Police investigate assault on young man in Murupara

Uploaded by tekareremaorinews on 16.05.2011

The Tokoroa police are searching for the youths responsible
for the vicious bashing of a 21-year-old man
in Tokoroa yesterday.
A vicious attack which put a young man in hospital
fighting for his life
after being attacked by a gang of youths
on these Tokoroa streets yesterday.
The question now is what provoked this cruelty?
According to police, at 1.30pm yesterday afternoon,
in the vicinity of Jedburgh Street,
up to 10-15 youths aged 15-25 years old, girls and boys,
viciously bashed a 21-year-old man
with steel pipes and fence palings.
He is now in Waikato Hospital with serious head injuries.
A resident on this street did not want to be identified,
but says that this sort of thing is not new here.
The police continue their investigation.
Hinerangi Goodman, Te Karere.