geet 10 june 2011 part 1 WITH ENG SUBS

Uploaded by TheMaaneetian on 10.06.2011

maan wait!
before going atleast see how i am looking in the clothes that you got me?
dont go
for one mistake..
such a big punishment?
you'll just turn and walk away like that?
you know right maan..
that i can never hurt your heart
whatever i did i did for lucky brother.
to bring him to his senses.
i know..
i said alot.
but i didnt know...
that you would feel so bad
if you are upset with me than give me a punishment.
but dont turn away from me like that.
dont stop talking to me
i will stop breathing.
being away from you...
im already losing my life.
geet can die..
but can never hurt her maan.
if this is the punishment for my mistake..
then its better that i kill myself.
im not upset with you.
yes geet
looks like heer and ranjha's fight ended yesterday night.
yes beeji
until tej doesnt come back you keep the accounts of the farms and the fertilizers.