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Episode 36
Eun Nim.
It's me, Eun Nim.
It's really here.
I didn't have you phone number so I couldn't call you.
Ahjumma, please go ahead. I need to talk with her I'll be back after that.
What's the purpose of coming here?
To see you, I waited here for a while.
My leg hurts and it's freezing cold.
There is a coffee shop.
Let's have a talk over there.
If someone saw us talking here. That won't be good for you, right?
Tea at rich houses is always hot.
Tastes real good.
I can't have coffee in the afternoon,
if I have coffee my heartbeat speeds up unbearably.
It's a small world.
That we would meet there.
Who would've thought that you're related to Seon Young...
What exactly do you want?
What's the rush? Let's talk slowly.
Have some coffee.
I need to head back now.
In that case, I'll speak up.
Eun Nim...
Could you help me once?
What help?
Help me to get 20 Million.
I can't live unless I come up with that money. Eun Nim...
Please help me. Take it as saving a soul, okay.
How would I get that kind of money?
You're the daughter-in-law of the Baek's group
Shouldn't it be loose change for you guys?
I don't have that kind of money,
and I have never seen that amount either.
Eun Nim, the bond between us is special.
Eun Nim please save me once.
Ahjumma, why are you treating me like this?
I'm leaving.
Eun Nim!
How dare she treats me like this when I asked nicely?
Real can't tell good from evil.
You! You, I'm talking to you. How could you just walk away?
Ahjumma let go of me.
Why would I be back looking for you?
There was time you needed money too.
You should know that better than anyone.
I would give it to you if I have money.
When you were thinking of dying because of lack of money,
I saved you.
Now it's your turn to save me
Ahjumma. What are you doing?
I'll call you
Why is that woman here?
What does she want from my daughter-in-law?
Mother, you're back.
Who's that woman that was here?
Someone you know?
No, a stranger.
Why were you be together then?
She asked for directions.
Who is she looking for?
How can you talk to stranger?
Do you know what kind of person she is?
Fine, you go back first.
Mother is not coming?
I have a few things to do, you go back first
Where did that woman go?
I saw that she went this way.
She must be up to something.
For coming around my house.
Could it be...
that she found out where I live?
What should I do?
I never thought Eun Nim was that kind of person.
How can the daughter-in-law of wealthy family not have 20 million?
It's weird.
Why is my ear so hot since a while back?
Did she find out I been following?
Why is she looking back?
Where are we?
Doesn't Yoo Bin's mom's family live here?
Why would that woman go in there?
What now?
Come in.
Sister-in-law do you feel unwell?
How could it be? You don't look well.
Something happened outside?
Ahjumma said...
Someone waited for you at the front.
Who is it?
Oh, an acquaintance...
Stop by to see me.
- I'll go down and prepare dinner right now. - No need.
I'll talk with Grandma about it, so take a rest in your room.
I'll prepare tonight's dinner with ahjumma.
Don't, I'll go down right after I change my clothes.
Eun Nim..
Would you help me once?
Help me with 20 million.
Yes, Mom.
What's wrong with your voice? Sounds like a scared child
No, not at all.
Um, what about the favor I asked you earlier?
The money for Nan Jung's wedding?
Mom about that...
I was busy recently and forgot about it.
Mom, I'll contact you.
I was in a rush. Call me soon, ok.
I went to your in-laws in order to ask you for that favor.
How can you be like this?
Your own sister is going to get married and you don't seem to care.
This bad girl, and I have to call first.
What for? Why are you mad?
Didn't you just finish lunch? What are you eating again?
Cold noodle with Kimchi.
Sweet and spicy tastes really good. Try some, mom
Okay, eat.
Not dead but alive. Eat whatever you like
and pregnant like you.
That's right Mom. Eat first and leave the headaches for later.
I'm not going to get married, and I'll just live with mom.
Living with mom like this, feel great too.
Raise the baby with mom after it's born,
and have the child's father give me some alimony.
Does that make any sense?
Telling this to your mother that is eating noodles?
You should give birth to a girl just like you. Got it?
You are one with a good son, why did you call first?
Must you do this?
Didn't you say that Nan Jung should marry before her stomach gets big?
Because he is my son, I'll live with them.
Or do you prefer for them to live with you?
Think about it carefully.
Even if I could afford an apartment for them,
both our Chul and your Nam Jung staying home waiting for job opportunity,
living Cost, apartment rent and cost for the child, how can they handle it all?
