AXE Chickipedia - Always Right Girlfriend - Episode 27

Uploaded by bindass on 14.10.2012

For a 12 O Clock show, you show up at 12:30, why is this?
Sorry, I got a little late
Little Late?
Listen if this movie was so important then you should have fetched me right?
Because I came to pick up the tickets early, I have got these tickets in Black and they are expensive
So you could have got the tickets early and also picked me up
You can't manage your own time and your blaming me
I am not blaming you, I was hoping you came a little earlier so we could watch this movie
That's exactly what I am telling you, If you got the tickets earlier, you could have picked me up earlier!
So what do you want to do now?
Now this show timing has passed, let's go for the next show
And these tickets, what do I do about them?
Do me a favour, Laminate these tickets and put them up in your house
It's your fault, Why are you asking me for solutions!
Every human makes mistakes, but some girlfriends believe that they can never be wrong
They will come up with some logic and make you feel like you are wrong!
My stomach is hurting, why did you allow me to eat that Paani Puri
Sometimes you should also make correct decisions!
I am wrong, I!!
I should only make all the decisions or what?
If I took a little time doing my make up then what's the problem, you can't drive the car fast!
I lied to you so that you don't get hurt
You should know that I don't like places like this
You always do this wrong
Because of you I have put on two kilograms, keep feeding me this junk food!
You will never admit to your mistakes right?
These Always Right Girlfriends are very dangerous
Their attack seems so confident that even you start doubting yourself being right
You won't have any control over your own life, which is your fault
Because she can never be wrong!
You know what happened yesterday
What happened?
I went clubbing with my friends
And after a while, Ranjeet called me for a walk outside the club
He asked you to go for a walk?
Yes, I went with him and when we went a little away from the club, he grabbed my hand
I thought he was holding my hand just like that
He held your hand!
Yes, and after that he tried to kiss me as well
Yes, I got so scared that I went back into the club
Why would you go out with a guy like this, if you know he is into you
What do you mean, why did I go
You never have time to take me out, You are always hanging with your friends
If you spent more time with me, I wouldn't go to these places, It's all your fault
You go to the club, and you go for a walk, It's still all my fault
Yes, your priorities are not in place
I don't have any interest going and clubbing with Ranjeet
If your in a situation where your girlfriend says "It's your fault" instead of "I Love you"
Why is it dark during the night, It's your fault
Mother got angry, It's your fault
Dad's hand broke, It's your fault
The dog got loose motions, It's your fault
I am telling you that in these situations, you are at fault because of one thing and that is,
Once you fix this mistake, all your problems will be solved
If there is a friend of yours out there who feels he is always wrong in a relationship