Mahabharat - Episode 47

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The story has taken a shameful turn
Draupadi stands alone on one side of the dividing line
The others are on the other side
Grandsire Bhishma, sage Drona...
...Sage Kripa and the Pandavas...
...all stand on the other side
This is the moment to pause and think...
...because every man, born and unborn, has to decide...
...on which side of the dividing line he stands
Every man will have to participate in this tragedy
Let us begin today's story...
...with the guard sent by Duryodhan
You have lost everything, Emperor
he is no longer an Emperor
What will you stake now?
Now I will stake my younger brother Nakul
What do you need Duryodhan?
I need nine nine!
Nakul is a slave now
Now I stake Sahadev
Sahadev! Six!
Sahadev is a slave
Arjun! Eight!
Now I stake Bhim
Bhim at stake
My dear Bhim...
Bhim is a slave now
Now, my king?
Now I stake myself
I must win this game
Of course
Now, I need nine
Now we must end this game
I have nothing more to stake
Why not?
What about the arrogant beautiful Draupadi?
Your daughter-in-law's name has been dishonored...
...and yet, you have kept quiet, my lord?
Will you stake Draupadi or not?
I need nine, Uncle
Draupadi is now my maid, Yudhishthir
Ask the gambler who staked me...
...whether he lost me before losing himself
O king! As the family sage I must point out that...
...Lust, Temptation and Dice are bad habits...
...which destroys both Man and Character
O Sage!
Had I been losing, you would not have said this
This shows your gratitude
Sit Down, O sage!
When the bamboo is about to die it begins to...
...sprouts fruits
Duryodhan is the fruit of Hastinapur's politics
If you can still think, then think!
Dishonoring Draupadi is like insulting the dynasty
Draupadi is no longer the daughter-in-law
She is my maid
She will stay with my other maids
She will work like the rest of them
My loyalty is to the throne...
...and not towards Duryodhan
And remember it is my father who sits on the throne.
I agree with Grandsire
This is a dishonor to the dynasty
I do not wish to learn about honor from you
Sit down
I do not like to see crowns on the heads of my slaves
remove them...
...and place them at my feet!
Hail Crown Prince!
Why have you returned alone?
The queen would like to ask King Yudhishthir a question
Do not insult the assembled kings... calling a slave king
What did that maid say?
She would like to know whether the king...
...lost himself before he lost her
Tell that woman with five husbands... come here and ask that question herself
As you wish, Crown Prince
Have you brought back an answer?
The king was quiet but the Crown Prince has asked you... come there and ask the question yourself
Do me another favor
Tell them that Draupadi only listens to her elders
If Grandsire wishes the honor of the Kurus... come to the Gambling Hail...
...I shall definitely come
If Grandsire orders me, I shall definitely obey
If Uncle Vidur feels it is right for me to go there...
...I shall definitely come
But if both feel it is not right...
...then I shall not come
The Crown Prince will send me back
Can't you even do so much for me?
As you wish!
Who is she to ask questions of the elder Kurus?
I have won her and she has to obey me
For God's sake end this game now, my king
the king cannot do me an injustice
Yudhishthir had staked Draupadi
Why did you not tell him before the game that...
...he should not stake her...
...because she is the Kuru honor
Why raise these questions...
...after I have won the stake?
Does anyone have an answer to my question?
Yes, Brother
The guard is a fool, you go...
...and drag that woman by her hair
As you wish, Brother
Come! We have won you
Learn to respect a woman, Dushasan
Do not insult her womb
Do I have to drag you there?
Do not take me there like this
I am the Kuru honor, the daughter-in-law
Today you are nothing but a maid
I have not yet had my ritual bath
How can I go before the elders?
I did not pay my respects...
...and now you are dragging me before Father
Those who know me will understand...
...but what about the others
Can I claim to be King Pandu's daughter-in-law?
What will you say if we meet Mother and...
...She asks you why you are dragging me?
Will you tell her you are taking me to the Hall?
Learn to talk to Princes, maid. Come now
The Pandavas will never forgive you for this insult
Even if they forgive you, I won't!
From today, I am a sign of their humiliation
The evil have crossed...
...every limit of Sin
he drags the honor of his dynasty... the Hall full of strangers
Here is the woman with five husbands
What had you said?
A blind man's son is blind!
Dushasan, seat her on my thigh
If I don't break your thigh to avenge this insult...
...I'll accept being your slave for seven births
Don't worry, my friend
It takes time to forget and learn new things
They will soon forget that they are warriors
They will soon learn to live like slaves
Let us see how...
...this arrogant Draupadi who called me...
...the son of a charioteer...
...learns to accept her sons as sons of slaves
Averting your eyes is not the solution, Grandsire
Your Daughter-in-law stands before you...
...without her ritual bath to pay her respects
I want to know how you'll bless me today
have you sworn only to guard the throne?
Does not the Kuru honor mean anything?
It does not befit a brave man... hide his face like this
look at me!
I am a question mark before the Kuru honor
Look at how your daughter-in-law...
...has been dragged into the Hall
Is this the tradition of Bharat's dynasty?
If you agree to this, I'll keep quiet
My father's dynasty has a different tradition
there, a daughter-in-law's honor... respected and protected
But all families do not have the same tradition
Tell me what is the tradition of this dynasty
Look at me, Grandsire
When I touched your feet for the first time... had blessed me with happy married life
Look at the state of that blessing
though all this happens in your presence, you are quiet
Does this mean you accept this treachery...
...this injustice, this Sin?
Are you a part to my humiliation?
If not, get up and kill these evil men...
...who seek to humiliate your daughter-in-law
You are sitting in the shade of the Tree of Evil
Get up, Grandsire! Get up!