It's going to be inconvenient.
But living here...
saves them the living cost and the apartment rent.
Whatever Chul works and save the earnings slowly,
when they are ready to be independent, then they can leave.
If I find a house for them,
after the delivery...
are you going to cover the cost for milk and diapers?
Why would I?
There you go.
So do as I said then.
This is the only practical way to have them marry.
What's your decision?
Do as I said or not?
Got it, let's do as you said.
Good. Then...
let's have the wedding soon.
Tomorrow would work too.
Why the rush?
Once I start writing the scripts,
I won't even have time to think about dying.
Otherwise, let’s have the wedding next year after the completion of drama.
No, no. Marriage now.
Fine. Then...
let's pick the wedding date soon.
Next week would work too.
Next week!
Yoo Bin, drawing the swing?
What color for the swing?
Red! It's going to be a pretty swing.
Is dinner ready yet?
Yes, we are having soup.
Is that so?
Soup makes me feel comforted.
But, your mother-in-law hasn't return yet.
Aigoo! Really!
Didn't she say that she was going out for a bit and return right away?
How come she isn't back yet?
Did she call you about coming back late?
Your father-in-law is coming back from work soon.
Why is she so late?
I'm home.
What took you so long?
Um, had a few things?
What's wrong, Mother? You don't look good.
Mother, you're home.
Eun Nim,
bring me a cup of hot tea.
Mother, I will go change my clothes.
Bring ginger tea with some honey.
Yes, Sister-in-law.
Doesn't feel right. Looks like something is bothering your Mother-in-law.
That woman...
Why would she go to the in-law's apartment?
Does she know the in-laws?
Could they be relatives?
Didn't she come for the wedding last time?
Even so, why would she come to our neighborhood?
My head hurts.
Ginger tea.
Um, okay.
W... wait
The woman this afternoon.
The woman that asked about the dentist near our house.
That woman...
She only inquired about a dentist? Didn't ask anything else?
Did she ask anything about our family or me?
No, she didn't ask.
Mother, you know her?
I don't.
I'm back
- Father welcome home. - Yes.
I came back together with Kang Ho.
Mom, I am home.
Eun Nim is here too.
Mom, Are you feeling ill?
You don't look well.
No, nothing.
Mother, this soup tastes good.
- Doesn't it? - Yes.
When it's winter, it's best to drink hot soup like this.
Is Sae Hun going to be late tonight?
Yes, he has something to do.
Recently, it looks like he is worry about something?
He comes home late and drinks a lot.
Is he worry about something related to the company that you aren't aware?
No, Mother.
Maybe a lot people are requesting a meeting and making him come back late.
Tomorrow is Yoo Bin's first day at kindergarten.
Is that so?
Isn't it too early?
It feel like he might get bore at home.
So I took him over there today and he was very happy.
Really like it.
He should play together with other kids.
It benefits his future.
That's right our Yoo Bin is going to Kindergarten.
Kang Ho when you going to give me another great-grandson?
Grandma don't you worry, I'm working on it.
What? Working on what?
Who do you take after? Really, who else?
Of course, I'm take after dad and mom.
What? Why you!
Aren't you eating? What are you thinking about so deeply?
Nothing, I wasn't thinking about anything.
What is it?
Have a seat, Eun Nim.
Open it.
What is this? Only for Eun Nim?
What are waiting for? Father is waiting for you to open it.
Dad, isn't this a car key?
A car for her.
It's right outside, you must drive carefully.
I bought it within our financial condition. There is no burden.
I bought a car for Yoo Bin's mom when they married.
Eun Nim, what are you doing? Hurry and say thank you.
Father, thank you.
However, how long are you going to call each other like this?
Eun Nim, Kang Ho Oppa.
Shouldn't you change the way you address each other after the wedding?
Change to what?
Husband.. Wife.
This how you should address each other in front of elders.
Husband... Wife.
Kang Ho Oppa,
can I really accept this?
Of course, Dad gave it to you.
When my brother married, father also bought them a car.
Dress up.
Dress up for what?
What? To Test drive! Of course!
Test drive?
The car is calling its owner. Hurry up!
Don't want to go for test drive?
Kang Ho next time.
I'm kind of tired.
When? I'm going to work tomorrow.
Besides, it's father's gift and you if you won't test drive it,
Father won't be happy.
Let's drive it to your home for a cup of tea.
Take this opportunity to visit Father and Mother-in-law.
