Wooden Spoon Crafts : Wooden Spoon Crafts: Picture Frame

Uploaded by expertvillage on 26.09.2008

This lovely four spoon picture frame brings a breath of spring to anybodies kitchen. In
order to make this picture frame, first of all I used 4 wooden spoons, and the picture
was from a calendar. So basically you're going to base your picture frame on your picture.
For this calendar, I took the picture and laid it on a piece of cardboard and cut the
cardboard to fit the picture so that I had a good sturdy frame for my picture. Then you're
going to put your spoons around your picture. And you need to decide if you want bowl out
or bowl down. And you'll want to, you want them to be flat. So you're going to put them
so that these two are on the bottom and these two are on the top. Or vise versa. Another
thing that you can do with your picture frame is to cover your cardboard with maybe some
felt or fabric, some kind of cloth or some kind of fancy tag board or scrap booking paper
or even gift wrap paper. That would be appropriate. And put a picture on it. And again, you want
to put your spoons in opposite directions. And you want to have them so that they are
flat. Once you've chosen your design for your picture, you're going to want to get it glue
one. So the first thing you want to do is take your hot glue gun and lay a bead of glue
on both pieces of your cardboard and glue your spoons on so that it comes right to where
it starts to curve for the bowl on both the top and the bottom. And then you're going
to take your hot glue and you're going to put it at the joint. Glue it down at each
joint. Then you have your frame and your frame is finished. And then all you have left is
embellishing your frame. For this spring fling picture frame, I took spring colors. I took
the aqua, the green, the pink and the yellow and I added a little bit of white to them
and I also added a little bit of water. So it kind of have it a water color splash effect.
And then I just took my brush and I just real quickly stroked from the center out so that
each one of the spoons had a little bit of spring color with it. I didn't want that to
be the focus. Now you can also do it in the bowl of the spoon as opposed to the back of
the spoon. You'll have to decide what you want to do with that. And then I just took
small artificial flowers that come in picks and bent them and put them around the top
and bottom of the frame and glued them on with my hot glue gun. And then I took small
little stock and put it on each of the bowls and then I used this really cool heathery
looking artificial flower to decorate the sides with it. And then the final piece, of
course, was my lavender up here. Then I made just a little bouquet of small flowers and
put it on the bottom. Now if you're going to decorate a different kind of picture, you
would want to put different things on the backs of your spoons. If you were going to
do a black and white decor, you could use your white spoons and then cover your cardboard
with black and put a black and white photo in the middle. It would be stunning. There
are many many different ways that you can use 4 spoons and a piece of cardboard to make
a beautiful picture frame to hang on your wall.