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I'm sorry.
Mr. Gang U is currently resting.
Please don't disturb him.
Move aside.
I can't let anyone disturb Mr. Gang U while he's resting.
This is my job.
I have clearly warned you.
Gang U!
It's okay, let her go.
Don't touch her.
She's crazy.
Crazy in love.
What's crazy?
She's not a normal person,
so don't touch her.
There are 2 kinds of trees...
Trees that you can climb,
and trees that no matter how hard you try,
you'll only fall on your bottom and will be never able to climb it.
So please don't fall on your bottom again,
and give up on that thought.
You are really...
Didn't you hear?
He said not to touch me.
It hurts!
Are you not letting go?
Gang U!
She's a total nutcase!
If I want to take on the tiger,
I'd have to go into the tiger's den.
What are you doing here?
How do you do?
I'm Mr. Gang U's fan.
If it's for Mr. Gang U,
I can do anything.
What is your name?
You even haven't done any background check,
and yet you want to employ him as my manager?
If he fails the background check, we will immediately fire him.
There absolutely won't be a problem.
Anyway, isn't Geuk Bong's position available?
He says he'll do anything for you, even if he has to play dead.
Why don't you just give him a chance?
It's not play dead, I'd really die for you.
Why are there so many crazy people around me recently?
What is the meaning of this, Comrade?
Is there another task we don't know about?
If it's about another task...
even if there is,
I can't tell you.
Both of you should know that right?
But if it is like this,
we won't feel everything is in order.
Comrade, you should also be aware of this.
I'm doing my work for our people and for our Motherland!
I hope,
this is the answer you both wanted.
the matter on our end...
In the future, we'll continue to maintain contact,
and you will receive instructions and send reports.
Yes, I understand.
No matter what,
Myeong Wol seems like she's settled by Gang U's side.
But she can't fight and die being a personal bodyguard.
We don't have time.
No matter what, we must find a solution.
Why are you doing this?
The maid hasn't come yet.
the newcomer, Mr. Dae Gang is still learning the ropes.
It's fine. You can go.
telling people I'm crazy...
But it's true that you're crazy.
You said so yourself.
That may be so,
but that doesn't mean you should tell everyone about it.
You're embarrassed?
It's not something to be proud of.
It's good you know it's not something to be proud of.
So just quit.
I can't.
I will never do that.
Then just continue living like a crazy woman.
Then perhaps,
the word "nutcase" I heard just now...
Is it similar to being crazy?
You don't know what "nutcase" means?
It's not that. I do know what it is.
It's just that it sounds so much more insulting than "crazy," so...
Then you heard right.
You can leave now.
Why aren't you leaving?
For now, just take out what you need to use at the moment.
The maid will unpack the rest for you.
It's fine.
As you can see, I don't have a lot of luggage.
I can unpack myself.
Here, this is Yu Coffee House's coffee.
Please drink while you talk.
The chief told me not to share the intelligence with you.
So haven't I sent everything over?
Regardless, that report was done by me.
Has there been no development on the North and Chairman Ju?
What's the situation there?
Seems like so far there's nothing significant.
Seems like? Then?
There must be something.
What is it?
Look at this!
Not long ago in Singapore, there seems to have been a black market auction.
During that time, a group of high level people from the North also entered Singapore, and were detected by us.
Is that so?
But during our investigation we discovered something unexpected.
At the black market auction, Hallyu star Gang U was present.

Gang U?
A Hallyu star while overseas, was not at a hotel or bar,
but at a black market auction?
What are you doing?
Taking a tour of your house.
My room room is off-limits to everyone except my grandfather.
So don't be curious.
Declaring it off-limits makes me more curious.
I'm more curious about your true identity.
If it's fated, all your questions will be answered.
Could it be that you like me?
In Singapore too, it feels like you're a stalker.
Don't you know about relationships between men and women?
You're too obvious.
As thanks for saving me, let me give you a warning.
Don't fall for me, I'm only interested in brand name things.
Seems like you're quite sure I'm not branded.