My house?
Yes! Let's go!
When you were in need of money and thought of dying I saved you.
You should save me now.
Nice car.
Smooth drive.
Father picked a good car.
What's wrong?
What are you thinking about at such an important time?
You should watch carefully how I drive.
I'm watching.
So, you can drive on the way back.
It isn't difficult.
Concentrate, watch to the front and drive.
Never speed.
Got it "Annoying".
Feels great.
What? Me living at Chul's home?
This is the only way.
Why is that? I don't want to live over there.
What else? If you don't...
You just have to live there, and be very thankful.
Mother why are you like this too? Mother which side are you on?
You, this girl...
You think I like the idea?
It's because there is no other alternative.
There is no other way.
What is the use calling this useless person, Mom?
How can I tell my friends?
Is now time to worry about your friends?
Just live well from now on. Do you understand?
Chul has no job yet and you are staying home too.
Even if Chul's mom finds a house for you,
how are you going to live?
You can't even afford the apartment fees.
You should just move into Chul's home. Just look after Chul...
Also raise the child well after it's born.
Wait until Chul earns money. You should keep saving,
then you can move out whenever you feel like it.
Why I came to be like this?
Our Nam Jung...
In this world...
there are many misfortunes.
If you learn this, then it's good enough.
Mom, Mom.
What are you guys doing?
- Crying! - Cry for what?
Why would we cry?
Mom, Unni...
looks like Eun Nim bought a car.
What? Car?
Unni and Oppa are driving the new car over here right now.
Come out and have a look.
Park once before going in.
Let's just go.
The first time parking is most troubling.
Don't go to busy places.
There is no need to go to a busy area for now.
Son-in-law, what brings you here at this hour?
How's Mother-in-law?
Nan Jung, Eun Jung...
What's this car?
Looks like brand new.
That's right.
Did you change your car?
No, this car belongs to Eun Nim.
Eun Nim's car?
Yes, it's a gift from my father.
Come in.
- Mother, we brought fruit and ribs for you. - Thank you.
- Have a seat. - Okay.
Give it to me, I'll peel some fruit.
Never mind.
Eun Nim have a seat. Eun Jung you peel the fruit.
Got it.
Nan Jung, when is your wedding?
Looks like Chul wants to have wedding soon.
If we find a chapel, next week well do too.
That soon?
Can't help it, Chul's mom said...
Once they start shooting the drama, she won't even have time think about dying.
It's going to be tight for the preparations.
Nothing to prepare.
They're going to live with Chul's family.
Oh, is that so?
That's not bad, we are the same way.
How can it be the same way?
A father-in-law that bought car as a gift.
And a job that falls on your lap by just having a seat there.
I'm kind of tired, I will go in first.
I'm home.
Aigoo, who is this!
- When did you come? - Father.
- Had dinner? - Already ate.
Oh, is that so.
I'm also came back after a meal.
I saw a car outside that I haven't seen before. Is it yours?
It's different from before.
It's not his. It is Eun Nim's car. Eun Nim's.
Her father-in-law bought a new car for Eun Nim.
Oh, is it?
What's up?
Where are you now?
With whom?
By myself.
By yourself?
Really by yourself?
You think I am lying?
Why don't you come here to check for yourself?
Excuse me.
Tell this women where this place is.
How are you?
Who is this?
The customer wants me to tell you where we are located
No need, I'm hanging up.
She hung up.
- Don't come out it's cold. - Not at all.
I'll see you guys out.
- Don't come out. - Dad don't come out.
Aigoo, okay...
Okay, be careful on the way home.
- Eun Jung, take care. - Yes.
Nan Jung?
Probably sleeping.
Pregnant ladies need to sleep more.
Oh is that so? Then, Goodbye.
Dad, Mom goodbye. Eun Jung you too.
Bye Sister.
- Come again. - Right.
Drive careful.
Are you sleeping?
Regardless, you should've come out to send off Eun Nim and your brother-in-law.
You should maintain a good relation with them.
You're crying?
What for?
Silent cry?
Mom. Why am I like this?
What? Stop crying.
Eun Nim married such a good fortune.
House! Money! Car!
And I? Why it's like this?
Don't envy her.
Mom, I'm real envious.
I want to marry into a rich family too.
I want to live like Eun Nim.
If you did nothing,
and received a house, money, car.
Even if you received those, you would need to return them.
There is no free lunch in this world
- Really, is that so? - Yes.
