Starcraft 2 ZOTAC Semifinal P1/2 Day[9] Casting

Uploaded by day9tv on 31.05.2010

Welcome ladies and gentlemen this is game 1 of ZOTAC Cup number 13. Nerchio the random
player up against Satini the Terran player on Steppes of War. A very interesting first
choice of map for a best of 3. This map is extrordinarily aggressive there's this kind
of funky terrain in the middle I mean it is just a pretty standard open circular center
but because Steppes of War is so small there's those little bits of shrubbery in the middle
that really screw up your ability to attack other units. Whether you know the units are
there or not you can not shoot past the shrubbery unless you have direct vision of units behind
it so occasionally you will be able to see the units but you need to have your units
past the shrubbery to begin to start doing damage so that is a huge risk to try to engage
a player who's behind those shrubbery. Moreover, you can plant tanks on that low ground region
to hit that natural expansion because Satini is terran that's going to be a big effect
on this game and the two Xel Naga watchtowers though useful because they do cover so much
of space on the map don't really give you that much vision of what's going on ground
wise. They're mainly used for air coverage and to check those critical gold expansions
so those will be useful in the mid stages of the game but less useful early on. Big
important question is what is Nerchio going to spawn as with the random pieces. This map
you're going to have to do a lot of early scouting with terran. So many terran builds
depend heavily on knowing what race your opponent is on a map this small. On a map like temple
you could get away with something a little bit more generic a 12 barracks followed by
a 12 refinery or something of the sort so that way you could end up with just a pretty
standard looking midgame regardless of your opponents race. But on Steppes of War, you
have so much that you need to worry about that it can be a little bit risky. You do
need to do a lot of nice timed aggression in the early stages of the game as Terran.
Especially before your opponent gets control of his big double bridge or should I call
it the fat bridge is what I traditionally call it. Ooohh looks like Nerchio spawning
as the purple Protoss in the bottom left, Gunrun having a little bit of good old manner
lag to start things out but of course we streamers never lag for too long we always fix that
right away. We do have Satini spawning as the yellow Terran in the top right. And once
again Nerchio did random Protoss in the bottom left. Already what's nice about Nerchio's
position is because he is Protoss but a random Protoss that means he does not need to worry
too much about umm he doesn't need to worry about any sort of proxy barracks that would
allow a bunch of reapers to pop up in the main like that. We do see one pylon going
down. Nerchio might opt to harass yes a probe is heading out right now. Early probe harasses
like this against Terran are so good on this map just because of the fact that your opponent
is likely going to have to wall in. Oooh Satini going for a 9 rax. This is going to be big
trouble the fact that this probe is going to be able to harass this SCV right away.
Probes nowadays basically the strongest worker in Starcraft 2. Already some hits being taken
on that SCV. The SCV stops mining to try to do a little bit of damage it's at 5 hit points.
Ooh my goodness Satini might lose an SCV right away. But look at this look at how calm and
controlled our Protoss player Nerchio is being. He is staying back trying to harass this second
worker that is now wailing away on this barracks. He wants to do as much damage as possible,
keep it off building off mining for as long as he can. There is that one SCV with 5 hit
points in there if Nerchio just taps that Alt key he should be able to see it. Oh look,
seems smart that Satini is repairing that to give him a little extra health but that's
a lot of time wasted just healing just those 10 hit points might not seem like it but is
absolutely critical that you keep all units mining for as long as possible. So the gateway
is now finished. It is rallied, gas is down as well. Nerchio probably going to be making
a Zealot before that cybernetics core get there.