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I love that show too. Hey, if you'd like to become a zombie without being bitten, you
need to listen to what my friend Les Galusha says. So, Les, how long do you think it's
gonna take to zombify me? Well, everything we're using here you can find at Walmart or
in your kitchen. This here is a little gelatin appliance made from like Knox gelatin, a little
higher grade than that. But I've pre-painted it, and it's a sculpture here just a little
tooth bite. Oh, look. So the first thing to become a zombie is to get infected in some
way. Ah. So we're gonna say zombie bite. Ah, infection. And earlier today we created a
small army of zombies, about six of them in an hour. And we used anything from oats and
latex and tissue paper and latex and more tissue paper and latex. So what we're gonna
do is put a bite here, probably on this larynx area. So I'm gonna use some adhesive -- it's
very sticky. It comes off with special remover called Napalm. Ah, so I get to wear some Napalm.
And, again, this is gelatin. It can sweat off, so it's not foolproof that it's gonna
last all day. And this stuff is like contact cement. So I put it on one piece here and
I put it on the other piece. And it will -- once the two pieces are dry they will adhere to
each other. So now, we're gonna see here -- let's see kinda how this fits here. So we gotta
bite. And depending on how much time you have will depend on how much these edges can get
blended. If the mold has thick edges then you can't ever blend a thick edge mold. So
we try to get these as thin possible. So they're paper thin at the edges? Right, right. It
smooths all the way down to nothing, and then you can use what we're gonna show in a minute,
some hot witch hazel, which you can get at a pharmacy or Walmart. Right. So now I'm gonna
take this piece here and I'm gonna get under the edges as close as possible to tie a few
of these down. If you leave these on the ground, one of these dogs running around might eat
because it is edible. It's made of gelatin. And we'll end up painting this with -- you
can paint it with rubber mask grease paint, which you can get at Halloween stores. There's
also alcohol activated paints, which are waterproof. The good thing about wounds and zombies is
there's no -- they're not pretty. The edges can be torn. If it's an old age makeup or
something like that, it needs to be perfect. Whereas what we're looking at here, you can
always add a piece of goo, and it can just look like another wound. So it's holding on
here, so you've got a good, solid bite. I can feel it. Now these edges, what I'm gonna
do is I'm gonna take witch hazel, which I have here, I'm gonna heat it up in the microwave
for about 12 seconds. You don't want it to get too hot. Okay, I'm removing the edges
with witch hazel to kind of smooth them out. So does it dissolve… It dissolves the gelatin.
It does when it's hot. If the edges are thick, though, it still won't dissolve. It'll still
be a thick edge. So there's a few places -- like this looks really good over here. I haven't
got to the other side yet. It's secure and it should last for awhile. And then once we're
done with this, I'm gonna slightly powder it. And then you can use any kind of baby
powder, talc. So this is just some talc I'm gonna kinda put on here to keep anything from
not sticking to itself. And the good thing about gelatin is it's translucent like skin.
You can make it out of foam as well, and foam is not -- it's, you know, opaque. It's too
opaque. Correct, so you can't see through it. Well, this is the same color as skin if
you can put a little makeup, just normal cake makeup, and it'll kinda blend to your skin.
So this is just a little bit yellower than you are, not too bad. But we'll just paint
it here. It just means it's jaundiced. So I'm gonna find a good color. And you can use
rubber mask grease paint. Again, alcohol. I'm just gonna put in some. I've already sort
of tinted it that red color. If you're gonna make a makeup piece like this, first, you
need to have a place to sculpt the bite on, which you can use a slab of wood, anything,
and you use clay, then you need to make a negative of that clay so then you have a negative
of your mold. Then you fill that up with your gelatin. And I'm gonna put some purple. Wounds
and things aren't just always red. That's the thing, a lot of times less is more, no
pun intended, in make up. A lot of people just cake it on. And this morning, we were
putting on makeup on their faces and on one of them used simply latex and toilet paper,
and on another one we used oats. You can use sandpaper, anything to give texture. And then
you can add like scabs and stuff. So, here, I'm just adding some subtle layers of paint.
So now, get a little purple to give kind of a bruising color. And so like now, if I wanted
to, I could go up here and create kind of some darker kind of purple, veiny, depending
on what kind of zombie it is, you can do some really subtle bruising. It's really just how
much time you wanna spend on each area. I'm gonna fill this up with some blood gel. Don't
skimp on the blood gel. Looks like the just got bit. So inside each tooth… It's feeling
that way. Like, if you look at it, inside each tooth mark I'm gonna put a little goo
of this. I'm not just gonna fill up just every bit of it or you might as well throw on a
mask of jelly on his neck. And in the end we can always, you know, if we wanted to,
get a brush and splatter like it's sprayed and spewed up everywhere all over his neck.
But you can see, it kind of blends here, and like at this little edge here it doesn't quite
smooth, we can add just this little blood piece to hide that. So now he's got a bite.
You know, pretty good little hole in his neck. This is a good example of a quick and dirty
makeup that you can do with anything out of your kitchen and scare your dinner guests.
I love it. There we go. So we can do little abrasions. It's like I fell off my bicycle
while zombies where chasing me. That's a good point. So he's got a little chin abrasion
there, maybe where he fell off a bike, and then the zombies attacked him after he couldn't
get up fast enough. Say you conked your head, then there'd maybe be like a slight pink.
Again, makeup, you don't wanna add too much. This is just a subtle layer here that's giving
him kind of a burned look. Then we're gonna add little bit, a little bit more red, but
not much. A lot of times I'll use Q-Tips or I'll use sponges or the ends of fat brushes.
So now it looks just a little irritated. So to make it actually look like a bruise, we
need some blue. And one thing you can do with a bruise, to make a bruise look like it's
sticking out further, is you can always add a lighter ring around it, and it gives you
the illusion of depth. So we got a little bump there. Let's take a little of this kind
of purple here. This is a similar look you can do for someone who's cold. So now he's
got kind of this like allergy nose, as we'll call it for the moment. And I'm gonna add
some vein, litle blue veins. If you wanna close your eyes, I'm gonna do a little bit
here just in the eyes. And this is more of a red tone. And one thing we wanna make sure
we wanna do is not stop with a hard line, we wanna kinda get it smoothed out or it'll
look like makeup. Now I'm using the grease paint becasue we're going around the eyes.
I did not wanna use any of the alchohol stuff because alcohol around the eyes isn't good.
And we tested this beforehand to make sure that there were no allergies because some
people do have allergies to different things, so. Was it it stage one of zombie, just sort
of getting sick. You just got bit, so we're going too far with this. Right now I think
that's a good look for your face. But, say, what would happen if we brought up the diease
from the neck that's going to this area. So I'm gonna take this color that we started
down there and kind of start bringing it up. Following the path of contagion. Now if you
wanna follow some of Les's tips, make sure you have plenty of time, you don't wanna rush
the process. And get creative, look around your kitchen. You can't imagine what you'll
find in there where you can become a convincing real dead zombie. And makes sure you subscribe
to eHow Home.