best of it and on top of that Marlene can sing too.
Then you don't have anything against the relationship between your sister and Marlene?
I really wish Rebecca all the best from the bottom of my heart...
...and I hope she enjoys it while it lasts.
That means, you assume that their relationship won't last long?
I assume that Marlene will break her heart, yes.
And when that happens I can only hope for Rebecca that it will be over quickly.
And if I can somehow help with this process...
...than I'll be glad to do it.
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