Kpop Music Mondays - Block B "Nillili Mambo"

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This week's Music Monday has a very special announcement for Block B fans
so stick around until the end of the video while we review
Block B's Nilili Mambo
Is it out of your system yet?
Yes, it's out of my system
Anyhow, the thing that..
Anyhow, Block B is back in very long time with their new "Nilili Mambo"
which is just awesome!
Back when we reviewed "Nalina"
Anyhow we love "Nalina" which made us happy
because we didn't really like their debut songs
so we were wondering what root their music will take after "Nalina"
and so we are really happy with "Nilili Mambo" because it's just bad ass
if not more so than their previous songs
It's just so fun in that drunken bellow kind of way
It's like you don't have to hit the notes perfectly, you can just scream along with the music
and it's bombastic and playful
overall, great song,
and great comeback!
The video too is lots of fun
Love the location
Love the grimy feel
Love the filming of over-saturated colors
the simple introduction of each members
we just overall love this video
We thought is was so original
But you know us, we had to watch the video really carefully to find a tooth comb
We watched the video to find tooth combs?
We get the basic idea,
two different Block B has two different brief cases
and running away from gangsters who are trying to get back from them
It's just all the details that are hazy
For starters, I don't know why Zicko got the brief case in the first place
Those are really two big ass diamonds in there
Definitely worth a huge amount of money
and Zicko got it by...
grabbing it from the two guys while going to the washroom
Why would the guys leave the suitcase to begin with
Seriously, when I'm in Starbucks working on my laptop
I'll ask someone to watch my bag if I gotta go to the washroom
But here in really sketchy looking establishment
I ...I don't know what just happened here
Excuse me sir, you seem like a fine, upstanding citizen
My friend and I seem to have some food that settled quite poorly
In fact, we've got some explosive diarrhea bringing right now,
so we are going to be in constipated in the toilet in the next 20 minutes or so
Would you be so kind to keep on eye on our brief case
that is filled with ginormous and expensive diamonds?
I know we can trust you
Are you serious?
Yes, i'm quite serious
No way...
Are you messing with me right now?
Am I in "Get punked?"
I think I can trust you, you seem like the trusting type
Oh yah, oh sure you go right ahead and take your time
I've got this, I'll watch it
I'm on my way now
Hey, make sure you wash your hands before you leave
Wash them twice
It's really important... you go ahead!!
I'll be right here with the diamonds
And why did the two guys go to the bathroom together?
Girls goes to the bathroom together
Not guys, that's just awkward
What's up?
First of all, guys don't say "What's up" to each other in a urine hole
Second of all, and there are 18 urine holes in this place
You could have used that one, and that one
or even that one!
Or 14 others
except you decided to sip right next to me
That's not cool bro, that's not cool
I'm sorry , i'll just move
OMG....I'm just kidding
Of course you can
You are so funny I was soooo scared
Oh..How could you be so scared, of course best friends forever!
So we are still getting the matching cell phone cases with the gigantic diamonds
OMG of course we are, our friends will be jealous
Let's go
Of course Zicko, grabs the suitcase with diamonds
from the stupidest gangsters from the planet
and runs to his friend who is trying to decide between
sneakers and mars bars
Then they, instead of trying to continue to runaway and decide to spend their valuable time to runaway
They are tying to open the suit case
right there and then
I would have waited until.... at least you know
out of the building or on a other floor
but hell I guest they were really excited
Turns out that they can't open it so they rub it on the floor for a bit
and they finally open it by lifting the top half of it from the bottom half
I think that floor rubbing action warmed up the brief case
and made those locks go all unlucky and stuff
so no passcode or locks,
no handcuff to the wrists
just, actually a brief case
And the guys come back from really long washroom break
and see Zicko with the diamonds and start to chasing them
obviously because instead of being like
Damn. this is some bad ass diamonds
Maybe it's best to hold it like
Circle of life
Zicko, is stealing a very new thing to you?
It's a good thing that you are innocent
but man... you are so innocent
Meanwhile two other members of Block B is doing a game of something
It's Majong I don't know
but whatever it is, the losing people are upset
so they pull out a gun
How many kpop videos that when people suck and using guns again?
I think the guys might have pulled out a mini hair dryer or something
because Pyoso is like
"You go dry my hair!"
and then he swats away with punching him out
Don't mess it with his hair man,
He's a kpop idol and hair is a serious business
And then both of them starting to running away,
and this is another part where it confuses me
Why wouldn't the other guy just shoot Pyo
I mean that's the beauty of bullets
you don't have to run up to someone and beat them up
Guns can get rid of that unnecessary step and finish the job
You don't have to physically move from the spots and beat someone up
But they chase up to them and never actually fire their guns
What the heck is going on here?
Block B understands the concept of guns
When U Kwon tries to fire a gun at the other gangsters
doesn't succeeds, not of lacking of understanding
but do to the lack of bullets
Then with some reasons the gangsters decides
instead of chasing the guys with those very expensive diamond and trying to get it back
it's best to beat up the guy with the faulty one
Priority people priorities
Besides spalters on the planet
we enjoyed Zicko literally cock block Kyung
Get it?
He gets in the way when eating the chicken
so he's cock blocked
So clever
[The English]
As for the English of this song,
I'm gonna say
3.5 out of 5
I'd like to give it more because Zicko's intro wasn't that bad
it's some random stuff in the middle of the song
that made me cringe like
Everything like OKIE DOKIE
I can't just say pirate rappers really sing okie dokie, you know
Also they wind up saying
"This song is groovy groovy"
That's something my parents would say
not bad ass rappers
Also the pronunciation at the end of the song
isn't really so hot either
so altogether 3.5 out of 5
[The showdown]
It seems like ages ago, we asked you
who makes the sexier women
G-Dragon in "Crayon'
or Junsu in "Taleleegran"
The winner by considerably was GD
I know a lot of you were like GD said it in an interview
that it wasn't really him
but you know what? We are not buying it
Get your drag on GD
We know it was you
For this weeks fun with gangster edition, we ask you
Which gangster tongue fuller gun you prefer
Block B's "Nilli Mambo"
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