You will know whether what I said is true or not in the future.
Just do like Eun Nim did during that time, and pray to the ancestors.
Pray to the ancestor? Whose talking?
This girl...
Whose daughter are you?
This girl...
Our Eun Nim can drive now.
You just need to learn how to park.
Don't talk to me.
When I have time, I'll teach you how to park.
I'm not going to learn driving from you again.
What's wrong?
Then, who are you going to learn from?
We are here.
Isn't that brother's car?
Kang Ho.
Drinking this much again?
It's ok. I'm not drunk.
Go in.
Where are you going?
Sister-in-law, Brother is home.
Sister-in-law, you take him inside.
Forget it. Let him go.
Go back to your room.
Good night.
Why is their relationship still like this?
Sister-in-law didn't tell you anything?
Nothing at all.
I thought they had already kiss and make up.
Yoo Bin going to Kindergarten?
It's your first day.
Coming with us? Want to walk around?
May I?
Sure, let's go.
1! 2!
1! 2!
How are you?
Teacher, how are you? Yoo Bin greet your teacher.
- How are you teacher? - Yoo Bin, I'm really glad to meet you.
- Teacher please take good care of him. - Um, don't worry.
This is Yoo Bin's aunt.
- How do you do? - Yes.
Yoo Bin said bye to mom and aunt.
Mom, aunt goodbye.
Eun Nim since we are out of house, let's have a cup of coffee before going home.
Yes, Sister-in-law.
Having morning coffee outside is so refreshing, it lightens up the mood.
How about do this more often?
Um, I would like too.
Yoo Bin is always by my side.
Now he is in kindergarten. I'm kind of worry.
He should be able to adjust to it, right?
Yoo Bin is such nice boy, he should be welcomed by everyone.
But Sister-in-law...
the relationship with Brother-in-law still not going well?
Why? Because last night?
Although I forgave him,
I still can't accept it.
took Yoo Bin's dad to that women's cafe.
I had them end the relationship completely.
Even I feel I was too harsh.
But what can I do?
I did it unknowingly.
I became unhappy, mean, and angry.
I'm telling you all these because
I feel you are really understanding, just like a real sister.
I also feel like you're a real sister that I can rely on.
Sister-in-law must be very tired.
Recently you don't look too well.
If anything is difficult, let me know.
We can help each other.
Yes, Sister-in-law.
You found a wedding hall for next Saturday?
Mother, I'm real going to get married.
Didn't you said you wanted to get married?
Mom, Chul...
I gave up everything. No house. And live at Chul's house.
So I would like some good wedding gifts.
I can't even pay the rent. Where can I get money for those?
When I meet with friends in the future, and they ask me about wedding gifts?
What I'm going to tell them?
Aigoo, really...
Eun Nim, I was just about to call you.
The date for Nam Jung's wedding has been set.
Next Saturday?!
Only a week left, nothing else.
I put some money into your account...
for Nam Jung's wedding.
Got it
I'm hanging up Mom.
Yes, ahjumma.
It's me.
How is it going with my request? I need it fast.
What! You can't get it?
I'll give it to you if I had job.
Who ask you to earn it?
I'm asking you get it from your house.
Living with such a rich family, what's 20 million?
Ahjumma about that...
It's not under my control.
I know it.
You can't do it.
Then I will meet with your Sister-in-law.
- Why you treating me like this? - I told you already.
If I don't get the money I'll die.
I'll be dead. Nothing I can't do.
Ahjumma. Ahjumma I beg you...
- I beg you. - Don't be like this, how shameful.
No choice. I'll call your mother-in-law for your sister-in-law's number.
Here is 10 million.
Didn't I ask you to lent me 20 million?
What's the use for only this?
I don't have any more.
You can cash out this much. Why no more?
These are not mine Ahjumma.
I got it, no choice
This isn't enough.
But thank you anyways.
I shouldn't stay here. I should clarify it.
Why does she keep showing up before me?
What does she want? What's her relationship to our in-law?
Any potential troublemaker should be remove completely.
About what happened the other day...
I'm real sorry.
I was hurtful.
I know you're trying really hard.
Even though I know...
unknowingly I'm still doubting you, and it's really tiring.
Although it is not visible it did damage my soul,
it's going to take time to heal.
So I hope you would understand.
let's go for a trip.
A Trip?
Yes, let others take care of Yoo Bin. Let's go for a trip.
Forget everything so far.
Start over afresh.
