Dumitru Duduman Warning America Part 3 of 10

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{\*\generator Msftedit;}\viewkind4\uc1\pard\lang1033\f0\fs20 Translation: So he said, "Go find a rich one,
just come to God." Well, I went and found Maria brothers...Maria was an orphan, she
was poorer than those in the church. But she was very beautiful. And I liked her a lot,
so I said, "If you come to God, I will marry you." I married her when she was seventeen
years old, and it's been thirty-seven years. Two days ago was our thirty-seventh anniversary.
Hallelujah! [APPLAUSE]\par Brothers...I married Maria...we began to go
to church...we committed ourselves to God, we prayed for a long time until we received
the power of God. After receiving the power of God, I began to preach the gospel. I went
through many churches, and in our country they're aren't very many churches. But in
those times the churches were underground. We'd gather and put pillows in the windows.
We'd lock all the doors. Many times in basements...in the forest, and we'd pray to God. We'd have
communion and we'd be full of the Holy Spirit. And God would strengthen us and keep bringing
new people into the kingdom of God. While traveling through churches, I saw that there
were no bibles. I would ask the pastors, "Why don't you have any bibles? While I was on
the Black Sea, many bibles came in. And the pastor would say, "Brother, the bibles came
in through communist hands. The communist's sold them to us. The next day they sent the
police and the police confiscated them. And we're still left without any bibles." When
I heard this I went and spoke to my family. And once again I went to the Black Sea. I
went to the Chief of the shipyard and I said, "Chief...I have gotten married...I have no
job...please give me a job here." "But I have no job for Christians, he said." "But sir,
what do I do, I came here to Marine School." I said, "Let me be a trash cleaner around
here at least." He said, "But Dumitru, I could not see you with a broom in your hand." "Then
what do I do sir?" He said, "Now hold on a minute. Do you know how to cook?" "Oh yes,
I do." "Then go cook in the cafeteria. I will pay you very well." Thats were I had to be
brothers. I didn't go because I had no money. My father was a wealthy man. But I went to
be able to meet the missionaries, because missionaries never left their exact address.
And so I cooked for two months. That's were I learned how to suffer because everybody
mistreated me there. But I said, "Suffer Dumitru, Christ suffered much more than you." Well
after two months, I heard the same voice from the ship. "Dumitru, run to pier for the ships,
Digg is coming in." I ran to the pier, and the first man that got out was brother Digg.
From far away I said, "Peace of God unto you brother Digg." Because the Romanian Christian
greeting is "Peace of God Unto You." The American Christian greeting...hi and bye. [GIGGLES]\par
Well when brother Digg saw me in civilian clothing, he began to cry. He didn't know
what had happened to me. So he said, "Lets meet in the second hotel in Constanta. "Because
we Romanian's were not allowed to speak to foreigners. If I was caught speaking to him,
I'd have about six months of jail. I went to the hotel...there we prayed together, and
together we left for Bucharest. There we found brother Andrew, brother Harlem, brother Richard,
and other brothers. We made a strong pact. They would bring the bibles into Romania and
I would give them to the churches. And within about three years, most of our churches had
bibles. The churches continued to pray for us and God protected us all the time. They
had just passed a new law in Romania. All of those caught having contact with foreigners...or
giving bibles to other people, 25 years of jail. And the confiscation of all material
wealth. So your life was always in danger. But we had faith that God would protect us.
After three years, God heard the prayer of the church. And in 1970 after they'd closed
the borders, God sent intense rain. It rained so hard that over half the country was flooded.
When the communist government saw so many losses, they asked for the foreigners help.
They reopened the borders and bibles started coming in freely. For four years bibles came
in freely. But the brothers had no more Romanian bibles. That's when they sent over many Russian
bibles. I was only about eighteen kilometers away from the Russian border. And so I hid
a lot of bibles everywhere. I didn't know where to hide them at anymore. I tried to
take them over the border, but I just couldn't. I came home very sad. The police began to
follow me. When my dad saw my face pale, he asked, "Dumitru, are you sick?" I said, "No."
"Then why's your face so pale son?" "Well dad, I have so many Russian bibles...I have
no idea where to hide them at anymore. I keep trying to take them over, but I just can't."
He asked, "You tried to?" " I said, "Yah, me." "Did you pray first?" "Well, no." "Did
you fast?" "Well, no" "Did you ask God about this?" "Well, no." "You trusted yourself...that's
why you couldn't take them over. Lets unite and fast, lets pray to God, and God will come
and show you a way." Brothers...we decided that day...and that night I wasn't fully asleep,
and I felt a hand. "Wake up Dumitru." I jumped up and at the head of my bed there was a man
dressed in a white robe. When I saw him I began to shake. I looked at the door. How
did he get in? Door was locked, windows closed. Who is he and how did he get into my house?
He said, "Dumitru, don't be afraid. Do you want to take bibles into Russia?" "Ah ah,
yes I do." "Well take a pen and write this down." I couldn't write...I was shaking so
hard.\par }