Scrooged (7/10) Movie CLIP - Crazy Like a Fox (1988) HD

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I have seen your nobler aspirations
Fall off one by one
Till the master passion--
Engrosses you.
Farewell, ebenezer.
May you be happy with the path you have chosen.
I am happy with the path
That I've chosen, you bitch!
I couldn't be happier!
What are you? Crazy?
Yeah, buddy, I'm crazy!
Crazy like a fox!
Crazy enough to see through your little tricks.
I'm back. I can see now.
No one could have been that simple and good
And kind and decent, yet caring, wonderful.
Not on this planet,
Not unless they had something to hide,
Some trick up their sleeve.
You wouldn't trick me!
Don't try to trick me because I'm back!
We'll check things out at operation reach out.
Step aside, grandma.
Blood drive. $20 a pint.
Come on, folks.
Ah, here's a happy donor. Thank you so much.
Merry christmas.
Well, just for the record,
You left me.
You had to go somewhere and get your head together!
Baby, my head is just fine. Check it out!
It's right here where it belongs!
What's the point?
It's lonely at the top?
It's not lonely at the top!
Oh, maybe around my birthday and at sunset.
There have been a couple weekends
That would have raised hell with a normal person.
But that's me. I'm a widow of business.
It's my life! I've chosen it!
At least I work someplace that you can find
When you're looking for it.
Ok, here we are now.
When I want a wife, I'm going to buy one,
And she's going to be devoted to me,
To my wants, and my needs,
Not like you!
Let's face it-- you treated me like dirt!
Oh, lord! Another wild and wooly one.
Honey, you look frozen.
Come over here