Reid: Aviation Jobs Bill is a Down Payment on Democrats' Jobs Agenda

Uploaded by SenatorReid on 18.02.2011

Today the senate passed a common-sense bipartisan Bill.
It’s a jobs bill actually would create or save 280,000 jobs
and will help move this country forward. The bill will reduce costly and frustrating airline
delays and
will protect the rights of passengers, it will
modernize air traffic system that heavily relies on world war II technology
And it won't increase the deficit one penny.
For states like Nevada
rely on tourism
this bill means jobs.
Tourism is the lifeblood of virtually every state in the union
and this bill will help tourism.
more than 31,000 jobs stain by airports
in Reno and Las Vegas.
Las Vegas is one of the busiest airports in the world.
45- million people travel every year to Nevada.
This bill will reduce delays and help keep our passengers safer.
This is really though down payment on agenda that we rolled out yesterday.
Democrats are going to be focused on creating jobs by a outbuilding, out-educating, out-innovating 0:01:05.610,0:01:07.250 our competitors.
Families in Nevada across America are still hurting
and that's an understatement.
We’re not going to take our eyes off creating jobs until everyone who is able to work can
find a job.
But to keep our economy moving forward we're going to need cooperation in the house of representatives.
Unfortunately they have spent the last six weeks fighting the old battles the old, old battles
making extreme threats and talking about anything but jobs.
This bills an example of the kind of common sense legislation we could pass to grow our
If we worked together I hope this is a model for how we can address the issues that are facing
our country.
We need to keep our economy moving.