Magnetic nail polish on French manicure by cute nails

Uploaded by cutenails on 19.06.2012

Hi! In today’s video, I will show you how to make a nail art design with a magnetic nail polish.
To do so, I will magnetize the French manicure.
Then I make dividing lines.
I hope that you will enjoy this nail art design. Let’s have a look at it!
To apply magnetic nail polish, you need to apply a first coat and wait for it dry.
Then apply a second coat and this time, don’t let it dry.
With the Orly nail polish, you have a small magnet on the cap.
Put your nail on the notch and turn the magnet like this to obtain the design all over your nail.
I’ve made it a French manicure because my nails are long and the magnet is small.
If you have short nails, you'll obtain a different design.
Then with a big detail brush I draw several lines.
I press on the brush to obtain a thick line at the beginning
And then I release the brush to obtain a thin line.
I dip a small doting tool in white acrylic paint to make dotted lines.
You can also make this nail art design entirely with nail polish.
When I’m done with the small dots, I use a very fine detail brush
that I dip in purple nail polish
To add some color inside the drops.
All we have to do now is to add a rhinestone.
As you can see, it's big holographic rhinestone.
Now I apply a drop of top coat, and with a toothpick I take a rhinestone.
And I put it on my nail. Finally I apply some top coat.
I hope that you like this design.
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See you soon!