This guy keeps hovering outside the door, isn't it strange?
Just taking a tour of the house.
Curiosity is not a bad thing.
Is he trusted so much that he can enter the house?
Who knows? That remains to be seen.
It's only a matter of time before you annoy me and get fired.
Hello, Oppa. (Oppa - older brother, boyfriend)
How is this supposed to attract a man? It only makes me want to vomit.
What kind of work is this?
Is there anything you need? Oppa?
By making him have a reaction towards you, you will be halfway to success.
Should I get you a cup of coffee, Oppa?
You want to die?
"Oppa." Say that again and you're dead.
The word "oppa", he can't stand it.
Men are completely weak towards the word "oppa."
Could it be that it is based on your experience, that's why it turned out like this?
If not for my experience, would we have reached this stage?
Don't you know by whose efforts you are now by Gang U's side?
I know that...
but I keep feeling like we're getting off track.
So he doesn't like the female warrior type,
the innocent type,
or the cutesy type.
His type, what is it exactly?
The way I see it...
he's a total nutcase.
A nutcase is a nutcase.
I'm supposed to find out this nutcase's preferences?
What kind of vague order is this?
Who is she?
Parents died early. Doesn't have siblings.
He should be living alone then.
A girlfriend?
What are you doing?
Heard you've been out since afternoon.
I'm not out having fun, don't worry.
Then what are you doing?
Didn't I say you have to report everything?
Missions are to be kept a secret.
Act first, report later. I'm hanging up.
Why don't you take a rest?
Go do your job.
Don't bother me.
My job is to be by your side, Mr. Gang U.
Then you run too.
Are you all right?
You keep making so much noise! I can't even concentrate.
You want me to run, then you want me to be quiet. What exactly am I supposed to do?
This is called the push-and-pull.

Gang U is a fox. You think he'd let go of Ju In A so easily?
Before meeting you, I was a fan of Ju In A for a while,
so I understand her well.
There must be something going on between Ju In A and Gang U.
So that's why Ju In A called me a nutcase, and was hostile towards me.
What did you say?
It's nothing. But that pushing and pulling, what is it?
Grab my hand.
Pull slowly.
This is pulling.
Now push a little.
Now, this is pushing.
Push, pull, push, pull.
When you feel Ju In A is drifting away you pull,
and if you feel at ease then you push like this.
Confusing the other party, just like this, push and pull, push and pull.
Taking the opportunity while Ju In A isn't on her guard and in one move...
Ms. Myeong Wol!
So, you're saying they will eventually get married?
Of course!
Gang U is no fool,
you think he won't when he retires from the from the entertainment industry?
I'm so confident that I'd even bet 10 000 Won on it.
Before one wave ebbs another comes along.
I haven't even settle Gang U yet,
and now I have another obstacle, Ju In A.
I've been deceived all along.
I already said I'm not hungry.
Sit, sit, sit.
Even if you don't feel like eating, you should still sit and watch me eat.
At least let me see you when I'm home.
Isn't there a loyal dog here who can watch grandfather?
You wench.
She's like this because I spoiled her too much.
Your granddaughter is really cute.
Aren't you trying too hard to get in my grandfather's good graces?
I think people who try too hard are suspicious.
Mr. Choe is very knowledgeable on ancient artifacts.
In the future, he will be of great help to me.
Be polite.
Then let me politely ask,
what is your motive?
This girl, seriously!
If it's not Grandfather, then is it me?
Do you want to be a male Cinderella?
I don't have such delusions.
This child has a very serious case of Princess Syndrome. (Princess Syndrome - a narcissistic, egoistical woman)
It's not Princess Syndrome. With my status, these are normal worries.
Come back and sit...
Because she is an only child...
that's why I can't deny her anything.
Although she's rude, she is really softhearted.
Don't get angry over what she said.
You two should try getting along.
Because if she really dislikes you,
it will be difficult for me to work with you.
Go ahead, eat.
This girl.
Are you here?
Representative would like you to give her a call.
Is he not around?
-=Lee Gang U=-

