Shopping with Jap Boys (Eng Subbed)

Uploaded by Orangetummy on 16.09.2010

Isn't this great?
Isn't that great
It suits you Toshiki
Oh, looking good
hot spring?
you're going to the hot spring?
looking good!!
it's great huh!
but isn't it a little too big?
oh no, it fits you perfectly
.. it's over between us!!!
Why are you laughing?
New fashion?
A hat?
Japanese Fashion
Japanese Fashion??
Japanese Fashion
Oh that one looks cool!
This one's good?
What are you doing!
Sometimes I don't know what they're saying haha
but I just pretend I do and nod my head :D
How are you?
I'm good thank you~
Which one which one?
Which one's good...
I don't know
There's not much
Isn't this small?
(mimicking) Isn't this small?
Woah but this is XL
(mimicking) Woah but this is XL
I'm fat so I can't fit
Why are you laughing!?
No reason
Don't laugh at me!
I'm sorry
Fine.. but call me "Rei-sama'
Rei- sama
You actually said it
I'm kidding
You told me to
Thank you!