Me Grimlock Vlogging About TV, Episode 36: "Unluckiest Bastards" (01/13/2012)

Uploaded by TVCriticGrimlock on 13.01.2012

Me Grimlock aware that being president of struggling and in some quarters, not-so-well-liked,
network like NBC can really be lonely.
As lonely as that clearance section at NBC Experience Store where all those Cape mugs
and T-shirts currently gathering dust.
Because it Friday 13th, me Grimlock am listing 5 unluckiest bastards who ever served as president
of NBC during its worst years as network.
NBC: currently fourth-place in ratings and last-place in Team Coco fans' hearts.
CONAN O'BRIEN: Keep cool, my babies!
TV CRITIC GRIMLOCK: Number 5: Herb Schlosser.
Number 4: Jeff Gaspin.
Number 3: Ben Silverman.
Number 2: Jeff Zucker.
And Number 1 Most Unlucky Bastard to Ever Serve as President of NBC: Fred Silverman.
Me Grimlock ending vlog!