What are you doing here?
I couldn't find you anywhere, so I thought you were here.
Who gave you permission to come into here?
Ah, that, it's not like that.
Get out. In the future, don't touch any of my stuff, understand?
I'm sorry. I will be more careful in the future...
Didn't I ask you to get out?
That foul temper of his. How can I do anything with that person?
-=Lee Gang U=-
Yes, at 10:00 a.m., there is a photo shoot for Assassin.
At 3:00 p.m., you have an onset shoot.
Eating like this will damage your stomach.
Go on.
Right, and from 8:00 p.m. onwards,
you have to attend the world renowned jewelery designer
Ms. Suame's marketing event to promote her brand in South Korea.
I really want to give that rotten brat...
If not for Ms. Myeong Wol, I would punch him to correct his temper.
Ah, yes, the script!
The script is coming. Yes.
Oppa, I love you!
She's that bitch.
That secret bodyguard who saved Gang U the last time.
How old are you?
And why do you want to know?
You brats need to experience some hardship to learn a lesson.
"Experience some hardship"? What's with you?
Are you the head?
Then, are you the foot?
Bring it on. But just know this,
whoever comes first will die by my hands.
Ms. Myeong Wol. Where is Ms. Myeong Wol?
You brat, what do you think you're doing?
I'm sorry.
In order to plan your schedule, I didn't sleep much last night. My apologies.
Ms. Myeong Wol!
Are you sure you don't need to go to the hospital?
I'm all right.
Kids nowadays are so violent!
- But shouldn't we still go to the hospital? - No need for the hospital, just contact Designer Song.
Designer Song is...
Song Boutique, don't you know?
I'm new to the company. I know how to prepare for receptions and outfits,
but boutiques...
We can't expect her to follow me in such a state, can we?
The only one left that fits Miss Myeong Wol's measurements, are this.
But the design is a little...
As long as it's not torn it's fine. Go.
Let's go in.
Really, I look no different from a goblin.
Today my grandfather will be here. So, you must give a good performance.
Why do I have to?
Didn't you do it just to make me angry?
You've got me wrapped around your little finger.
So this time, try getting in my grandfather's good graces.
And stop trying to use that madwoman to aggravate me.
Think what you want.
Getting the same type of treatment as a girl like her, really hurts my pride.
In A.
Just to please my grandfather, you sure are giving it your best.
It's because I heard that Ms. Suame has an interest in antiques, that's why I brought him along.
He's not someone who has unrealistic dreams, so don't say such things.
That's great.
My Gang U is interested in antiques too.
Looks like we'll have a common topic today.
Oh, is that so?
It's nothing worth mentioning.
Han Myeong Wol?
I almost didn't recognize you.
Somehow, things just came to be this way...
Right now, you still remember that you are carrying out a mission right?
Of course.
Don't forget,
the fact that we are here for our homeland and its people.
I'll keep that in mind.
Today, the world renowned jewellery designer Ms. Suame,
within Asia, chose South Korea as the market to introduce her brand.
Let's give her a warm welcome.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for sparing your precious time.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for sparing your precious time.
Suame is a traditional European handmade jewelry brand,
that has treated diamonds for more than 100 years.
- Cheers. - Cheers.
I'm very sorry... I'm very sorry...
In A.
This is my granddaughter, she is a fan of yours.
His granddaughter is big fan of you.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
At important events, I only wear Suame's diamonds.
Right now the one I'm wearing is also a limited edition, bought in France.
Does it suit me?
Are you an actress?
No, I'm not an actress.
What do you do?
I'm just a personal bodyguard of Mr. Gang U.
Oh, I see.
A bodyguard? You have such an exquisite neckline for a bodyguard.
I would love to see you wear a piece of my jewelry.
Thank you!
It would be so flattering on you.
May I have this dance?
Sorry, I'm currently on duty.
Please let me have it.
Please let me have it.
I heard that you live in Gangwon-do. Where did you learn your English then?
Does living in Gangwon-do render me incapable of learning English?
I'm self-taught.
Why didn't you learn dancing?
I can only learn the things that can be done solo.
Step on me again and you're fired.
Embarrass me, and you're also fired.
Stop trying to take the lead, just follow me.
No, I'm on my way now.
You're the heiress of Galaxy Hotel.
Please maintain your image.
Are you certain?
After losing the Goblin who I took great pains to find...
things have become more difficult.
He won't appear at that house again?
With the whole village knowing that we are looking for him, do you think he can appear?
