Chimneyswift11 Dance Performance (Episode 5) - D-trix Presents Dance Showdown

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CHIMINEYSWIFT11: I don't dance at all, so I'm really nervous.
And just you know, hopefully rely on my athletic talents to
try and carry me through.
There's a lot on the line and I'm very, very competitive.
I'm going to remember to make sure to stay in character and
just give all the energy that I have.
And just feed off of her.
And we make a great team so it's going to be awesome.
CHIMINEYSWIFT11: But I'm going to try and let my, I guess,
dancing do the talking.
CHIMINEYSWIFT11: Yeah, let's do this.
D-TRIX: Next up, please give it up for ChimneySwift11
partnered with Brinn Nicole.

D-TRIX: All right so that felt pretty good, yeah?
D-TRIX: It looked great.
Let's see what the judges have to say.
Mr. Dave Days, what did you think of the performance?
DAVE DAYS: I thougt it was really cool.
Right off the bat, I loved your style.
I got like a James Bond feel out of it with like the whole
guns and whatnot.
I was really impressed with the flips you guys were doing.
That kind of kept the energy level up.
But the character and expression.
Brinn, I thought you out shined a bit.
Because you were very enthusiastic, and you at times
were a bit more mellow.
So that was the only flaw, but overall like I loved your
style and choreography was good.
Yeah, it was a good performance.
D-TRIX: Laurieann Gibson, what did you think?
LAURIEANN GIBSON: Wow, I was really sincerely impressed.
However, one glitch was your face.
I saw that you were in rehearsal.
I saw that you were counting.
I saw that you were like--
and the problem was, you were killing it, but your face was
telling me something else.
That was it.
But if you ever do it again, remember how good you are, and
just bring the performance into your face.
Because you slayed it.
D-TRIX: Mr. Fatone, what did you think?
JOEY FATONE: A lot of fun things I liked about it.
The first, actually it was really cool, is I noticed that
when you dropped your hat, it was kind of close to you.
But you didn't skip a beat and you just kicked that thing out
of the way.
Which was great, I thought it was really slick.
And not many people know how to do that.
The boob thing, the little pasty thing--
CHIMINEYSWIFT11: I. Heard you giggling
JOEY FATONE: I thought it was hysterical.
I thought it was really funny.
But I have to agree, as far as the facial expressions.
I mean, If you want to take it this way, spy on spy, where
you're more the comedic, you're the serious.
Because you were doing all the dance moves, you were doing
everything, you were hitting all the marks.
But yeah, your face was just kind of like, am
I happy to be here?
Or am I excited?
Or am I showing any facial of urgency in the performance?
That's kind of where it lacked a little bit, so.
LAURIEANN GIBSON: Which is really interesting, because I
felt like you were dancing like you were playing a game.
And like you were the game.
Which is kind of amazingly genius.
And I was impressed with that, but again it was
just that your face.
CHIMINEYSWIFT11: I know when I see is again I'm going to just
be like, wow.
And I'm going to be proud of myself that I actually, you
know, achieved this and learned this in such a short
amount of time.
And once again, it's all right here.
D-TRIX: Well, good luck, and we hope to see you in the
finals man.
D-TRIX: Take care.
Good luck to you guys.
BRINN NICOLE: Thank you.