Felicia Day Plays With Fire in "Blacksmithing" - The Flog, Ep 1

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FELICIA DAY: Hey, everybody.
Welcome to The Flog.
I am Felicia Day and this is my show.
The Flog is a collection of things that I want to talk
about, things I want to go out and do.
Hopefully it amuses you.
And if it doesn't, I'm still going to do it.
You're not the boss of me.
I mean you are, kind of.
Anyway, the reason I wanted to do a show like this is because
I like sharing things.
So I'm going to start out every week by
linking things I like.
Namely, five of my favorite things.
I call it Fave Five.

Obvious namer is obvious.
First up is a iPhone game that I downloaded and I'm totally
addicted to.
It's called Dubble, or as I like to say it,
(DEEP VOICE) Dubble.
The game physics mechanic totally goes with that tone of
voice. (DEEP VOICE) Dubble.
Basically, it's a standard shooting game, but the balls
are made of jelly.
So when you shoot the jelly ball at the other balls, it
goes blub, blub, blub.
I know it's weird what I'm doing, but it's so satisfying
when it shimmies.
It's blub, blub, blub. (DEEP VOICE) Dubble.
Number two on the list is a website I
found called Retronaut.
It clicks old photos and video together in a way that makes
you realize that people were just as whack-a-doodle in the
past as they are in the present.
My favorite things are the colorized old photos, which
makes it seem like dead people could be existing right now.
Have you noticed that hipsters are wearing top hats lately?
Well, who am I to judge?
I have a [BLEEP]
My third favorite thing this week is garden gnomes, namely
a murderous garden gnome sculpture by an Etsy user
named ChrisandJanesPlace.
As you can see, there's literally lawn flamingo guts
in these zombies' mouths.
For some reason, tiny gnome teeth are a little bit
creepier than regular size gnome teeth, right?
Well, check their page out, because they have other creepy
sculptures that you can enjoy.
Bravo, ChrisandJanesPlace.
Number four is a music song thing.
Now, for the record, I am not hip.
I like to go to bed early.
I don't like loud music.
God forbid I go to a club where the band never starts on
time and they always play the one song I want to hear last
in an encore.
I mean, that should be first up.
I shouldn't have to beg and wait.
I want to go home.
I discover most of my music through videos.
And this week, I really like this song called "Fair
Warning," by Penguin Prison.
The video isn't complicated, but I'm a sucker for synthpop.
Anything with a doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot, doot,
doot, doot, doot.
I love Erasure.
So click.
And I hope you like it.
Lastly, I've been super busy working on this channel--
please subscribe--
so I'm just getting around to playing Mass Effect 3.
Person who is about to comment about the ending, shut up.
Mass Effect 2 is one of my favorite games of all time.
So I was super psyched to be able to import my character
from 2 into 3.
Until the importer did this to my character.
I tried to fix it with a customizer, but then I ended
up with this.
I got halfway through the intro and I had to bail
because oh my god, fugly face.
Thank goodness for default Fem Shep, who has red hair,
attractive shag haircut.
Maybe a little too much eyeshadow, but she saved me
from having to play with the default fugly face import.
And for that, she is my last favorite for the week.
Onto the segment.
If you've see my Skyrim video on my personal channel, you
know that I love blacksmithing.
But do gamers really appreciate what real
blacksmiths do?
I wanted to find out.
So I did.

I'm here at Noble Forge.
And I'm going to learn how to do blacksmithing.
For realzies!

So this is Phil.
He's the owner of Noble Forge.
And he is a blacksmith.
A real live blacksmith.
PHIL: Yes.
FELICIA DAY: Can you flex for me?
PHIL: It's not much to flex, but I will.
FELICIA DAY: I play a lot of video games.
And in Skyrim, I am a 100 blacksmithing and I make my
own armor and my own weapons.
But I don't think I appreciate all the steps in real
So I'm excited for you to show me today.
PHIL: We can show you some steps on how to blacksmith.
FELICIA DAY: Have you ever made weapons?
FELICIA DAY: All right.
What are we going to make today?
PHIL: We are going to make a fireplace poker.
So that could potentially be a weapon and--
PHIL: Well, it could.
I didn't want to say it, but you can.
FELICIA DAY: So this could be potentially dangerous.
PHIL: Yes.
You need to wear your safety gear at all times, kids.
FELICIA DAY: Do I look good?
PHIL: You look perfect.
FELICIA DAY: I like Phil.
Let's make something.
Let's go.
So what is this?
PHIL: So this is a forge.
And the first thing we are going to do is take this piece
of one-inch-square bar stock and put it into the fire to
heat it up.
First, we're going to work on a handle for
the fireplace tool.
Then we'll draw it out to make the working end of the
fireplace tool.
FELICIA DAY: Is this an ingot?
PHIL: Well, it's not an ingot.
It's a piece of bar cut to 14 inches.
FELICIA DAY: Do you work with ingots?
FELICIA DAY: In Skyrim, you get ingots and melt them.
How hot does it get in there, though?
PHIL: It can get up to about 2,000, 2,500 degrees.