Don't worry.
Do you know why he is called Goblin?
I have found that out.
It's because, like a Goblin,
he's mysteriously elusive.
So now you're saying...
Ah, that's not all.
This is a montage of him.
It wasn't easy to find someone who had seen his face and get him to draw it.
You call this a montage?
The first step is the most important.
Now all we need to do is to get those sunglasses off.
Double eyelid, single eyelid, or cross-eyed?
I've already spread the word throughout my intelligence network. We just need to wait a little longer.
But, because the intelligence network is so wide,
it is beyond our current budget...
I'll bring you good news soon.
=Lead actor and actress of television drama Assassin, Mr. Gang U and Ms. Ju In A=
=have appeared together at a public event.=
This is none of my business, but...
are you really going to marry Ms. Ju In A?
I'm leaving first.
I'm very curious about you, Mr. Gang U.
What type of women do you like?
I have a few daughters, you see.
I have no interest in women.
"I have no interest in women..."
That brat's real harsh.
Please let me have it.
Stop trying to take the lead, just follow me.
What's going on?
What's going on? Did something happen?
Why did you suddenly...?
Who told you to concern yourself with such matters?
But you stopped dancing halfway through and just ran out, so I was curious...
Just because we've held hands... you seem to have mistakenly assume that you've become something. Don't overreact.
If women whose hands I've held before all formed a line... let's stop there.
Hey, stand straight.
What happened to your dress?
What happened to your dress? Do you know how much it cost?
Have you always been such a careless character?
That will be taken out of your salary.
Little bastard.
Little what? You said little something... what did you say?
I was about to leave in a little while.
I said that I was leaving.
This is a really profound problem!
Not interested in women?
He said that himself!
"I'm not interested in women."
Furthermore, Myeong Wol doesn't know how to feel!
We must use our heads, our heads.
Our heads?
Your reflexes sure are...
Use these good reflexes on Gang U.
What brings you here?
Upon getting home, I heard you were working out at the playground.
While it's good to maintain your physical strength,
right now instead of this kind of training,
you need something else.
According to the intelligence provided by Comrade Hui Bok,
trying to get close to him as a woman may turn out to be more detrimental.
Also, your feminine charm
does not have a chance at being easily awakened.
Then what should we do?
In this kind of situation,
rather getting close to him woman-to-man,
it would be better to approach him person-to-person.
Find Gang U's weakness.
In this world, there is no one who doesn't harbor some sort of pain.
When you find out that pain or weakness of his,
attack him from there.
Attacking his pain or weakness,
isn't that cowardly?
Then, like beating a rock with an egg,
are you going to continue using your feminine wiles which aren't working?
It's not to expose his wound,
but to let him know that you're the only one in the world who understands his pain.
Let him know that.
There is no one in this world who doesn't harbor some sort of pain.
Where is his most vulnerable?
What is his deepest pain?
You have got to find those out.
Why are you here again?
How long have you been here?
Today is the 3rd day.
You've been here for 3 nights in a row?
That's right.
Just by watching Gang U oppa in his home,
I feel very happy.
Get up.
You need to experience some hardship to sober you up.
Experience some hardship?
Don't do that, Eonni, I only... (Eonni - older sister)
Do you think your body can withstand this?
Your parents will be worried.
Please go back.
About that...
If I'm able to hold Gang U oppa's hand once, then I'll have no regrets.
But that's a bit too much.
How about an autograph...
What is it?
There is a student outside the door...
And so?
She says that she has been waiting outside your door for 3 nights.
And then?
She says that, if she could hold your hand just once, she'll have no regrets.
But you don't have to go to that extent.
If you would just give her an autograph,
I think she will leave happily.
Don't you know I don't give away autographs?
I know that...
but that student is too pitiful.
You think she's the only one who does that?
If I were to gather all the kids who did that, the whole of Jamsil Sports Complex wouldn't be enough.
But signing an autograph doesn't take that much effort.
Do you know why I don't sign autographs?
Why would I not know?
Precious items cannot be owned.
Why are you so stubborn?
Aren't you what you are now because of these people?
Shouldn't you be thankful?
If it were me...
then you go sign it.
My autograph? Why would she possibly want that?
I have something that people like you cannot possibly give.

