LeProjetImagine - Taig Khris

Uploaded by leprojetimagine on 11.05.2010

The person who reached out to me, who really had an impact on my life,
I don't even think he knows this,
is a buddy called Magic, that's his nickname Jean Magic.
It was a funny thing, I was 15. It was here at the Trocadero with my friends.
I had no self-confidence, because I had a brother who was so successful.
I was always second, though I get along really well with my brother.
Whenever we started something,
my brother would do it better, and that would hold me back.
That day, I was at the Trocadero, my brother wasn't there. My friend
Magic came to see me and said :
"There's supposed to be this new ramp at Maisons-Alfort, let's go take
a look." So he took me along.
We went at Maisons-Alfort,
and for the first time in my life, I tried something without my brother.
That was the trigger.
I went back the next day and the next.
We trained every day for hours and hours
and at last I started feeling self-confident
because I was trying something on my own.
I became passionate.
The months went by,
three months later I had a competition in Versailles.
This competition was extremely important for me.
It was symbolical even though it was for amateurs,
because I was going to show whether or not I could do this.
I was totally stage-struck. I botched everything during the qualifications.
I ranked 11th even though only 10 are qualified in the finals.
That was the horrible verdict where I say to myself :
"Well, no, I can't do this.”
Like many other kids I had this total collapse in morale.
Then life turned everything around once again. The next
day one of the qualified competitors broke his leg before the finals.
So I put on the skates again didn't
even have time to worry about anything I was successful in the
finals, came in 2nd.
That was really a total trigger.
I was cured for life.
From that moment on my whole life changed
Everything I would do in the future I would be successful in.
It's funny, how life works,
because it all started
with that moment when my friend Magic took me to the ramp.
And if on that day, I hadn't been at Trocadero,
or my friend hadn't thought of that, I wouldn't be here today.
So a tribute to my friend,
who probably doesn't even realize this,
so, I hope you see this video.
A big thank you to you you're the one
who gave me that first stone for building the rest,
and for being where I am today.
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