PHIL: Now it's going to be a few minutes before it does get
up to the temperature where we can work.
FELICIA DAY: This is fun.
OB-GYN, this is how you get a baby.
PHIL: Right.
FELICIA DAY: Can I hold a mallet?
What are these, Phil?
Do you have any ingots?
I like these.
We're still waiting.
PHIL: So now we're going to take it out of the fire.

PHIL: So you want to stand it up.
FELICIA DAY: I want to stand it up.
And then what do I do?

It's highly dangerous!
PHIL: Now you want to hammer it like this
to chamfer the edges.
Here, let me hold the piece and you just hammer.
FELICIA DAY: Yeah, that's a good idea, Phil.
I should not be doing everything.
Like this?
PHIL: Yeah, but you want to put a chamfer in it.
FELICIA DAY: I don't know what a chamfer is, Phil!
Oh, an edge.
PHIL: Right.
FELICIA DAY: I want to round the edge.
PHIL: Right.
Well, you're not rounding it, you're flattening it.
FELICIA DAY: This is much hotter and harder than in the
video game.
PHIL: Now we need to taper this down to
about 3/4 of an inch.
FELICIA DAY: Can I touch that?
PHIL: Well, you can, quick.
That's enough.

FELICIA DAY: It's cooling off.
PHIL: You have to straighten it up a little bit.
You always try to keep it as straight as you can.
You know, putting it back in the fire.
PHIL: It's just always easier to do it that way.
FELICIA DAY: So that would have taken much longer to do
this by hand?
PHIL: Oh yeah.
If you draw it out by hand, a much longer time.
FELICIA DAY: Like how long?
PHIL: Well if you have a striker, which is another guy
with a sledge hammer on the other side, it
wouldn't take a long time.
FELICIA DAY: You could have a dude named Striker
with you to make this.
PHIL: We're going to do the whole thing again.
What's the next step?
PHIL: We're going to put the twist in the handle.
That's the pretty part.
PHIL: You need to get it as hot as possible.
That way, it's less strenuous twisting it.
FELICIA DAY: Can I hold a hammer again?
PHIL: There you go!
FELICIA DAY: It's the best part, Phil.
PHIL: You look great.
Watch your head.
Right here.
FELICIA DAY: I'm an apprentice.
Can I say that I am an apprentice today?
PHIL: Sure.
You can be whatever you want to be.
FELICIA DAY: You are on fire, man!
I'm an apprentice.
You need some water?
FELICIA DAY: A snack, perhaps?
You are bending real steel.
PHIL: Straighten it back out.

So now what we want to do is grab it from this end.
And then we'll taper down this end to where it will be the
working end of the poker.
So we need to spread it out.
PHIL: Right.
Spread it out, taper, however you want to call it.

FELICIA DAY: Safety first.
All right.
Here I go.
PHIL: So now hit down.
PHIL: A little bit more.
PHIL: Now start bending it back, this top part.

It's kind of a duck.
PHIL: A mallard, not a duck.
FELICIA DAY: You're a man of poetry.
PHIL: Wordsmith!
That's good.
FELICIA DAY: That's great!
PHIL: I think it came out perfect!
FELICIA DAY: Look how pretty!
Look at this.
This is my poker on this side.
And it's a little shorter and a little more charactery.
PHIL: I think you did a fabulous job.
FELICIA DAY: Well, thank you, Phil, for showing me the steps
of the thing that I do every day in gaming and I never
appreciated until now.
And I'll sit there when I do it on the computer and I'll
sweat some.
PHIL: Maybe.
FELICIA DAY: All right.
Noble Forge-- check it out online.
And thanks a lot, Phil.
PHIL: I'm going to take an inventory when you leave.
I'm going to make sure the hammer is here.
FELICIA DAY: Are you kidding?
FELICIA DAY: I wasn't going to take this--
PHIL: I'm dead serious.
FELICIA DAY: --hammer.
I mean--
I should leave now, right?
PHIL: Bye bye.
FELICIA DAY: And if any of you would like to own this
beautiful fire poker that I made, we are
offering it for auction.
All proceeds go to the FDNY Foundation, which is a charity
that promotes fire safety in New York City.
The link is in the description.
Finally, every week I will be taking a question from you and
answering it, but not in a standard way.
I'll be typing it on this genuine hipster typewriter and
sending it back to you.
I tax deducted it so I have to.
This week's question of note is from Edgar Garcia, who
writes, "If you only had one karaoke song you could sing
for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Can you sing it now?"
Dear Mr. Garcia, given my karaoke track record, my
number one go-to song would be "Open Arms," by Journey.
It's not the most original choice.
But considering I only sing after one or two mojitos, the
maudlin nature of an extravagant love ballad seemed
especially fitting to make a fool of myself.
Because my number one rule is to never ever attempt to sing
karaoke well.
Then you become that girl.
Second part of your question, can I sing it right now?

Sincerely, Felicia Day.

OK, Edgar, your letter will be on its way.
If you would like to submit a question, please email
theflog@geekandsundry.com No naked photos please.
OK, that's our show.
I hope you liked it.
Thanks for watching.
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