The moment I simply give that away,
my value will plummet.
Don't bother me anymore.
Get out.
People like him harbor pain, my foot!
Mr. Gang U said that instead of his autograph,
he told me to give this to you.
Is Gang U oppa really giving me this?

He said that he's had it for a while now,
and wears it to sleep.
Gang U oppa is an angel! My angel!
Guardian angel.
He's just a devil disguised as an angel.
Thank you!
Come, let's have a toast.
Please make Mr. Choe Ryu my personal bodyguard.
Mr. Choe as your bodyguard?
I don't like my current bodyguards.
He seems to be quite good in martial arts.
How did you know that he is skilled in martial arts?
There were a few coincidences that you don't know of, Grandfather.
Let's just do that, Grandfather.
Mr. Choe has a lot of things to do.
Things like appraising antiques,
he doesn't need to be by your side all day to do that, does he?
It won't interfere with your important matters,
so let's just do that, Grandfather.
This girl, seriously.
I'm sure he's willing to do that too.
Why did you change your bodyguard?
He looks like a difficult person to get along with.
Because he's someone who can be with me.
He will also be useful in other ways.
Do you know how scary a man's jealousy can be?
He has a great silhouette,
and his poise is exceptional.
Could it be, you want to make Gang U jealous?
Hurry up and bring them over here!
Vitamins, nutritional supplements, fish oil and royal jelly.
Is everything here?
You missed out the fish oil!
Fish oil is rich in Omega-3 and DHA.
For people like me who use their brains a lot,
we need to take these supplements, don't you know that?
This is not the water I drink!
Unless it's sourced from the deep sea with a minimum depth of 200m,
I don't drink any other mineral water than that, don't you know?
You want to wipe your mouth with the same thing you use to wipe your bottom?
I need 100% pure, antimicrobial treated,
soft and gentle organic tissue, if not I won't use it. Don't you know that?
What exactly do you know?
Bring along the embossed ones.
Am I his slave?
I really want to hit your face until it becomes embossed.
You were calling for me?
Can't you do anything right?
What have you been doing as my bodyguard?
What do you mean?
What were you doing while my car is in such a state?
How did the car turn out this way?
Did you think that I let you be my bodyguard to provide you with food and accommodation?
Must I explain every single thing to you?
Why did the kids vandalize this?
So stop that useless compassion of yours,
and do your job properly.
Immediately have this wiped clean for me.
I can't even find a part of you that resembles a decent human being.
CAD's Enforcement Division Han Myeong Wol. How did I fall to such a point?
Where are the cleaning tools?
-=Praire Orphanage, Ingye-dong, Paldal-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do=-
He does this kind of things too?
Have you found out any information yet?
I'm not clear on the past pain he suffers.
He's someone unfathomable.
What are you saying?
Didn't I tell you to understand his most vulnerable, and the most painful side of him?

Please give me a bit more time.
If it's too difficult,
then go and investigate his past.
This is because most people
have some sort of pain from the past that they're unable to let go of.

=When we talk about Mr. Gang U, Mr. Perfect is what comes to mind.=

=At a young age, he followed his doctor parents to America.=
=Having studied overseas, you're fluent in 5 languages.=
=You've been a hot topic ever since you debuted.=
=Won't all this be a burden to your acting performance?=
Having parents who are doctors and being an overseas student before.
=I feel that this has instead helped me mold my character.=
=The acting profession requires a wide range of emotions...=
You should go back to your room to sleep.
Someone who has never suffered any hardships their whole life,
how would they know what pain is?
Father, where are you?
Father, where did you go?
Father, where are you!
Is he sick?
Don't go. Don't go.
Don't go!
Don't go!
Don't touch me.
In this world, there is no one who doesn't harbor some sort of pain.
We only hide our wounds and resign to living our lives.
"Don't go"?
Could it be that his loved one has gone to a faraway place?
Could it be that the one he loves,
his first love, is dead?
How is it? Have you eaten dinner yet?
Wait a moment.
Shall I call something for you to eat?
Jjajangmyeon? Jjamppong? Or half of each? (Jjajangmyeon - noodles topped with black sauce Jjamppong - spicy seafood noodle soup)
Go ahead and eat everything by yourself.
If you're coming home late, you should at least make a phone call.
Because I waited for you...
I'm so hungry that my stomach has stuck to my back already.
Who told you to wait for me?
It's because I worry about you.
And also, I was afraid that if you ate alone,
you wouldn't have much of an appetite. That's why I waited for you.
I can eat perfectly fine on my own.
Don't worry about me from now on.
Because the mission wasn't executed smoothly,
I see you're completely down.
But do you think it's your fault?
It's because Myeong Wol's not Gang U's type.
Your legs are all swollen.
Just leave me alone!
What's the matter? We're husband and wife.
Husband and wife? Who?
Who else can it be?
You and I, of course.
If you dare to mess with me again,
I'll divorce you immediately. Bear that in mind!
What's she grumbling about?
She's too cute!
Looking at today's schedule, I'm afraid that's not possible.
Although I don't know what situation you're in,
we definitely cannot.
Sorry, I'm hanging up.
This person has got to be kidding me.
If we add more to Gang U's schedule today,
it will only tire Ms. Myeong Wol out.
You have worked hard.
It ended earlier than I thought.
- Let's head towards the next filming location. - Gang U.
Say hello.
He's my bodyguard from today onwards.
There was no reaction at all.
Will one get fat with a single bite?
Mr. Gang U, what should we do?
We can't film the next scene.
The stunt woman injured herself during the rehearsal.
Then what should we do?
If we can't film it today, it'll be hard to arrange another time for it.
If we start preparing now, we'll be able to shoot by tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow, Gang U has an advertisement to shoot.
Aren't you Mr. Gang U's bodyguard?
But who's that girl?
She's Mr. Gang U's bodyguard.
What is she doing? Why is she doing that?
I know right?
Must you let someone who don't even have the basics do this?
It's better than delaying the shooting.
Good, let's start the rehearsal.
All good?
Okay, let's get started.
Ready, action!