You are a scholar of the scriptures
How can a person who has lost himself at Dice...
...stake another person's...
...independence and honor?
I want an answer to my question and...
...your ashamed silence is not an answer
It is not Draupadi alone who asks this question
It is woman kind itself!
Our eternal Mother Earth asks this question...
...the nations future is asking this question...
...the nation which Emperor Bharat built
Guide me, Grandsire
My daughter...
I am not talking of relationships
I am talking of humiliation
If a wife is a part of the husband's wealth... husband lost me when he lost himself
If a wife is not a part of a husband's wealth.... could he stake me without asking me?
What does this family's tradition say?
Please do not call me daughter
Had I been a daughter of this family...
....none of you would have accepted this insult quietly
Call me a daughter-in-law
I would like to see...
...your tongues stumble over the words
Answer Panchali's questions, Grandsire
What answer will he give? He is himself a question
Your younger brother Pandu's daughter-in-law...
...pays her respects to you
You are fortunate that you are blind
Had you not been blind... would definitely be blinded... this spectacle
Don't tell me anything
Yudhishthir did not ask me before staking you
Nor did Duryodhan ask me before winning you
Direct your question to Yudhishthir...
...who violated tradition by staking you
As you wish, Father!
But before I ask him that question I want to... respects to... father's friend Sage Drona... whom I also address this question
You had sent a message through Uncle Vidur...
...that I was both a daughter...
...and daughter-in-law
Should I pay my respects as a daughter...
...or daughter-in-law?
You, too, are silent!
Sage Kripa!
Uncle Vidur!
What does your ethics say about this?
You are noted for speaking the bitter truth
Can a husband stake his wife at Dice?
Can a slave stake someone else's freedom?
She is right
Let them speak, my dear nephew
Whatever was to happen has happened
Yudhishthir lost Draupadi
Who is he to lose me?
Even if he has the right to lose his wife...
...I am not his wife alone
I am married to the five brothers. I am not his alone
Did he ask you before staking me... whether he could stake your wife?
Did you give him permission?
O great archer!
O Brave Warrior who pierced the fish's eye
Did you win my hand... that your brother could stake me?
There were other gamblers before you...
...but they did not even stake there mistresses...
...and you watched your wedded wife being staked?
Shame on you and your bravery
Why don't you answer Panchali's question?
You are the essence of truth
By God! Had it not been you who staked Draupadi...
...I would have killed the gambler
At last my ambition is realized
the brothers have quarreled
Like white ants destroy a huge tree... a disease destroys a body...
...sister-in-law's insult will also be destroy...
...Bharat's dynasty
This disease will destroy the tree... whose shade we are sitting
Grandsire, Father, Uncle Vidur...
...Sages Kripa and Drona, Karna...
...please answer the question
Your answer will decide Hastinapur's fate
also answer my question
Does a husband have a right to stake his wife?
If you do not answer this question today...
...till you have an answer for it
Yudhishthir should not have staked Draupadi...
...but a husband has a right over his wife
Right ?
What is the definition of 'right?'
Isn't it also true that...
...a husband is duty bound to protect his wife?
They have failed to protect you
So, go and sit on Duryodhan's lap
You already have five husbands...
...what's the harm in taking a sixth?
Some day I will punish you for this insult
Shut up! How dare you talk to my friend like this?
I will cut your tongue
Let him speak!
He will soon learn to behave like a slave
A woman who lives with five husbands is not a wife
She is a whore!
And a whore has no honor
It would not be improper to bring her here nude
Sit down!
My friend is right
A whore and a maid has no honor
Disrobe this maid!
Let me see how this maid...
...looks in the nude
Dushasan if you even touch her clothes...
...I will cut off your hands
Then ask her to disrobe herself
If she doesn't...
...I'll have to tear off her clothes
Come on, take off your clothes, Be quick!
Where are you off to? Come here!
O Lord! O ruler of Dwarka!
O All-powerful Ruler of the world!
Save my honor, my Lord!
O Krishna!
Pull Dushasan! Disrobe her!
Pull nephew!
Pull Dushasan
Pull Dushasan! Pull!
Listen O warrior of this world!
Warriors who are long dead...
...and those who are as yet unborn
I am about to swear an oath which none...
...before or after me will swear
I, son of Pandu, Bhim announce that...
...till I drink the blood from Dushasan's chest...
...I shall not show my face to my ancestors
Grandsire! My King!
O Sage Drona! O sage Kripa!
We have seen what we should not have
Now answer Draupadi's question
A wounded Soul, the honor of the Kurus...
...has asked you a question
She sits here crying hiding her face in shame
Please answer her question at least now
You are all knowledgeable
Her question concerns the scriptures
Not answering is akin to telling half a lie...
...and answering is akin to telling a full lie
Will you tell half a lie or a full lie?
Because none among us has the courage to tell the truth
But we cannot keep quiet
We will have to tell her:
Get up O Draupadi!
Wipe your tears, gather your honor and go elsewhere...
...for this court is a court of dead people
This is a court of corpses!
King Dhritarasthra of Hastinapur
A woman has been insulted in your court
A woman, whose body was untouched by the wind...
...unseen by even the Sun... her own house in the presence of Grandsire, Father...
...Sage Drona and Family Sage Kripa... attempt was made to disrobe her
What weakness compelled the Kuru clan... watch the disrobing of their daughter-in-law?
Listen carefully!
In this gathering of shameless cowards...
...I, Draupadi, daughter of the King of Panchal...
...a wife and daughter-in-law...
...curse all of you with...
No, my daughter!
The very sky echoes...
...with the voice of a woman
A deadly silence...
..has enveloped the court today
Those who dare... insult womankind
He is destroyed... the Lord Himself!