Let's go next week after Chul's wedding.
[20 million withdrawal from Baek Kang Ho's account]
probably for sister-in-law's wedding expenses.
How are you Mother-in-law?
Son-in-law, thank you.
I can't face you.
Thank you for your money.
Don't mention it. It's my pleasure.
It's not much.
10 millions isn't much? It's a lot for us.
Really thank you to you both.
10 millions?
Yes Mother-in-law.
Go on with the preparations.
I'll visit you with Eun Nim.
20 million were withdraw from the account.
Why only give them 10 million?
Did she spend on something else?
Only 10 million, what should I do?
Those evil guys won't let me off that easy.
- How are you? - My god!
Why are you looking for me?
What can I do? I'm no longer in that business.
What's so funny?
What a strange fellow. Why are you like that?
What are you talking about?
Showing up suddenly and making fun of me.
What about me?
Why do you keep showing up in front of me?
What's the intention?
What are you talking about?
What other intention? I don't even know where you live.
Denying it while you keep showing up.
Who are you kidding?
Wolgye-Dong Magok-Dong, didn't you go there?
Ah yes, there's someone I know and visited them.
You don't live in those two areas.
What's wrong with me visiting my acquaintances?
I'm very busy.
Looks like you are uneasy with your wrong doings?
From the start you shouldn't have done anything that you are not comfortable with.
Don't ever look for me again.
If you look for me again, it won't be this easy.
What? What's going on?
Secretariat office.
And you are?
Miss Yeon Hee on the line, should I connect it?
Never pass me that call again.
Yes, I got it.
You don't feel well?
You're sweating.
No, it's okay.
You look awful since dinner.
Go take a rest. I'll take care this.
No, Sister-in-law I'm fine.
Really go in quickly.
Lay down.
Sister-in-law said you were sick.
What happened? You have a fever.
When did it start?
It's okay.
What's ok? Quickly get up. Let's go to hospital.
If we go now, it would be an emergency.
It's not that serious.
How did you get sick? My heart hurts.
Kang Ho having you by my side,
makes me feel much better.
It's the truth.
What do you want?
Do want anything?
Even if it ended I have something to say.
To Sae Hun I was nothing from the very beginning
but you're my precious fate.
Saved me from poverty.
To me someone like me who doesn't have a father, you're like my father.
Like a brother...
So I'm very grateful to you.
I just want to say these.
Yeon Hee.
So even when your wife came and slap my face, call me worthless...
won't blame you.
Just wanted to say these.
You must be a stranger, understand?
Ahjumma are you kidding?
The remaining money...
I'll write an IOU... when house lease ends...
So that covers 7 million.
What about the other of 3 million?
Ahjumma are you so dumb that you can't count?
That money...
I'll gather it...
I just need more time.
We don't have time.
No choice.
What a beauty.
We saw your daughter.
No! No!
I'll bring you 3 million later.
If 3 million is enough...
You are so dumb.
You miss the deadline, so it's 6 million now. 6 million.
Who it is?
Who it is?
The women that was looking for you yesterday.
Why didn't answer my call.
Let's talk at another place.
My wife.
That ahjumma...
She is the one I saw in front of grandma's house.
Ahjumma why did you come again? What are you doing?
I'm not here because of I want to.
Why didn't you answer my call?
Eun Nim lent me another 6 million.
I won't bother you anymore I swear to God.
Ahjumma even if I really wanted to give you more, I don't have any.
You said it was impossible yesterday. Yet you got it anyway.
If not, why don't you take a loan.
Fine, I'll just break my silence.
I'll talk with your sister-in-law.
- Ahjumma don't be like this. - Give it back.
Give it back.
- What are you doing? - Who are you?
Let go.
Kang Ho.
How come...
Eun Nim who is she?
Why is she treating you like this?
Looks like he is your husband.
Ahjumma why are you doing this?
Why am I doing this?
Should I say it?
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Why on earth are you being like this? Are you in debt or something?
There must have been something with that woman.
- What's that? What kind of medicine is it? - It's nothing.
- Tomorrow be with my mom. - Of course I will.
I'm sorry, Kang Ho.
I knew you would do this. You saved my life.
Hey, be careful when you walk.
Ah, I told her to wear lower ones. She doesn't listen, Mother.
How come your husband hasn't come yet?
Here is the hospital's emergency room.
The owner of the phone lost consciousness and can't pick up the phone
Where is the hospital?
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